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Apparel Senna & Ratzenberger helmets 1994 (HD) 1.0

Senna & Ratzenberger tribute helmets

  1. TheDragon submitted a new resource:

    Senna & Ratzenberger helmets 1994 (HD) (version 1.0) - Senna & Ratzenberger tribute helmets

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  2. Old school.Love it:)
  3. fantastic tribute!
  4. TheDragon... perfect this time mate.

    Awesome work btw :)
  5. Thank you,superb.:thumbsup:
  6. Good job !
  7. Great work buddy.
  8. Thanks. :)
  9. Amazing !!! :thumbsup:
  10. I sure Miss Him
  11. ive watched the video time and time again and I can clearly say his car lost steering and brakes
    they brought in safety regs to late :/
    they shouldn't of let the race go on after ratzenberger died simple