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Semi Pro Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Andy Jackson, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. This replacement Database.bin file will change your intermediate AI levels to a Semi Pro mode. I have been playing about with the values in order to get some real competition against the AI in career mode. I think this gives a great challenge against the AI if you use cockpit mode, no assists and full damage. Give it it go. Remember to back up your original database.bin file. To install, just extract and copy it to your database folder. Let it replace the original. You cannot play multiplayer and you must start a new career.

    Click on this:
    Semi Pro Mod
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  2. Glad to see you managed to do it :)
  3. Yes thanks to you. So thought I'd save others from having the hassle and share it here. Hope it works for them as it has for me.

  4. Just to add, I am having the best and closest racing on intermediate skill level I have ever had. You can alter your own Database.bin file using the ryder editor and that way you dont need to start your career again. Just copy the same settings in my file. Bargain really. Cheap as chips.
  5. Thank you for this! I never 'clicked' with A.i times on Pro - yet intermediate so processional and easy. In some on my Pro times, it seemed as if cars just teleported times :D. I tried to edit my own database but I couldn't figure out which number values equated to real race telemetry.
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  6. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  7. You are are all welcome.:thumbsup:
  8. Hi, i have a problem. The game is not working when i replace my database with yours. Just black screen and than back to desktop. I really want to have this. Can you help me? Pleasee ! :)
  9. Did you rename the file to database.bin?
  10. Of course i did, but it's still not working :/ maybe it's about the version of my game? Please help ;/
  11. I think when you change the database and it doesn't work, probably is related to the game language.
  12. Sorry I cant help you. But why dont you open my database with Ryders Database editor and and then just change your track difficulties figures in your database to the same as mine in the database mod. That way your career will also be unaffected.
  13. Great job! thank you
  14. When i put it on my game, doesnt work but is because i put the wrong name (databse) oooppps! :roflmao: but work perfectly!!!

    My speed is almost like the "pro difficult" but is hart with the force india, but in "normal" is to easy for me, this mod is perfect for me, thank you so much!!!

    I will edit this to include more flashbacks :D
  15. Glad to hear it, If you start a career with say the Lotus or Williams, then this database will make very close racing.
  16. So what should I do to make this mod work so that my career does not go corrupt. I mean in specific, what values should I change?
  17. shouldnt corrupt your save file
  18. If you are using the ryder database editor, open up the data base and look for track difficulties. Edit the medium levels to mirror mine or do them yourself.

    Merry xmas.
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  19. Ok, thanks so much ;)
  20. Andy Jackson

    Do you now, how far I have to increase the values, to make the AI around one second faster in the track_difficulties tab?