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Sell me Automobilista

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Celestiale, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Celestiale


    The title says it all ;) please fans of this Sim, sell it to me.

    To better judge my personality in terms of virtual driving, i'll tell you which comparable (in terms of content) sims i own, how i "use" them, and why i think they are all worth it, even when you own them next to each other.

    1. Assetto Corsa: I use it solely as driving sim. What i like most is the believable and realistic interpretation of many iconic street cars, with their real manufacturer data. Alongside the great Force Feedback (after some .ini fiddeling), Mods, especially when it comes to the track/road/hillclimb variety. I rarely use it for racing, because the AI is **** and useless to race against, and i barely have the time (and leisure) to practise hours over hours for a single race, to compete in online racing (full of aliens, this sim). Nonetheless this is my N°1 in time spent so far - just doing track days on the Nordschleife or Road America.

    2. Project Cars: I use it mostly as racing sim. One good reason: The AI. I don't deny that it sometimes has some weird moments (especially Karts), but overall it feels very alive, tries to overtake (also each other), and feels very "human" in the kind of not perfect, makes mistakes as well. Makes racing against them the most fun from all sims, in my opinion. In addition it has the best graphics, and awesome weather effects, especially rain races are a highlight. Second most played sim by myself to date.

    3. Raceroom Racing experience: Used it both as hotlap and racing sim. I love the Force Feedback, the best i have ever felt with my wheel (T300). Alongside the great sound, and all those licensed classes, the immersion is great. The AI is not too bad as well, at least it tries to overtake if you are dawdling around (hello AC). However i noticed after some time that it never defends the inside corner, that makes overtaking a tad to easy, as soon as you catch up, and it also is a little bit lifeless (compared to Project Cars). I am pretty sure if i would dare to start racing online, this would be my favourite sim.
    As it is R3E for me is a little caught betwixt and between, it doesn't have the variety of AC for hotlapping/driving, and not as good AI/surroundings as PC for offline racing. I still unpack it here and then, to witness the great ffb.

    I also own and enjoy to race in F1 2016 and Dirt Rally, but i am not explaining in detail, since those are not really direct competition.

    So after this explanation, what i want from you is to tell me, why - after already owning quite some awesome sims - i should buy Automobilista as well, and which added value i'd get over all those other sims :)
    Thanks in advance
  2. ouvert


    in reation to those you`ve listed (for me of course):
    • Physics: better than all of them
    • FFB: better than all of them
    • Sounds: better than two of them
    • Immersion: better than all of them
    pretty much only things that could bother you about this sim is:
    • content: great quality but I can see that it is not for everybody. Some classes are less known (V8 stockcars, Marcas, Copa montana, GTR Ultima, Opala, MR18) , some are not licenced and "based" on real cars with their specs (pretty much all seven F1 cars, Formula Ford, Super V8, Boxer). They are still blast to drive but you won`t get the Porsche logo on the wheel :) Most of brasilian tracks were unknown to me (somehow it looks like they don`t have bad tracks in Brasil).
    • dx9 graphics .. doesn`t look bad but you wont get fashy visuals full of effects we are used to get these days. They are pushing what they can from that engine but there are limitations.
    • only have two street cars .. if you are into those
    • MP ... here on RD it is great but I don`t think public servers will be too crowded
    Brands Hatch comparison for example:

    But devs comunication and attitude is great, comunity as well, modded tracks are top quality (Patricks) and modded cars are getting better and better. Nice DLCs are on the way (Brits pack very soon).

    If you are not fixed to one sim (which you apparently are not), AMS just needs to be on your drive ..

    And it is only 29.99USD
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
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  3. Well, I own Assetto Corsa and I currently prefer AMS by a long shot, but that kinda changes depending on my mood... AC sometimes feels utterly boring to drive.

    Pretty much, get AMS if you want to drive cars and tracks you have never driven before. The physics are arguably better than r3e, AC and Pcars combined, graphics are not good, but have nice attention to detail, sounds are great, ffb is also very good - you can trailbrake onto corner, drift through it, power out of it, and feel it all in the wheel...

    AI is... well... abit too perfect, they rarely defend and overtake and do very little mistakes, but can be set to very challenging levels and is fun to chase them for 20 laps... nice close racing.
  4. I have one easy argument to make someone at least try AMS, do you now the Team Redline? Is the most successful virtual racing team in the world, and names like Max Verstapen are part of the team. One of the leaders/manager is Atze Kerkhof, and he has build a top spec simulator (adrenaline-control.com) to train real racing drivers, can you guess what game/software that powers this simulator? Is Automobilista ;)

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  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Billy Mays' ghost here with another fantastic product!

    Are you tired of your SimRacing needs just not being met? Not having time to turn the laps and appreciate the nuances of the sim you're driving? Well worry not! Automobilista features all of the things you could want from a sim, and at these low prices you'll be hopping mad to buy anything else!

    The patented physics design has been discovered to have been used by drivers dating back to the stone age. A recipe like this is time tested and has a rich heritage, so you know you're getting the best of the best!

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  6. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    All of the above.
    I love AMS, everything about it. The devs are receptive and honestly the most interactive group of any other team or studio out there. When you buy the all inclusive package you get the beta version of the sim so you are able to test and give feedback in the Reiza 51 forum prior to the public releases. This is a win/win/win for the beta users, non beta users, and Reiza.

    I think it's funny you didn't mention RF2 in your original post. I have hundreds of hours in RF2 and AC. I have a lot of hours in RRE - which I believe RRE could have been the best sim on the market if it wasn't for their disgraceful pay system. AMS is nearly to the "next level" sims, perhaps technically not with the graphics but I think they are just great! Add in the awesome physics, diverse variety of cars and tracks, excellent FFB, and that immersion we are all looking for and you have an AWEsome sim right here! :):):)
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  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    I also have all the current "sims" and AMS is one of my favorites, that and R3E and rF2. Many are turned off by the graphics (I for one when I first tried Stock Car Extreme, AMS has improved) but everything else adds up to an excellent "sim". It does most things better than the competition. AC and pCARS "look" better but I only spend a little time with them as they don't hold my interest for very long. AMS is well worth the small price.
  8. The number doesn't work! :D

    More than enough said, Sim's amazing. ;)
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Our call centre appears to have been overloaded. Please try again soon.
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  10. I'd rather race an AMS race car for 40 minutes in close quarters than in any other current gen sim. That's how confident I feel from the FFB and the way the physics works. Some people say the beyond the limit behavior isn't as realistic as with AC and to a lesser degree rF2. Maybe this is true, maybe not.

    All I know is in order of my confidence driving a car to my own ability at the limit of my talent and current skill level I rank them as follows, which mind you includes controlling them beyond the limits of grip -

    1. AMS
    2. rF2
    3. AC
    4. R3E

    For sounds I rank AMS most enjoyable. You can argue R3E has better overall sound engineering or what not but I find the sounds in AMS are often the most spot on. The tone of the engine is usually perfect and the balance between the engine sound and the transmission whine is always spot on which is my biggest gripe with most games. Sound is very immersive but also informative so I rank it high.

    For online play yes the community in terms of pubbing is sleepy and many times of day you will see almost nobody online, however I have much better success doing pick up races in AMS than AC. AC seems to have a big online population but a lot of it is just doing touristenfahrten and the few racing servers with good populations always seem to be occupied or locked out thanks to very strict booking which means even if I can get there I'm probably not allowed.

    Car and track variety is a big plus to me. Yes some people will gripe about not having lots of GT3 stuff or the same list of FIA Grade 1 tracks every sim apparently needs, the de_dust2 stuff of simming, but what you get instead is a healthy mix of F1 tracks along with some real unknowns and more exciting historic tracks than any other modern sim. You will be challenged to drive unknown tracks and Brazil seems to host many great venues you've never seen before.
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  11. fortyfivekev


    The number one reason to get AMS is the driving feel. There is a connection to the virtual road that I don't feel with the other sims I have. You also get a very varied selection of cars, single seaters and tintops from the 1960's to present day in both disciplines. There are also good mods for GT3 and CART to fill in the gaps. There are a lot of new tracks to learn and Patrick's massive track pack adds a bunch of the standards. Graphics are certainly not as flashy as AC/PCars but I find them very immersive. The AI races better than in AC but like with all the sims there are limits to what you can expect.

    If you buy it then get the Season Pass so you can have the BritPack in a few days with Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park + FFord, Caterhams, Ultimas and Sports2000 + plus some other stuff coming down the pipe. If you don't like it you can always get a refund so what is there to lose?
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  12. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    We've been down this road before ?
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  13. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    Dont forget to throw in the steak knives!!

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  14. Jempy


    If there was rain added, I'd say AMS is a modernized and complete GTR2 with better FFB.
    A pretty good mix allowing a perfect immersion and one of the best sim actually which doesn't need an ultra up to date hardware to take pleasure with.

    Graphics are not the most up to date ones, but pretty well done with what can be possible with DX9 ... but finally, do you have time to admire the tracks sides when racing ? .... ( except having a look at the gravels, walls or rails when out of the track ? :roflmao::roflmao: )
  15. Celestiale


    Thanks for the many replies.
    Consensus seems to be, that the FFB is really great. Hard to believe that it's even better then R3E, which feels already like my real car :roflmao:. Seems i definitely have to try that, FFB is the most important technical aspect for me. I won't deny that i love fancy graphics, but i rather play a game with great FFB and **** graphics, then a game with **** FFB and great graphics.
    Seems i have a different view then you though. Don't know about 1 and 2, but i definitely have more confidence in R3E, then in AC.
    Maybe apart from the GT3, which is as easy as it gets with driving aids in AC.
    But "real" race cars without aids, like Formula, DTM or so, i can drive way better at the limit in R3E, then in AC. In R3E i can really feel the limit, and the moment before the car wants to go sideways, in AC it's more "damn, my a*s is coming, i have to recover it (with a drift). That's the main reason i don't feel too confident to go online in AC.
    If you get better "signals" in AMS, i'd consider racing online more often, at least with the easier cars like Mini or Boxer cup.
    The content is for me more a PRO then a minus. I think GT3 cars are more then well covered in different sims, and regarding European/FIA race tracks, R3E and AC cover those more then enough. I rather have some different classes and courses in a Sim i am deciding to purchase, then the same cars and tracks again and again. Especially those Trophy trucks seem very interesting :)

    What i am worried the most is the general feel. Quite a while ago, i tried the Demo of Stock Car Extreme, and it really wasn't my cup of tea at all. Force Feedback was a little dull, and graphics really bad. Don't know how much AMS has evolved since then?!
    Another thing is this Reiza 2017 or whatever it is called, i hear quite often..some game with newer engine? How far is it away? Don't wanna go for a Sim soon to be obsolete...
  16. ouvert


    Well physics, input and FFB rates are ticking at higher Hz than in other sims and you can tell.
    That covers your worries about SCE demo experience. There were changes to physics engine, physics rates went up from 360Hz to 700Hz, input rates from 100Hz to 500Hz, FFB is now I think at 360. Feels a lot different than SCE.

    You will probably still have more confidence in R3E (i do in most cases) but that is mostly cause it's physics is more forgiving in some ways.. AMS is more what you would expect it to be.
    It feels natural and intuitive but if you feel that any of cars in R3E is hard to drive don't choose road version of GTR Ultima as your first car to drive in AMS ;) i would go with Formula Ford Advance or F3 for openwhellers, Mini cooper for FWD cars and perhaps V8 Stock for RWD...and if you wanna easy AWD there is always MIT Lancer RS
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
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  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    HEY! All I got was the game... what gives!
  18. William Wester

    William Wester

    Everyone is going to rate those that fit into the same class a little different based on preferences. I would rate R3E much higher and AC lower. If class racing is your thing, R3E easily wins, if cost a concern, than R3E may be rated lower, as examples. I also agree on FFB, R3E has come a long way - feels great! AMS has VERY good FFB but different than R3E. Of course you mileage may vary depending on hardware and configuration.
  19. Celestiale


    Yeah, thought that sometimes, to be honest. In R3E some cars really feel a tad to easy to drive, especially the DTM cars. They are almost easier to drive then GT3, and that contradicts what i have heard by drivers who raced both IRL. Don't have any problems to drive/race any car in R3E, but plenty of those in AC (Lotus 98T, Ferrari SF15, Ruf Yellowbird...).

    To be honest, i don't think the price from R3E is a problem. It's more people's minds, and the pay structure. I spent around 80 bucks for all of them, AC, PC and R3E. And i got pretty similar content - in PC arguably more, but there are other drawbacks. Like i said, the huge + for AC is just the big number of road cars, and i am more a car enthusiast, then a race driver ;)
    Doesn't stop me from enjoying race cars however. I think i'll just try AMS, can give it back anyway if it shows to be not my cup of tea.

    Would be only interested about that Reiza 2017 as well, and if there will be any correlation between the two sims. Might just hold off another year (?), and wait for this, well occupied with other sims anyway.
  20. fortyfivekev


    I don't think anyone outside Reiza knows yet if Reiza17 will have the same track/car content as AMS with upgraded graphics etc. or whether the focus will change a bit? I don't think that makes that much difference to the AMS value proposition really except maybe on the MP side.
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