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Seeking advice on wheel purchase

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Crowgasm, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm looking to upgrade from an (archaic) Logitech Driving Force Pro (i.e. this: http://www.engadget.com/products/logitech/driving-force/pro/) and am considering the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo US, alongside a ClubSport steering wheel like the Porsche 918 RSR or BMW M3 GT2 and the CS V2 pedals. Or, a cheaper-by-far route to the 911 GT3 combo.

    The CS Wheel base is currently $600, the steering wheels $399 or $250 and the pedals $299, so it's a hefty investment, obviously. I'd add a shifter later; probably the CS SQ V 1.5 which is running at $200 as of writing.

    My questions here are at this price outlay, should I be looking at other models? Is the $1200+ worth it over the Driving Force Pro? Is a 'regular' Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel bundle with CSR Elite Pedals at around $240 that much inferior? Would I see much improvement in realism just with the 911 GT3 bundle from the Driving Force Pro? Is the ClubSport combo such a giant leap? Is there another combo (i.e. wheel and pedals) at an intermediate price point between these extremes that is worth looking into? I race a lot and I'm looking for realism/immersion and fun, rather than something that's going to help me not drive like Ray Charles in a thunderstorm most of the time.

    I realize most of these questions are subjective but I'd appreciate any feedback from people who've previously made a similar upgrade purchase before I throw all those hard earned dollars at the thing.

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  2. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    My friend runs a dfgt and I've gotta say for the money (I think he paid £40 second hand) it's an amazing wheel, I currently run a t500rs and it's defiantly a big step up from a dfgt at a reasonable price, I paid £270 brand new just over a year ago and I've been very happy with the whole package. Maybe a t300 and a set of the new standalone t500 pedals is a cheaper option than the fanatec package that will be a huge jump in realism compared to your dfgt?
  3. For that kind of money (<$1200), you might take a look at building an OSW Direct-drive option if you have DIY skills. One of those would destroy all of the typical consumer wheels on the market in terms of performance, durability and FFB quality.
  4. Thanks for the time taken to reply here.

    I think (but I'm not sure) I can get better than the T300 and pedals with some fanatec gear, albeit not the ClubSport line. I budgeted the following out this morning:

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel US -

    ClubSport Table Clamp V2 US -$49.95

    Pedal/Shifter Cable (2.5m) PS/2 – PS/2 US -$9.90

    CSR Elite Pedals US -

    CSL Wheel Stand US -

    RennSport Wheel Stand Pedal Stopper US -

    That's a grand total with shipping and 'handling' of just over $530 which is well in budget. I understand the ClubSport gear would be 'better' I'm just wondering if it's really that much better to warrant 3 times the cost. I might upgrade further if I get more obsessed but I'm thinking the above list is a big upgrade over the Logitech DFP?
  5. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Found this thread comparing wheels, a guy who upgraded from the gt3rs to the t500
  6. Hmmm, funny. I've read so many reviews in the last 48 hours lamenting the build quality of the thrustmaster wheels, including the T500. It's put me off them. For every 'this is a great wheel' there are 4 'lasted a month' or 'bits fell off' type reviews.

    Sounds like you've had good experiences with the Thrustmaster hardware, Bez? The T500 is $600 here, which is a bit more than the list of items in my last post.
  7. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    yeah t500 has been flawless over the last year ive owned it and the ffb is nice and strong, im waiting for my upgrade, an accuforce wheel to arrive in the next few weeks hopefully but ill continue to use the t500 pedals with the new wheel until i can afford some HE pro pedals later in the year
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  8. You'll also find the same complaint ratio about Fanatec, I think. To be fair to both companies, rule out any reviews older than 6 months.
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  9. I've had a Fanatec GT3 RS v2 for well over a year, and had a T300 here for about two weeks, I've compared them before in this thread;

    Edit: It was in fact 2 years, mine died on me like 1 week before warranty expired, so I had it replaced on warranty, it's now sitting in the closet as a spare wheel in case my CSW v2 ever develops issues.
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  10. Thanks for the info, all. Does anyone know if the GT3 RS2 wheel rim can be removed/swapped with other Fanatec rims, or is that only the CS wheel base 1/2 that can do that?
  11. Hmmm, a few more hours insomniac research and I'm even more split than I was before I'd read as much. I think I'm stuck between three choices...
    1. T300RS + CS V2 pedals
    2. Fanatec GT3 RSv3, CSR Elite pedals
    3. Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo US, ClubSport steering wheel BMW M3 GT2 and the CS V2 pedals
    I'm procrastinating, possibly. I think the build quality/reliability factor is probably making me pause on all three, from reviews here and on Amazon etc, so I wonder if anyone can offer info on which of the above is the older/more fully established, revised technology that there's any kind of consensus on, in terms of least likely to have mechanical problems.
  12. If money and having to wait for weeks (or months? not sure how long it is these days) is not a problem then go for the CSW v2 for sure, it's a epic piece of kit!
    But the sensible choice here is the first one, T300 + Fanatec pedals, maybe even go for the CSR Elite pedals, cheaper but seems to have a better track record for reliability.
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  13. Thanks for the advice. More research and I landed at about the same spot. Ordered a T300 and fanatec pedals today, along with a stand. We'll see how it goes. It the obsession grows I'll look at a CSW2 or better later in the year.
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