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Misc See-through OSD For Cockpit-Cam Driving 2.1

Adds transparent OSD position & lap timer backgrounds to the previous cleaner-OSD mods.

  1. (Edited) See-through OSD (Not Just) For Cockpit-Cam Driving - :sleep: Adds transparent OSD position & lap timer backgrounds to the previous cleaner-OSD mods. This mod gives drivers a complete see-through On-Screen-Display experience in F1 2013 mode. (Screenshot image provided in each install folder.)

    A comprehensive update of all options created in this thread is now ready to download at the Download Now button. A folder/sub-folders/sub-folders tree structure has been set up for an easier way of use, so it's not necessary to read through the entire thread to find external links for downloading files.

    Read the Readme (.txt) file in the OSD_TRANSPARENCY_OPTIONS root folder after downloading and unzipping this current version 2.1 mod for instructions. This version update offers the same options as the first one, while restoring the starting lights for players who need them (in the 3 - WITH_STARTING_LIGHTS folder).

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. suuuper job, suuuper job, have a please, you can forward this osd change for me? (See picture) then everything would be very, very good for me. please excuse my bad english, I write with google translater. micha greeting from berlin

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  3. Hi Salut Gilles,

    I really like your concept but the only thing that's stopped me from using it is the absence of fuel mix and brake bias menus.

    I use them a lot while racing and since the pad on my wheel is not always accurate I need visual confirmation that I chose the right settings.

    Could you make an optional version with transparent fuel & brake menus?

    Whatever you decide, great job! :thumbsup:
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  4. Hi micmiller, from Canada here, but sorry for I don't know how to do that at this moment, and I am very busy at that time of the year (family visits and all that stuff). So, as soon as I will have enough spare time again, I will definitely have a look and I will try to find the way to make a version that will do that for you.

    In the meantime, since I suspect this is more related to cameras.xml files in the cars folder (unless I'm wrong), let's hope other active modders who are more knowledgeable in these different camera-related mods will reply (or start a conversation with you) and direct you to a proper resource (cameras.xml mods) which will make it a reality for you.

    In any case, watch this thread, and best wishes for 2014.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2013
  5. Hi, BBFred,
    Like I just replied to micmiller above, I happen to be very busy at this time of the year, but since this is probably related to a few entries in the d_osd.pssg file, and even while I'm not 100% certain it is, I'll try to make it as soon as I can find enough free time on my hands (tonight or tomorrow, maybe).

    Do you want to see these two "quick-menu entries" displayed over see-through (transparent) backgrounds? Because, for now, I think it may be the only one feasable possibility.
  6. many thanks for the answer fast. I understand that they have to take care of their family in this season, I can wait. I wish them and their family good luck for the Christmas season and in the new year.the file to the OSD is the b_osd.pssg. micha
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  7. See-through transparent backgrounds would be perfect to me! :thumbsup:
    And take your time, I really appreciate that you'll take the time to answer my request! :cool:
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  8. I'm back earlier than I thought! :) And I worked-out a new b_osd.pssg file based on your image up-thread:

    Download link from MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/?o506h46hb01a73g

    I tested it in T-cam mode since I don't use the camera mod for cockpit view. I hope it displays what you want!

    I wonder what the pictogram for the fuel tank does. It does not seem to be useful to me. :thumbsdown:
  9. Hi back to you BBFred,

    I had time to work on the d_osd.pssg file tonight, as I tried to make only the Fuel and Brakes menus visible, over a transparent background. Only to realize after many tests it was not possible to omit the Tyres menu without causing problems to the attached sub menus, so I can only offer a full quick menu with transparent backgrounds.

    Link to the d_osd.pssg file download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/37noh4gyku5v616/d_osd.pssg

    Alternatively, I could also make one that displays the original quick-menu backgrounds (for better visibility).
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
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  10. dear Salut Gilles many, many thanks. EXACTLY this OSD I have searched for a long time. Very good work. I tried myself to edit this, but I am 53 years old and my school is English sooo long ago that I could not find my way around with the PSSG editor. I am very pleased with their work, now I have a better view in the game F1 2013. all the best for the year 2014 for you and your family. micha
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  11. Know this is a silly question but wonder if the fastest lap writing can be transpartent too?or it's impossible to accomplish?
  12. Tyres quick menu showing is not an issue to me really. I'l ttry it out today, but this all liooks perfect already! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
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  13. Hi w1n1x,
    To be honest, I don't know if it could be possible or not. This mod was found and made by currently inactive RD member NoSuey about a year ago (for F1 2012, as far as I know), and since he seems to be absent these days, I only studied the way he did it in order to hide both the lousy flags & fastest laps, which CM's designers aren't clever enough to provide a simple option to turn them off. If they did, maybe they could sell more copies? :p
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  14. Well no problem. This mod is awesome as it is. I was just asking cause i'm using realistic TV T-cams and the fastest lap times pops up always in the most annoying moments when i turn into corners :p :unsure:
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  15. I hope you'll like it, and that the Tyres menu won't be bothering too much! :(
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  16. I can understand the need for fastest laps information in online League races, though, but it's true the way these lousy rectangles pop up in the middle of the screen can cause many (un-intended) crashes!! :roflmao: :mad:

    CM designers don't know how to use screen corners! :cry:
  17. I tried the newest version with the quick menu transparency but only the quick menu was transparent, not the driver list and laps - they stayed default. Strange...
  18. Edited: Solved. VVVVVVVVV
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
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  19. Ah, forgot the b_osd file. All working now, great mod thanks!
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  20. Happens (I admit it can be a bit confusing, but I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to try to clarify the copying process for other RD members who might encounter the same problem). Thanks!

    Edited to add: Backup of all original files provided in the 1.0 (.zip) 'Download Now' version in case they're needed at some point in the future, like after any possible direct overwriting of any original d_osd.pssg, b_osd.pssg, and Osd\config.xml files, although it's always better to backup all files before copying any new ones.

    Edit: Comprehensive solution now available as version 2.1 by clicking the Download Now button up-thread.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2014