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Second install: game crashes

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Georgios Davakos, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. I am using this topic due to it's title.

    I have problems with my rFactor. I have created a second foldor for rF because I want it to be used for RDLMS only. The problem is that when ever I try to join a track, neither online or offline then my game crashes. IDK why so I need help here.

    I hope someone can help me out here,
  2. You did try Ivo's idea above?
  3. It didn't make a difference.
  4. You selected the mod in the Racing Series?
  5. I can go as far as selecting the car and get the loading screen up. The loading is on going and then when it reaches 75% rF just crashes.
  6. But you have selected the mod and its not on "all vehicles and track"?
    Also are you running DX9 and not 8. Or try to remove the track and resync again.
  7. It doesn't matter about the track because I tryed all the tracks that the rF has to offer and I got same reaction. (almost all)
    I am positive that I am running DX9 and I used the RDLMS Porsche to join the tracks.
  8. Then i dont know.
    Because 99% of the problems when loading a track and it crashes without any error message is that you dont run it in Admin mode.
  9. Have you let the new rFactor trough your firewall etc?
  10. I have, I will try to reinstall it all and see how it will work this time.

    Thanks for the help Ivo, Christoffer and Adam.