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Tracks Sebring 2.2

GSCEx upgrade

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  1. Couldn't download this one fast enough!
    Many thanks Patrick, these are some brilliant addon tracks lately :)
  2. A couple of glitches i noticed:
    The birds fly too fast and the plane flies sideways and backwards.
  3. You are supposed to look at the road :D

    Thank you anyway, really dont know why it happens. Will give a look.
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  4. Mikk Schleifer

    Mikk Schleifer
    Premium Member

    Hi Patrick,

    really nice doing :thumbsup:, thx much 4 your work :), keep on rocking,
    Jan already said about the backwards plane and birds, maybe drunken ;)?

    greetings from Mikk :cool:
  5. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Really nice job. Looks fantastic in game.

  6. Mikk Schleifer

    Mikk Schleifer
    Premium Member

    Superb :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:, thx 4 fast fixing !

  7. superman's still flying around like he's on acid though.
  8. Nothing wrong with your skin, i guess, and thanks for your efforts, but i prefer the lighter tarmac of the original. The blurriness of the grass alongside the track seems to stand out more in your version as well. Must be due to the color contrast.
  9. Tarmac texture is really more defined so it probably creates a contrast with the grass.

    GSC standards means roadshaders, sky, but also fuel use, colors, effects and AI performance
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014
  10. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    I was excited to get home from work and see you had done Sebring... looks great. thanks heaps Patrick
  11. Is this a conversion of VirtuaLM's rF1 track?
  12. Patrick, i notice this with many tracks, namely the map blinking every second. Is there any way to turn off the map or to resolve this issue ? Thanks.
  13. Do you mean the mini map? I think it is the "0" if you talk about this
  14. I notice this with sebring as well.
  15. Where is the circuit night lights? The "original" from VLN works fine at night. @Patrick Giranthon If you can look at this it'd be nice.

    The day sky and lightning effects are improved, and this improve texture as well. Nice work. Just look at the night racing lightning and it'd be perfect.

    Also, why the road is darker than before?
  16. darken because of reiza road shaders. But it can be a little bit clearer if needed.
  17. Lights fixed. Trying to improve the road too.
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