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Featured Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO Rallycross DLC Released

Discussion in 'Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo' started by Paul Jeffrey, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Sebastien Loeb Rallycross DLC.jpg
    Inviting obvious comparisons to Codemasters DiRT Rally, new title Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO (SLRE) have released their own take on the growing Rallycross scene in the shape of the Hell circuit in Norway and 2 cars featuring original liveries.

    Available for 9,99 €., the DLC contains the Hyundai Veloster Race Concept and Ford Focus RS from 2009 alongside 7 new career events in the "New Era" category.

    Additionally it has been confirmed by the developers that further Rallycross DLC will be coming in March and will feature the Lancia ECV, Toyota 222D, Vauxhall Astra 4S and the Peugeot Quasar. These cars will be released with an additional 14 new career events divided into two different categories. The first seven events are grouped in "Extreme Category", the other 7 in "Vintage" Category. Again it is expected this DLC will retail for 9,99 €.

    Sebastien Loeb Rallycross 2 DLC.jpg

    Of course owners of the DLC season pass will receive both updates to the game at no additional cost.

    Sebastien Loeb Rallycross DLC Ford Focus.jpg Sebastien Loeb Rallycross DLC Hell Track.jpg Sebastien Loeb Rallycross DLC Hyundai Veloster.jpg
    Have you tried the new Rallycross DLC? How does it shape up in comparison to DiRT Rally's version? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Wait..... DLC before a patch? Or am I missing something.. That almost feels like a slap in the face.
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  3. Could as well have released the DLC on the same day as the game was out. This DLC trend continues to get more ridiculous year by year.
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  4. Tarmac tyres in Rallycross looks strange.
  5. Now under ten euros! Only nainnaintinain!!! Oh lord... Don't have the game ant wont get it if it isn't someday in sale like 5€. But, two cars one track and some ehh... extra, 10€! Oh sorry i mean nainnaintinain!!! Just example P-Cars classic Lotus-pack, 4-cars and 3 historic track's around 7€. I'm not picking a fight, just saying what i think, where they get these prices,¨game didn't sell like assumed? Oh and surprize, now i learned it! Next pack will sell only for nainnaintinain!!! lol. I always think our 90's TV-commercial where clothes was always nainnaintinain...
  6. Screw them and that business practice.
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  7. SRO


    The price is ridiculous. The game retails today for 40 euros and they are asking 10 euros for 1 track and 2 cars? They manage to make Race Room look cheap, which in itself is quite an achievement.
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  8. I wouldn't expect any different from Milestone. They've been doing the same with the MotoGP series.
    "Oh, the game is full of glitches/bugs/etc.? Bad luck, maybe we'll fix them for next year's game. But you can take this Laguna Seca DLC for just *insert a ludicrous price here*!!"
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  9. Case_


    They're working on a patch. It's coming soon. It's been confirmed several times by now. PS4 and XB1 were patched already, PC is taking longer (somewhat obviously).

    And honestly, releasing the DLC was most likely not a lot of added work for them anyway, as it's basically just an unlock to access content that's already there. (But yes, their pricing policy for DLC packs is certainly pretty bad.)
  10. The rally cross track that the DLC came with is terrible. Feels like there are land mines on the track that will flip your car and visually, it is ugly.
  11. The ECV could be a good one for Dirt Rally! :D
  12. Milestone and Blackbean. Dont know why, they always deliver half baked cake.
  13. xnorb


    Saw the article here and thought "Didn't the game just release?".
    Well, this business plan will most likely not help Sebastian Loeb Rally to a higher reputation.

    What are those obvious reasons?
    I'm yet to hear of a game that requires more time to patch on PC than on consoles.
  14. jlnprssnr


    I don't want to come to Milestones defense, but Wheel support on console is a lot easier because you're limited to certified wheels. Also console peasants somehow are okay with 30fps :sick:
  15. Two cars and a track for 9,99? That's awful
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  16. This is a well over priced average rally sim. Better to wait until you can get the lot on a steam sale for $4.99.
  17. jimortality


    Didn't realise you'd bought it.
  18. I didn't tell you. ;)
  19. Case_


    More (and different) issues, more hardware variety and so on. I really thought it's pretty obvious. For example, I kinda doubt that anybody on console actually cares whether the game supports any other resolutions than 16:9, triple monitors and stuff like that, while people are making that kind of a big deal on PC, based on the reactions I'm seeing.

    Also, you've honestly never heard of a game that requires more time to patch on PC than on console? It's not like that's something rare...