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Sebastien Loeb Cracks Pikes Peak Record

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 1, 2013.

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  2. I wonder what the time would have been if it wasn't all tarmac these days (very sad they've ruined the integrity of pikes peak :( )
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  3. Amazing, just amazing guy.... to the summit of his art.
    Seb: 1
    TV broadcast: 0 (Such an amateur way to broadcast an international challenge like PP), pitiful!
  4. Seb Proved that he could be the quickest on ANY type of surface (9 successive world titles demonstrated it), I'm sure he would have set a new record on the old track too.
  5. Is there anything this guy can't win in?
  6. Maybe RBR should just put Loeb in Webber's seat
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  7. Amazing stuff and congratulations to Loeb and Peugeot. Having said that, definitely some of the worst coverage I've ever seen. This is an international event and one of the biggest single events of the motorsport year - surely they could have done better than this tripe.
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  8. It almost felt like they made sure anyone involved in covering the event had never heard of it before. I watched it some during the motorcycle runs, and the guy doing the interviews at the finish area kept checking his clipboard every time he mentioned they were in Colorado (about 3 times that I saw). And the camera guy + pilot, I hope those two never work together again.
  9. One of the best drivers ever.
  10. yes, not denying he's amazing but what it's not really a shock to expect the time to be smashed when there's suddenly no dirt and pure grip tarmac instead.
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  11. Bingo.

    but cool nonetheless.
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  12. The old record was set last year, and it seems it was full tarmac then as well.
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  13. From all that I've read, it was fully paved in late 2011. And like Senad said last year it should've been full tarmac.
  14. Simply amazing!
  15. really bad from the broacast... they had lots of troubles... -.-
  16. le mans xDxDxD
  17. I wouldn't put that beyond him either. ;)

    Maybe he could team up with Mark Webber and Porsche to give it a try. :whistling:
  18. Close call for loeb

  19. The point is not only the record that smashed the previous ones, the point is the technical escalation too. Now, we can imagine the next records cars, like this one for sure :