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Sebastian Vettel World Champion 2011 tribute =)

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Lorenzo Gabbiani, Dec 2, 2011.

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  2. Try to use actual video footage instead of pictures. Having a slideshow of pictures you find on the web and putting music in the background isn't a good tribute.
  3. says who? you?

    tribute's are done in many ways, nothing wrong with a picture slideshow and music, we all have different taste.
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  4. You have to be a dirtbag to criticize this guys tribute that he took time to make.
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  5. And you don't have to insult me when I was only giving a honest opinion so he can improve if he makes any other tributes.
  6. but this is it Bradley, there is no improving, you either like the tribute or don't and you clearly don't.

    as i said tributes are done in alot of ways, i've done a few for the armed forces with and without pictures, with and without videos, it's all down to what the editor/creator prefers. :) , i did not insult you but if you feel that way i am sorry.
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