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Seatlle Circuit (From Gran Turismo Series)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Raphael Buthmann, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Sorry about my mistake , it's a wip yet.

    I Always loved this Gran turismo track. So , let's do it on racer. ;D
    I'm here asking for help , I can't do it alone , I want to use the maximum quality and performance possible from racer , so all the racer community is welcome.

    Here a little inspiration:


  2. Ok, standart question :) this track will be for all or private?
  3. [​IMG]

    How can I know the elevation ? D:
  4. Whoa.. a great track.. it won't be easy..
  5. On the track selecting menu, you can see the elevation change value. Not exact, but it helps you to have a notion!

    I've lended GT4 to a friend, otherwise I could get you some screenies :s
  6. It's based on the real Seattle, so heights are easy from Google maps... Just find the course...

    Also, Google Earth has that area quite nicely roughed out, so if you grab the models to use as a base to rough out the general area it should help lots too.

    Plenty of resource for a track like this :D


  7. This is the type of help I need. ^^ thanks.
  8. That's not the Seattle International Raceway track that I made a long time ago and posted on tracciontesaras. It looks like a drive round some of the streets in Seattle, WA.
  9. Yep, it's a road circuit.

    Was one of my fave courses in GT3... such a shame it's not in GT5.

    Will be nice to see it for Racer. If you get the Google Earth buildings in, which I'm sure is possible, then you can send each one out to specific people and ask them to make a 512x512 texture for it, and make the building itself, and only start a new one when the old one is finished to a really nice standard.
    That would be a good way to distribute the build. Then just atlas the textures into a few big 2048 textures, and maybe scale a few down where they don't need to be higher detail etc...

    Also, we get to tweak some nice variants from the track too. I always thought it'd be a cool night track, or winter one :D

  10. http://topocoding.com/
    The values are a little wrong Oo , In the same street (Alaskan Way S ) the elevation goes from 2 m to 14 m , and looks plane on the pics.

    How can I know the width?
  11. Yeah, I think some of the heights are the overpass right next to that street... bit annoying.

    I'd say that it is 2m above sea level, mainly because the marina is right next to turn 1. The 14m will be the road height of the overpass I'd guess!

    The width will be harder.

    What I'd do is grab the best quality aerial photos of the area at a reasonable zoom level, stitch together for the areas around the track in your 3D app (a picture per 2d plane for example), then scale it all to fit a known element. Ie, if you know two points exactly, then you can match the planes up to those points a big distance apart.

    Does that make sense?

    Then once it's all laid out the width can be directly measured in your 3D app off the photos, and used as a guide for the entire course :D

    Alternatively, try grab the mesh from GT2... forgotten the name of the tools now, but you can get GT2 meshes out, which should give you a good rough base to work up from!

  12. Google Maps has the scale feature ^^ I found 10.6 m value at Alaskan Way S.
    I'll post some updates later ;D I'm so excited to do this track lol.
  13. Scale feature? How does that work? Is it part of street view? Or is that over the aerial photos?


  14. Ari


    At least Google Earth has a measuring tape function.
    I haven't managed to get this feature to work in Google Maps.
  15. My Google maps at work does, somehow. Not sure how. I can also do altitude profiles too.

    I'm not sure what I installed or did to get it that way though. I think it was Google Maps beta at one stage allowed you to install features there and then, but now you can't?!

    No idea. All a bit confusing, but the Google Maps *can* do it, just I don't know how you set it up these days :D