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Seat position

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Peter, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I'm new to GSC and I can't find an option to turn of the real seat position or a other way to sit closer to the front window.
    I also can't find the FOV setting, only vertical FOV.
  2. Not sure about switching the real seat pos off, but I adjusted the fov in the .CAM file found in the vehicles folder.
    Go to the LocalCam=COCKPIT section, and change Fov= to whatever you want. I have it set on (60.00000, 60.00000) and it seems to take care of horizontal and vertical view fine - some might say this is too close but I find it pretty realistic across three screens.
  3. Thanks, I will try this.
    I always have a fov of 60.
  4. I do this in rFactor as well, and for some reason I have had to set the same setting to around 30, 30 in rF1, to get the same result as GSC which is set at 60,60. Either way, you can experiment with this to get the view you want.

    Edit: sorry, I've just checked my settings again, and they are in fact the same as rfactor1 - I have them at 30,30 at the moment
  5. To adjust the seat position go to OPTIONS / CONTROLS.
    In the box on the right use the slider to find the seat adjustement keys --> ADJUST SEAT FORE; ADJUST SEAT AFT; ADJUST SEAT UP; ADJUST SEAT DOWN. There you will see the keys or buttons that have been allocated. You can of course set you own keys or allocate a key if it shows as EMPTY.
  6. I know this but I only want to sit closer to the dashboard.
  7. Forgot to add, make sure the fov is set to default in the display menu after you edit the cam file or your changes won't show up!
  8. This is how it is
    And this what I want, it happens when I hold the numpad 3 button. When I let go it jumps back to normal

    Is this possible to do or not ?
  9. You should be able to do this by editing the line I mentioned, to something like 25,25, set the fov to default in the menu, and it should be close to that. Then make final adjustments with the seat keys.
  10. I did it, thanks for your help :)