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Seat Leon 2007 - Estoril

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Jacco Cornelissen, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. I managed a 1:47.3xx with this one.
    Aliens can drive a 145.8xx i guess . lol

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  2. Thx for sharing
  3. My Pre-Quali setup as it stands, so far a 1.46.6 with another 0.2 possibly from me :D

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  4. Thanks a lot Guyes!:alla:
  5. thx ALL Guy..............
  6. Many Thanks Jacco and Simon !!! 2 brilliant setups,tried Jacco's last night and had some nice progress,then tried Simons this morning and.....Bingo!!!,new PB 1:46.371 :thumb:
  7. Aww damn you, I'm fighting to stay in G1. Wouldn't use it for race though. Tyres temps I've seen pass 115 if your out for long.
  8. thx,jacco,i shall try it:alla:
  9. Thank You Jacco and Simon!!
  10. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    here is mine
    fastest Seat right now on the list
    but i feel that i still can go down with .2 sec faster

    CAUTION....only for pre-quali, as tire temp is to hot for normal racing

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  11. Tnx gentleman :)
    I'll give it a try......
  12. here is my set up that i did with a lap of 1.46

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  13. Race Winner!

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  14. Thanks For the setup
  15. thank you so much for sharing the setup
  16. i just raced Simon Trendalls NEW! setup, was very good, Front end is absoluteley spot on, the rear for me was a little too twitchy so i modified it slightly more toward the simbin setup for the rear, this gave me a lot better chance of staying on the track after 10+ laps when the rears were getting worn out. i was sliding around a bit at the back but just about hung in there. i managed a .5 sec gain on my PB with this setup so its really worth trying.
    Thanks Simon Trendall!
  17. Mod-edit: english please and no setup requests
  18. thanks for sharing