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Mods Seat Ibiza Seat Sport 1.1

Seat Ibiza Seat Sport

  1. #UD# submitted a new resource:

    Seat Ibiza Seat Sport - Seat Ibiza Seat Sport

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  2. nice one thx
  3. @#UD# thank you for this very nice skin.
    I have a remark: I tested it yesterday (the Rovanperä skin) and in the dash and cockpit view, I can see the special lights (for night stages) on the bonnet. But when I'm in extern or bonnet view, those special lights are not there.

    Is it possible to correct it? (to remove those special lights in dash and Cockpit cam)

    Thank you for your great work

  4. I noticed that this bug happens in every car in game, during sunset/dawn stages. In Greece for sure, but don't know if in Germany too.
  5. this kind of bug is not affected by the use of modded textures from my mod or any other texture mod its probably due to the game still being on early access ad having some bugs still
  6. Yes you are right @TheTaker and @#UD# I made a try yesterday and in fact, this is a bug in game!
    So, nothing wrong with the livery.

    Thanks again for this skin, it's a very nice one.
  7. Can any body please give me a step by step guide to get skins into the game.
    I keep trying but with no look. Many thanks.
  8. Hi UDegani, any idea when you plan to update your skin?
  9. there is not much stuff to be updated but the problem is im a little out of time to update it at the moment, due to real life stuff
  10. no problem, take your time ;)