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Seat adjustable and mobile camera in cockpit view

Discussion in 'Racer' started by asasinuxp, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. So,Ruud,can you make seat adjustable(camera adjustable in game) and mobile camera in cockpit view(camera controled with a controller,rotating in a point,point being the eyes)?
  2. The cameras are adjustable in-game.. the system just really really sucks. Use the numberpad to move the currently selected camera around(not all cameras support certain motions, just play around)
    Also, use the keys 1234567890 above the letters to change what camera you are viewing from.

    About the rotating, you mean that it rotates to kind of follow the front wheels or something like in GT Legends so that you look into the corner right?
    I would personally also want TrackIR support that works :p
  3. I'm talking about rotating camera to look in the mirror,for example.Or to look back very smoothly.Something like .
  4. ah, well.. racer does not have support for face tracking or Track IR&similar devices.
  5. Maybe in future...
  6. We've had it on the menu for years and Ruud has mentioned that he would implement it, but it seems to keep getting pushed back or forgotten.
    I think it is a vital update before 0.9 since it will affect how content needs to be generated.

    Alex Forbin
  7. I agree, actually.

    I'd like to see the driver model removed when using in-car camera, sometimes the head gets in the way of looking around, particularly when springing about, and often it's quite far forward. I'm well over six feet tall, I usually sit with my head near the B pillar, and in Racer, doing that would mean putting the camera somewhere in the head rest, with the driver model in the bloody way.
  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I don't like driver models, I haven't seen one actually move yet, so it's pointless, and annoying since I'm the one doing the driving, not some other dude.
  9. Just delete the model from the interior view.

    You have a separate model for interior or exterior use remember.

    As for cameras for mirrors etc, you can just set up multiple cameras for each one. OK, it's not elegant, but then you can use the POV on your wheel or controller for example, to move between the different cameras.

    Again, not elegant or ideal, but it works.

  10. I just want the head tracking to finally work, it's been a non-functioning "feature" for years now. I hate having an HMD and not being able to use it in my favorite sim. :frown:

    Alex Forbin