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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    here the place for deeds and misdeeds:D
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  2. I can't get on the server keeps saying server connection failed with the last 30 minutes
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  3. Lost Connection on lap 2 I think
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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: disaster
    R:start from 17th and finished in14th . In lap1 at T14 wrong gear so spin,I lost the contact with car ahead and lost also 13sec. now Im in18th and along the recover i met Mark,Bob,Tim,Phil,and then April until the end with big fight.
    Also this time all was fun;)

    Congratulations Dino David Nicolas and all us:thumbsup:

    C U in España
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  5. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    P9 baby YES :D dead happy with that and didn't get lapped fir the first time YES!!!
    Quali went well and a new pb and got 11th place.
    The start of the race was ok until I acci hit I think one of the martins into t4 after braking a little too late. Other than wrecking my tyres in the first stint I just paced myself. Others started to pit so I did a few laps later. When I came out I just looked after my front tyres as they were wearing faster for me than the rears for some reason. Then David oreilly pitted and I was surprised that I was infringement of him. Then Steve came out of the pits and I was just over a second behind. After that I just ran my race so Steve was quicker and pulled away. I did a few mistakes but with 5 mins to go I realised I hadn't been lapped so I pushed to make sure that I was not lapped. Then Steve spun at the last corner of the last lap which I seized the opportunity to get 9th.
    Overall dead happy with that and reminded me of why I love sim racing.
    Greats to the podium and all finishers :D
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  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qualifying - 2nd :)

    Managed a great lap that I thought would put me pole, think again! Dino came up with an even better lap late in the session, grats Dino.

    Race - 2nd :)

    Started decent, tried to close off Artyom on the inside but he still went for the tiny gap and we had a small incident that slowed things up through t1 and allowed Dino a small lead that he never surrendered the whole race.

    Had lot's of lap's battleing with Artyom, some wheel banging, some good passes on either side and it only stopped due to Artyoms brake failure late in the race, probably one of the longest battle's I've had in the league, quite frustrating at time's I'm sure from Artyoms point of view too but good fun.

    Grats to Dino on the race win and for overcoming his problem's with Lady Luck, I hope you both have a propersous relationship from now on (although not too prosperous :) ), Thanks as usual for all sticking around during the problems, hopefully with the backup servers things will be alot better.

    See you all at Barcelona :)
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  7. Spun in lap 1 and also around lap 6-7, I was very slow, tyres we're already very damaged cos i was driving so bad, sliding them way too much. I had not much practice on this track, when we start on back up server there was not much rubber on the track and i think that's what cause me to spin, lack of experience with low traction in this car. After the 2nd spin i didn't had my head willing to concentrate and continue. So i prefer exit than be a danger to others.

    This will probably be my last race of the season as i have no vacation days left. So i wish you all a good remaining season!

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  8. Wings 16/33, rad 4 brake ducts open, top speed in the race 291.8km/h

    This race was one of the most eventful for me. I evidently picked an aero setup which emphasized straight line speed over cornering. Though I'm not sure how that happened, considering my rear wing is maxed out and the front wing is balanced against that.

    I spent my first stint battling with @Martin Oconnor, swapping position repeatedly. He was stronger in the corners by a long way. But the straight line speed made overtaking and defending easy. DRS didn't really help people around me, but it made my life easier when passing. After pit stops I had to hold off @Tim McIver who managed to get past, and then keep @Valerio Vinassa behind me, which I did manage in a struggle which went right to the last lap.

    The last two laps were a bit difficult. We had people a lap ahead struggle up ahead who were battling each other (brake problems?). And while me and Valerio had our own battle, we had to take care not to all clash together. I may have gotten a bit greedy approaching T1 on the final lap. But no matter, what's done is done, and I don't think anything serious happened. :)
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  9. Another good and tough race !

    Qualifying 5th with a PB for me (reduced wings a bit)

    Start was good but close in the first lap, as usual in Sakhir.David Turnbull was struggling to find his pace and I thought he'd have a hard life, but no, not again :)
    Quickly 4th and considering the pace of Dino, David and Artyom I knew it would be impossible to finish better !
    So all the race I was between 3 and 9 seconds behind Artyom, and building a conmfy gap from the 4th behind me.

    I was the most consistent for the first two races and here..not at all.Many little mistakes and in general too much downforce (28-55 for the race I think 25-53 would have been better).But no big mistakes and no damage to repair, hopefully.

    And finally in the 2nd last lap brake issue for Artyom who lost 5 seconds on the 10 he had ! :geek: April and Tim were fighting bravery in front of us.
    Just after Artyom ran wide at turn 8 (the hairpin) and I regained the podium !!

    But approaching turn 11 brake issue for me too, front-left went off like offline simulation (though I had 20% closed but it's like that), hopefully except running a little wide no damage.But Artyom behind was closing the gap with same issue than me...the last lap will be furious between us.:sneaky:

    Artyom took the slipstream and easily gained speed in the mainstraight, but in the mirror again April and Tim on fire so I decided to let all that people pass throught turn 1 ! :laugh:

    Artyom made a critical mistake by not enoughly slowed down his car and ran very wide in turn 1, so I retook the 3rd place and properly used brake engine to finish that hot last lap.

    I didn't expect to finish like that and Artyom was enoughly fast to even finish second (at a moment I hoped a crash between you and David !!).

    I can't wait to see a replay of those 2 last laps between me, Artyom, April and Tim :D
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  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    What infringement?
    edit and now I;m worried. Has there been a new rule implemented since round 1?
    The last I read on fuel was this here
    Edit #2. now I have done a second serch of the discussion thread and found this here

    I'm a little surprised I guess is the word as well as upset. I am not a cheat and have never suffered any form of penalty in hundreds of races here at RD. 4 seasons of that as an Admin/Steward.
    I have a bit of an empty feeling about it.

    So going forwards it might be a really good idea if you make up a new rule during the season that changes what has been done and said previously, especially one that results in summary disqualification to put it in the rules.
    Because as a careful racer I went back to your rules section prior to the raceand re read them.
    I did not however read 19 pages of general chat where I would have found a post #308 where it was declared.
    Edit #3. And now I have found it in the "important announcements" thread. I guess its all my fault.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
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  11. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    No @David O'Reilly it was a predictive text error I meant in front of you after you pitted. I honestly didn't mean infringement. I was just really excited for my best race that I have ever done and didn't proff read my report.
    I don't know why your not showing on the results and I know that your not a cheat as I have raced against you loads now. And also I don't think that you have been disqualified for anything it might have been just a error in the results. Please accept my apologies in my error for not proof reading a post
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  12. Well I was struggling like a pig at this track, I have raced FR35 twice here before and both times I struggled like hell, no idea why as I like the track. But I did a lot of homework and sorted my act out significantly :)

    Race was pretty clear run, I made two mistakes simply from letting my concentration wander, I was really annoyed with myself about them as the race progressed. But in the last few laps less so, them mistakes cost me about 9 sec and next car was 17 sec ahead so it cost me nothing.

    Richard Hill was going pretty similar pace to me, but I was keeping a nice gap, last couple of laps I cooled the pace down, I was literally cruising into final corner final lap, slow and coasting too much not even paying no attention really the race was done - then this benny hill music started transmitting from the FR35 dash and the car was spun! :mad: Holy christ! I was livid with myself, as Richard Hill sauntered by in the final corner for an early xmas gift. So sick! Race was pretty solid until then. At least I found it as amusing as I did annoying.

    I see results are missing some drivers, I have had this too, perhaps you did use the results file from game client. If you take the results file from the server instead normally it is correct.

    Thanks David and everybody, see you next time :)
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  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :laugh: Sorry David I found this really funny, you remind me of.. well me, that time in VWSR panicing for nothing, don't worry about it but it is why we tell our members to be upto date on whats happening on the forum, the fuel rule actually got added to important announcements because things were getting lost in amongst hundreds of other posts.

    Now how should we deal with this.... a summary disqualification? a permanant ban? start at the back for the next 3 rounds? :D

    like i said, don't worry, you know for next time :)
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  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Funny you should say that, I reminded me of you as well!
    Panic over, I guess you know how it feels when you try to play by the rules when you think you have broken one.
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  15. Q 9th
    Slower than expected, a little held back by traffic, but it would have not changed much my position if I could approach my PB.

    R 8th
    The first laps went well, and during most of the first stint I tried to keep contact with Peter. Strangely I passed him in the pit stop, and for most of the second stint I was chased by Peter. Lost 10 seconds after a spin in lap 27, that allowed Peter and Martin to pass, and then Sean passed me some laps later. Tried to maintain contact but he was flying in the last laps.

    I most probably can't make it to Barcelona, CU at Monaco!
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  16. Qualy:
    I was not able to made one clean lap, so P7 :geek:

    Start was quite good, improved 2 places.
    Peter (Decker) behind me was pushing hard.
    I had quite problems with the green track, because of need to restart the server, car understeered allot ...

    In lap 2 i did 2 big mistakes, so i gave at first Peter my position, and then Nicolas (Rouge) :O_o:

    Then i was defedning my position to Richard (Hill), with a great manouver from him at the end of start-finish straight, he almost overtook me :thumbsup:

    In lap 4 Richard persuade me to do a pirouette and i lost 3 more positions ;)
    In lap 5 Richard made a mistake, so i got his position (back) ;)

    Then i was chasing David (OReilly), after a mistake from him i was in front, but he stroke back with a cool manouver :thumbsup:
    after chasing him some laps, i finally managed to overtake him :)

    Then Sean was hunting me, i managed to stay some laps in front of him, but in lap 16 he overtook me with a clean manouver :thumbsup:

    In lap 18 i boxed, saw Peter was also boxing rigth now, i thougth yeah, maybe a chance to overtake him :geek:
    But i forgot the restart of the server, so my box was on another place, i went a little bit too far, so i had to drive backwards to my box ... :O_o:
    Peter was too fast for me, no chance to follow him :thumbsup:

    In the last some laps Sean was hunting me again, but the checked flag protects me against him :whistling:

    Related to all of the incidents i`m happy with P6 :)

    Grats to the podium and all others and thx to the organizing team :thumbsup:
    Again a great event :thumbsup:

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  17. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q. 3rd pb so was happy

    Got of to a ok start unfortunately slight spin out t2 put me last waiting to get on track safely lol. Anyway made for some great racing for me with everyone apart from top 5 finishers.
    I managed to come back through with some nice battles, when passing martin I mentioned was like we got stuck together but car felt ok so was able to still go as normal.
    Hard fought recovery found myself behind moooscht coming up for the pits so decided to pit slight early to also get undercut. Then I managed to pass him just before my pit so thought great things looking good then pitted and it said 18 secs fixing damage noooooo :rolleyes: Is there a way to stop it auto fixing damage ? :geek:

    I never noticed any but must have had some small things it fixed so cost me some time I didn't need to lose lesson learnt :roflmao:.

    In the end still happy was good racing and some points in 7th lucky just catching Nicolas rouge at end With rear view of moooscht's car like most of the race :).

    Grats Dino ! David and Nicolas :thumbsup:
    Thanks PrestoGP RD and David

    Cyas at barca bring your updates !
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  18. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Q: Got a great lap in with some help of Ayrtom's slipstream in the last sector :D
    Got an even better lap in afterwards by myself, first time that I got a good middle sector together; I was struggling with that during all practice.
    Very happy with that qualifying :)

    R: I was happy about the reduced rubber at the start, because that held the concentration high for the beginning.

    Got a good start of the race and tried to pull a small gap. Unfortunatly at some point someone drove off one of the brakemarkers at turn 3. That really confused me and I missed the turn :cautious: Just barely came on track in the lead again.
    A couple of laps later I forgot about that damn marker and did the same thing again :roflmao:
    Again just barely stayed in front...

    Rest of the race was clean with no further dumb moments :)

    No lapping problems this time and somehow survived my 2 silly moments, so finally got my second ever Presto GP win, yay :thumbsup:

    See you all next time

    @Sean Greenlaw
    Yes scroll down in your pitmenu. If you have damage it will say it and you can choose "do not repair"
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  19. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Did not get a good flow to any lap but I seemed to not be alone.

    First short race was a couple of fun laps where I got away super fast and raced aggressively with @Nicolas Delamare ! His lower drag made it possible to keep up as long as I had a close toe. Was fun!

    Then the mystery happened again and I directly started to prepare my server as fast as I could. Was a bit sweaty to have you all waiting! Really happy it worked :)

    So in the real race, an intense start! 3rd start row with only aliens in front meant defensive thinking. Managed to get a decent start to not let @MOOOOOOOOOSCHT get past from 7th and covered off @Steeve Fournier from 8th before T1. I went granny style through T1 on the absolute inside and saw Floeck as well as @Nicolas Rouge going around. Steeve tried to as gently as possible push me for better exit speeds ;) In T3, Floeck locked up the inside and slowed Rouge down. I took a real wide line and managed to pass Rouge. Some dangerously close moves to get past Floeck and 1 lap later or so, he goes way too deep into the tricky right-hander before back straight so I got by. Rouge close behind managed to get pass him soon after. The rest of the stint, it was me and Rouge a couple of secs behind. I had it controlled to be able to conserve tyres. Felt good after hours of practice to get a feel for when the degradation kicks in!

    Pitted with Rouge some secs behind and Floeck ~10 secs further back I think. Coming into the pits, I see several red boxes with red arrows at them?! I hadn't paid notice to my exact pit box location so tried 3 boxes out. So Floeck got ~2 secs behind and Rouge got past by a whopping ~10 seconds so I got some motivation to push hard and consistently. With 0.5-1.0 secs faster laps and still fresh tyres it was fun :) Also, Floeck was not comfortably far behind and seemed to have picked up stable pace through the race so I felt pretty threatened from behind too. On lap 27 when I was ~1 sec behind, Rouge sadly spun :( so after that I lowered tempo and just observed what happened behind. @Sean Greenlaw and Floeck was battling around 8-10 secs behind but stayed there. 5th place felt very nice - I think it wont be realistic to aim any higher this season for me! :thumbsup:

    In the point tables we have some tight places now! :)

    On a general note, since this season's start I feel we have made large steps to increase quality. :) Interesting to see how many practice laps people actually put in. There are those who could have needed a few more laps come race day - how could we make that happen?
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  20. Bahrain gp was very hard, but exciting. David already said all right words about our epic battle through all the race. That was something, I was totally exhausted! Unfortunately I lost brakes and podium (((. Too many mistakes from my side, hope to do better in Melburne etc.)
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