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Season points over 1,000.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by pennywiseguy, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a problem that I thought would have been raised before, but can't find any discussion it on any forum, so....

    Is there a known fix for when competing in an offline championship, once the points reach over a 1,000, the points table goes into a random order.


    Season points error.jpg
  2. I think its a rFactor thiing mate. ive noticed it with a few other mods aswell
  3. Coulthard is coming first so the PC knows there is a problem...
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  4. Not after this weekend maybe :)
  5. Well that screenshot is half way down the points. All the drivers on less than 1000 are above those on more than 1000.

    I have actually created my own driver RCDs and have them in a 2012 folder. Whilst doing this, I noticed 3 or 4 errors with them, with incorrect names or mis-matches with the .vehs. Coulthard was one of them, meaning he used a default set of values, so was always faster than the rest of the field.
  6. yeah he was named Coultard on one of them so instead of 82 % or something he goes with 100% strength
  7. might need a possible fix? but as i said ive noticed it with other mods
  8. Hi Guys,
    I just changed the numbers in the rfm folder so it wont go over 1,000
    eg :
    1st = 37 points over 26 races in my chamionship = 962 for the season. So if a driver won every race in the season the points wont exceed 1000 and say in proper number order

    FirstPlace = 37
    SecondPlace = 34
    ThirdPlace = 32
    FourthPlace = 30
    FifthPlace = 28
    SixthPlace = 26
    SeventhPlace = 25
    EighthPlace = 24
    NinthPlace = 23
    TenthPlace = 22
    EleventhPlace = 21
    TwelthPlace = 20
    ThirteenPlace = 19
    FourteenthPlace = 18
    FifteenthPlace = 17
    SixteenthPlace = 16
    SeventeenthPlace = 15
    EighteenthPlace = 14
    NinteenthPlace = 13
    TwentiethPlace = 12
    TwentyFirstPlace = 11
    TwentySecondPlace = 10
    TwentyThirdPlace = 9
    TwentyFourthPlace = 8
    TwentyFifthPlace = 7
    TwentySixthPlace = 6
    TwentySeventhPlace = 5
    TwentyEighthPlace = 4
    TwentyNinthPlace = 3
    ThirtiethPlace = 2
    ThirtyFirstPlace = 1
  9. I also have a problem with the season in rfactor for the v8s. I run the season and start with Adelaide and then I go to race 2 and it stays at Adelaide and does that all season so I just go to race weekend and do the events there and manually do the season but It is becoming to boring manually updating and want to know how to fix this issue. Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue
  10. Which season?? I can check the rFM files to see what we put in there.
  11. Its v8 factor and v8 factor unleashed, I can set a track to do it all season and I start with Adelaide and then it seems to freeze the and v8 facto starts on QLD raceway and seems to freeze their so I have to race those tracks all season
  12. I have this problem still, still-bacon it with all the seasons I am at V8SC 12 and it is stuck on Adelaide again, can you tell me how to fix it so I can keep playing through the season