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Season End Report

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. To all teams and drivers, friends and followers of FSR,

    so here we are, another FSR season ended (the 13th already, if I counted correctly) and we successfully crowned the champions in each category.

    I would like to give you a short summary of the season from my perspective, and as this was my last year in an active Admin role in FSR I would also like to give my perspective on the ISR Club and it´s future for all those who are not able to follow all the internal scraps, but I will reserve that for a separate thread.

    So first of all I want to congratulate Bono Huis setting new benchmarks this year, now being the single most successfull driver in the history of FSR with 4 consecutive championships and 43 race wins, Petar Brljak being the first to beat Precision Motorsports since 2009 in the closest championship in the history of FSR, after a very impressive second half of the season and Ben Tusting doing a Keke, taking the championship with just 1 race win, and starting the climb up the FSR ladder (2014 WS Champion?! ;) ). We have seen a lot of exciting racing this season, and even if some were considering it a boring season due to the fight for the World Championship, saying that really doesn´t do justice to all the other 190 drivers that made this FSR season exciting, giving everything to compete at every race, creating exciting racing throughout the field and for that I want to thank all the teams and drivers that participated in FSR during this season, without all of you this season wouldn´t have happened.

    The Mod and Simulation used in FSR is always one of the most important things. While planing to start the season with rFactor2, just like last year already, unfortunately it turned out not to be possible, which meant getting to work on another Mod in rFactor. We decided to use a new base, bringing new chassis for the teams to use, which is always a risk, and we paid for it in the week before the season start and the first few weeks heavily modifying the LOD structure and damage model. After all however I think it turned out well, even if it can be argued that the damage model was to forgiving, but without a lot of testing and driving it´s not possible to balance it properly, so instead of making some wrong changes it was the right choice to stick with a safely working system instead. Deciding to use rFactor relatively late before the season put the Physics development in a less then ideal situation, however I think we managed to produce an absolute top notch rFactor physic yet again. Strategies, especially in the World Championship, were taken to a new level as well, having the 2 compound rule, really was a great innovation, and even more so having 2 working compounds for the first time in many years, which made people in the World Series and World Trophy as well mix the compounds, even if they were not obliged to do so. Also the choice to go back to no refueling was the only right one for several reasons, and I hope the next President wont move back to refueling again. (Please don´t start a discussion for and against refueling in this thread, if you would like to discuss this topic open a separate one)

    The goal of all FSR Admins is to improve a bit every year, making the league bigger and better step by step. I think on some fronts we achieved that, on others we were stagnating and on others we even failed completely. One big notable change was obviously the retirement of Simon Adebisi, who had done a huge amount of work over the past years, which most has gone unnoticed by most people probably, until he wasn´t there to do it anymore. Taking over the tasks he did was really difficult, as I had to learn myself in the early part of the season. Luckely later me and Scott got some help to produce more highlights, and the last ones of the season will come as well. For the future I think it will be easily possible to keep producing highlights and other type of videos for FSR. There is a big pool of talented people who, if put together can create some amazing content. The Press departement this season was sadly one of the weaker points of FSR. Having put a lot of my focus on the Press back in 2011 we definitely couldn´t increase the coverage compared to past years. We have a great collaboration with RaceDepartement, which we couldn´t utilize almost at all this year, and there is huge potential for the next President to do so. The Broadcast Departement was one of the best working areas of FSR this year, this is thanks to our collaboration with simrace.tv on one side and thanks to the great work done by Sam Jones organizing the Broadcasts on the other side.

    The overall number of drivers this year was roughly the same as last year (190-200) but my impression was that the Grids were filled slightly better, apart from the final few races of the World Series, which always seems to be a problem, but can be fixed by the next President with new ideas maybe. In the World Championship we managed to get a really high Participation throughout the season though, with less then 1 car missing on average each race, which is really good compared to the last years. For that I want to thank all the World Championship teams.

    Talking about the different departments brings me to thanking all the people who helped making this season happen. First and most visibly of all Eduard Mallorqui, John-Eric Saxen and Mikko Puumalainen, taking the duties of Race Director, which is a really unrewarding task, but without the Race Directors it´s impossible to have any races at all. I also want to thank Sam Jones who did a great job in his first year working for FSR organizing the Broadcasts, I think it was a first for the President not having to get involved in the Broadcasts at all, which cleared up a lot of time, which was needed mainly in the first weeks of the season. Also Jaakko Mikkonen, who joined the Broadcast team during the season and brought the Image and Sound Quality to a new level and helping to produce the WC Highlights when they were not coming in fast enough. Eduard Mallorqui again, for stepping up this season creating all the Graphics like Loading Screens, Banners and the Calendar and later in the season the 60s race recaps, which were a great addition to the FSR Media. David Dominguez for keeping our Sponsorship with Thrustmaster alive for the 2nd year, as well as taking a big role in creating the Mod and working together with Ondrej Kuncman to create the tyre compounds in countless hours of testing before the season. Muhammed Patel, who kept producing Press Articles consistently, even when I was a bit slow to publish them a few times. Christian Smirnoff for continuing to work on the FSR Manager, one of the most important tools here in FSR, ensuring cheat free racing as well as the FSR Fantasy League, something really unique beyond Simracing Leagues and a great way for people to get involved without owning a team in FSR. Pedro Rodrigues for being the Treasurer of the ISR Club for long 5 years now. The F1RFT Community for allowing us to use their Mods as the base for the FSR Mod. And Obviously the voices of FSR, Nick Rowland, Scott Woodwiss, Mat Harto, Lewis McGlade and James Tucker who are spending their afternoons every two weekends talking to their Computer, making the races exciting to watch.

    It is impossible for me to remember everyone that contributed to FSR this season, so I want to apologize if I forgot to name you, but be sure that without every single one of you, it wouldn´t be possible to run FSR.

    Despite a few setbacks I consider this season of FSR a success. But FSR has a lot of potential still, and I wish, whoever will be the next President to be able to break through a lot of old rot and unlock a bit more of this potential and make FSR a bit bigger and better again.

    That´s it for me (almost), it was a nice experience working for FSR (well not always, but most of the time) but it´s time to give way for new people. On the 16th of November we will have a new President who will be in charge from the 1st of December. I want to thank each of the 3 candidates for putting themself forward into this position, and I wish them good luck for their upcoming work.

    Enjoy the winter break and see you all again next season.
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  2. you forgot to mention me for further media works for the world trophy

    Mind you i have done some hard work on those and despite me stalling a bit from time to time i feel like i have been left out of those people who have done so well

    Ok i will withdraw this comment i admit said it wrongly sorry
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  3. Hey Ron, of course he did:

    When you are ahead of such a huge comunity like this is, it's prety hard to remember every single name, so don't take it so personal dude, it's ok and we have just to thank Johannes for his really hard job during this time ;)
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  4. ok thanks carlos i understand
  5. Alternately you can stop fishing for compliments and talking Bullshit. Along with being ungrateful. That's an option also? ;)
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  6. meh.
  7. Go Petar!
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  8. :) was a good year guys
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  9. Yes big thank you to all people that made another year possible.:)
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  10. WTF!? :O_o:

    GJ all and GL on ur future Johan!
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