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Season 9 - Team Championship

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Presto GP Team Championship
    Some of you may have noticed the Constructors Championship screen in the last live stream, that was a small test for an optional team championship which I would like to start with this thread.
    Optional means that no driver has to be part of a team but is free to join or form one.
    In season 9 the team championship is not limited in number of drivers per team and is inofficial which means it will not be included on the PrestoGP.com result page but will be included in the stream and I will post the standings after each race.

    Im interested to know what you think about this and your ideas about the format so just post your thoughts in this thread.
    Teams can also be signed up in this thread.
    If I get it all finished untill Wednesday, it will be included in the Monza stream, otherwise at Singapore

    Sign Up
    Heres the sign up form.

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  2. I will post the first team myself since they already asked me to mention their team name :)
    One of you guys please check if all is correct and if you have, post a link of a logo.

    Team Name:

    Link of Team Logo (optional):

    Team Origin (e.g. Region, Country or Continent):

    Team Members:
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  3. I've never been a proponent for a teams' championship, but I understand the 'advantage' for the TV commentators to have something more to talk about during our races.
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  4. One thing I can imagine happening is that drivers without a team feel excluded, that should never be the case and we should always try to find ways to avoid that.
    But tbh Im not afraid of that if I see the sharing spirit in this league
  5. Could it be a solution that the teams are made as they were in the broadcast (Ferrari, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, McLaren etc), and the points the team earns is the average of it's contenders?

    This way nobody needs to worry about finding a team, they will autmatically be in one.

    Obviously it is of paramount importance that team members do not co-operate in a way that discludes the rest of the group/league (I am thinking of 2 things in particular, openness around setups and treating everybody the sames in terms of fighting on track).

    EDIT: I see my idea is a bit in conflict with Aqua Vista's team... but you already drive the same car I assume?
  6. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I don't think any of us mind how it works. We have the same car skin and we come from the same place. It was just odd for the commentators to talk about the Spyker team after we painted over their car!
  7. I think we will put this thread on ice for now, I also think that the solution with the constructors championship is a very good one :)