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Season 9 Sign up (PS3 - F1 2014)

Discussion in 'PS3 | Sunday Night Championship' started by Rob McEwan, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Those of us that havent made the move to the ps4 will be continuing for another season on the ps3. We will run as before with races on sunday evenings at 9pm, 50% races with no assists, and because of the wheel pad difference in the wet we intend to keep the weather on clear.

    There is no clear start date yet, but as soon as we have enough sign ups we will publish a calendar.

    so if you are interested in some good clean racing please leave the following details:

    Wheel or pad:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Sign ups
    (defending champion)
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  2. Psn: robnoxious9000
    wheel dfgt
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  3. Not looking good guys, I tried signing up to codemasters forum to advertise this place but can't work out how to post there, I've also spent ages looking for a current f1 ps3 league, and can't find anything. I find it hard to believe there aren't any, but my online research skills obviously suck. I'm at a loss of what to do now....
  4. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden

    use twitter rob and ask codemasters to retweet your sign up message i got 5-6 from this before
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  5. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    Hehe.... go ahead and put me down. I've heard from some people that leagues are forming on F1 2013.
  6. Cool, I can't find nufink, where are these leagues I ask you?
    Wheel or pad:wheel
    Location: England
  8. I retweeted your tweet, other than handing out flyers! :roflmao: I'm at a loss. What did you need help with?
  9. :) other than promoting this place, just things like race threads, points table, finding stewards (but recon Ben Adam etc would do it just not asked anyone yet) also if you have any other ideas of things to change/introduce etc am open to all ideas.....
    Ive been concentrating on finding people interested recon its the most important thing atm
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  10. PSN: SEEKS44
    Wheel or pad: Pad
    Location: TOWIE (Essex for those who don't know)
  11. Got an idea that i have seen in another championship once. Might make things a bit more interesting from race to race.
    Cars are set to 2014 instead of equal. The person who wins the first race then gets the slowest car for the second race, and the person who is last gets the fastest car next race.

    In addition, to stop people purposely coming last one race, you can have two 25% races each week with the second race being half points, and the cars for first race of the following week based on championship position.
  12. Interesting idea, can put it to the vote when we get more people :)
  13. I've thought of it before. But I think it should be decided by the standings, not the last race.
  14. Psn: lynchyboy11
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  15. Really sorry guys but I have to pull, time won't work for me.
  16. Never mind, forget what I said.​
  17. Lol which bit do we forget, you leaving or staying?:)