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Season 9 Race 2 Spa-Francorchamps

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. very nice kenneth :thumbsup: u got 1 for everytrack m8?
  3. Nah, just this one. I picked it from RD Facebook feed.
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  4. I have two questions about Spa
    1st - the pit lane exit - which one should we use? The usual F1 between the cones or the WTCC/Le Mans Series long one after the Eau Rouge? Personally I prefer the F1 exit.
    2nd - is it possible to take Eau Rouge combination flat? I tried so many lines and setups but nope I couldn't. The moment I turn the wheel right to take it and have a good straight line for Radillon the back just steps and I have to lift and counter the car. I tried several times not to lift but the only succes I had was to copy Villeneuve's crash :D
  5. The WTTC/Le Mans exit

    And I also have problems with flat out in Eau Rouge
  6. We bottom out a lot heavier than the real F1.. There is just no way to not lose speed there... Also, there is only ONE narrow lane that is quick because of a bumb in the uphill.. Try to drive slowly and identify the bumb location, that'll show the right path (with the groove fix, it would be perfectly visible but we decided not to use fixes this season..)
  7. I'm switching connections today. I hope everythings goes well... But just in case it doesn't don't get alarmed if i'm offline...
  8. About the Eau Rouge... I think I nailed it :D
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  9. So any hints about times in wet and dry? Any clues for wet setup? I'm using Reik's for dry with little adjustments to my driving but I have no clue how to setup a car for wet race in Race 07. If F1 2011 there wasn't any differences between wet and dry :D
  10. I decrease engine map, decrease brake pressure and if possible, soften suspension. Higher wings.. Looser power/pump locks for easier exits, tighter coast lock to stabilize the rear during braking. Less rear toe in and possibly decrease from front too, this is tough since toe is so wonderful tire management tool but i think less negative in both ends should stabilize the car. We are using high amounts of negative toe in the rear which is unusual configuration for most cars, completely opposite to road car. In very wet conditions you can even try to use positive toe in or put it very close to zero but then the car doesn't turn in to corners like it should during dry conditions. What else... When doing dry/wet setup i only decrease brake pressure, engine map and locks, possibly more wings if it really needs.

    One click in the front wing is roughly 4 clicks in the rear. One click to the rearwing was less than 1km/h in top speed so moving balance is easy for wet, just one or two clicks should do it. I did some straightline testing last season so i'm relying on my memory, it is close to those figures.
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  11. How do you change engine maps?
  12. With setup editor, you can also only set power lock with it. The one in the game setup screen is actually pump lock , not power. I'm going to sleep now, the DL link for it is somehere here, i'll post it tomorrow.
  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    You can also just use notepad, also the number is different 1 higher with editor than notepad so leads to confusion sometimes. I use 4 engine map(or 5 in editor) for everything wet, dry, q or race :thumbsup:. Sometimes play around with braking map different for certain tracks.
    If a race was going to be wet the full race for certain, id perhaps try lowering it.
    Heres my pb atm also
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  14. So basically you can't change maps while driving, right? If you select 4( or 5?!) you're stuck with it until you change it manually from the setup file? I assume 4 is highest, right? In the setup file there's enginebrakemap. How does this work?
  15. http://www.racehub.se/setup-editor/
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  16. It controls the engine torque during braking phase by applying throttle. It's not a lot, 2-3% percents maybe..
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  17. A guess regarding the number of laps for a dry race.
    67 min X 60 = 4020 sec
    Reik's best race lap in season 7 was a 1:43.941
    4020 / 104 = ~ 38.6
    so 37, 38 laps of fuel with a single fuel stop?

    Of course our weather man might affect this prediction.
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  18. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    A hotlap by me around Spa; about 1 sec behind the fastest times on Presto GP

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  19. I can't imagine how you guys set these lap times... I can't even brake the 43s. Saturday I was doing 43.1-2s today I can't even do 43.5... The only good thing is I'm doing almost the same lap times in race conditions haha :D
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  20. I won't make this week. And I'm sorry I didn't attend last week and did not write anything. Be there and ready to race next week!