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Season 9 Race 1 Hungary Incident Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    only one thing when I jump out of pit( lap 17/18) again frame rate/lag problem and lost my car cut in middle T1 and see Anthony running in sand for avioid me sorry mate:( so decided jump out .
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  2. Nothing comes to mind on my part, i'll wait until i watch replay/hear from others. I got suspension damage at the 1st lap but can't remember from who. It was really minor, didn't affect at all, not to tire deg or balance.

    Alfonso taps me on the rear, i veer off track to tarmac runoff. He waited afterwards. No comment on that... I got minor damage like i said above. Lost couple of places but didn't ruin my race. i managed to do that on my own... :notworthy:
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    tim t1 lap 1, side by side, both could probably have left a little more room for each other, racing incident
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  4. Race ruined by people hitting me in T1 - oh well.

    I had two pitstops without refuelling - wrong button push.
    Now I at least know how to do it.

    Fun to unlap myself a few times though... :)

    Had fun - the most important thing
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  5. had a coming together with sean coming out pits but nothing major , rest of race was greeeat

    cyas next race guys :thumbsup:
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  6. In the braking zone for turn 1 lap 1, I braked as hard as I could to bring my car to a stop without changing lanes, but plowed [gently?] into Kurt who then was pushed into Anthony [who was already stationary and about face :)].

    Sorry gents, I didn't see the incident ahead [smoke and car angles blocking view] early enough. I very much hope no one was injured.

    No other incidents of consequence to report [I hope :)] although there was plenty of action up until and including the last lap.:thumbsup:
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  7. It happens.... Really hard track to operate pitmenu.. I guess i have to start building a place for a dedicated pitmenu controller in my right hand side, more time to do things when left hand is flicking gears up.
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  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Very sorry Anthony for Lap1 T1 push. You got hit by a McLaren at the same time, it was a bit confusing. I apologize for helping with turning you around mate. Vuori and You standing on the brake and going to the left in front of me was more than I could handle. After that I thought I'd better wait for all cars to pass before rejoining. I got my harsh punishment in last pitstop when internet went down here. I came up to P14(i think) before going in to pit on lap 30.
    Thanks all for racing, it was fun until LC came along.

    Valerio wrote:
    I was following Anthony and hit him again after he hit Valerio. I was not able to brake enough to avoid that. I'm very sorry Anthony and Valerio.
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  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    no incidents to report :)
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  10. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    no incidents here
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  11. ok heres my race report Q was nobad got a 1,12.064 no where near my PB but ok then i got a Good start made 3 place's then first corner anthony spun or gets hit then i hit him nico hits me :( sos nico no fault of mine, lap1 sos kenneth for wee touch :( then lap17 i was trying to move over for jonas & u took wrong side :( sos if my fault, pit lap18 for my first schedule stint then my race fell apart for a bit, to much spinning due to hitting rubber on corners:( & a few incidents which was due to damage on my car & which am sorry for to those that where involed, then from lap26 things started to look better :) then lap37 pit for second schedule pit, then in my last stint to the end of the race i unlapped myself against eliezer batik on lap43 then the same with vitor ivanov while behide jonas then after me & victor touched (u could of give me more room to avoid touch) i unlap myself against jonas :D finnished 16th after a shaky start i was chuffed with my finnish :D even with 10points too for 16th :D Grats to podiums too:thumbsup: Cya's all at Spa oooOO maybe with rain :p its gonna be intresting race in the rain.:giggle:
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  12. No incidents to report
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  13. Someone hit my car in t1 lap 1, but I need to see the replay for more details, I'll edit this post when I do.

    Besides this I have no incidents to report, although i had a crazy near miss when Alfonso suddenly slowed down to wait for Kennett to regain position (not a good idea, don't wait until it is safe).

    btw, we expect all incidents to be solved in this thread no later than Sunday. Mentioning them is not the same as solving them. :)
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  14. I'll post a video later when I get home. I had only one accident and no problems with lapping cars, only one :D
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  15. My apology Valter for putting you in this situation and causing this to happen , i had a better start than Nicolas and passed him then i had to pass you as well as your start was a bit slow as well and i tried to be as late as possible on brakes to have enough gap to you, but it seems on that side of the track did not help from locking wheels and drifting a bit to the left, sorry again, a racing incident :(..

    No Problem Vale, i could see a name tag exiting the pit but i could not see any car , when i checked the replay your car was fully invisible in the replay , a huge sync issue must have been..

    i cant see in the replay that you hit me again Valter, it was the push from Vales car only so do not feel guilty at all :)

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  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Anthony, no hard feelings then :) As I recall the later incident I touched your car. I must remember that wrong then.

    About my start. Actually I was moving before the car in front moved but had to ease off a bit not to come too close. I new T1 would be wild from the practice starts.

    EDIT: My memory of the start was a bit distorted. Have studied the replay now. I reacted ok on the lights but didn't have the guts to use the engines full power. I created a density of cars behind me and made the T1 mess a lot worse with my slow acceleration from the gridspot. Sorry guys.
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  17. I don't know if it was my fault or not but this caused my troubles and took the chance of a great top 5 finish:
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  18. To me it looks like it is your fault :) Usually (not always) it is the car behind that is at fault.

    What were you thinking? (not ment as the insulting WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!, but it is interesting to know if you attempted to pass on the outside or if you stayed too close and was caught out or something else)
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  19. I think it's your own fault, you were not ready for overtake, you just caught him and that's not a good place to pass. The guy in front takes a bit odd line to that corner but since he was there first, he can use the racingline as he wish.

    If that was Alfonso, i saw a lot of the same, not really committing to keep the racingline at all times when near people.. I see it as a case of sloppy driving, with F1 there is a lot of places where there is no real need to stick to the wide line since these turn in so aggressively... Tire deg can go thru the roof with sloppy style but it doesn't show in laptimes as much (possibly few tenths) where as GT/WTCC and similar are really sensitive to drivingline... If i'm alone in the track i may use slower lines, easier physically or to reduce tire deg but it's more to do with the speed i take thru the corner than the actual line. The real line is the most economical in the long run anyway so no need to leave it..

    But real drivingline is the one that all others are using and expect others to do the same, it increases safety in heaps.... So my view on this is that the actual collision is Viktors but mention to the guy in front for changing driveline unexpectedly, referring to the situation before the corner, one may see it as giving room and closing or it may sloppy driving and correcting that line. Either way, have to wait until both drivers talk, mainly to each other ;)

    Hungaroring is so tight track that all overtakes take a long time, we'll get more breathing space next wednesday.
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  20. Ok just to clear things up:
    1. I never thought to overtake him at that place.
    2. For me he should let me past on the short straight before this corner as he did on the next lap.
    3. His car suddenly slowed down a lot. It's not about lines and stuff and my approach wasn't an attacking one.
    I know the car behind is guilty but this could be avoided. Isn't that the main point of this thread?

    I think this happened because Alfonso saw me on the outside because I had wider entry than his. He slowed down to let me past him in the next corner but I didn't understand that. If this is the truth this video is a clear example of how not to do this and how the best and the safest way to let faster car pass under blue flag is to do it on a straight.
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