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Season 9 Race 1 Hungaroring - Preperation thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This thread is to share our knowledge of the track to maximise learning for all :) Stuff like videos, explainations, setups etc is relevant here. It is not a substitute for the setup development thread we have between rounds, it is to give newer members somewhere to start if they wish to start preparing themselves.

    I'll always start out these threads with a video of the best lap done on track by a league member. For this track it is Sean Greenlaw, 1:09,314 done in season 7.

    Qualify lap:
    (It seems there is a bug with the speed/gear Hud for a brief moment in the middle of his lap.)

    Race lap:

    Here is my qual setup that I have done a 1:10,000 (!) with:
    And my race setup (v1,3) that I have done a 1:12,204 with:

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  2. I jumped on last night and managed a 1:14.9 with almost a full tank, but I really struggled with the chicane so any tips would be very welcome.
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  3. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice Nico that is a weird bug lol, heres the onboard i think from same lap from old season, as for chicane Bob i try and brake early hit kerb and try and power out faster if i remember correctly :) i would have Reiks setup for that lap no doubt :thumbsup:

    Question are we doing this layout or the 2011 layout ?
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  4. I did 2 stints today with Anthony and Eliezer. It was good fun and I remembered that I like Hungaroring, fun track to drive (but almost impossible to pass).

    To give you an idea of the pace (and not to brag):

    Race 1
    Nico: BestLap=1:13.674
    Eliezer: BestLap=1:13.516

    Anthony: BestLap=1:12.727
    Nico: BestLap=1:12.625
    Eliezer: BestLap=1:12.816

    Anyhoo, I used the same setup as I did in season 7, but changed from medium to soft tyres and reduced fuel to 49 liters. 22 minutes allowed me to do 18 laps, which equalled to 48,1 liters.

    The tyres was quite warn towards the end of the race (after race FL=52% RL=54%), so it is not impossible that mediums would work as well (depends when you need to be fast, early or late in the stint).

    Anyhoo, my setup felt good, the car well balanced, relatively fast on straights (wings 8 / 40 I think). I do not think I will make big changes to it :)

    In general I think my setups are slightly easier to handle than those of Reik, Sean, David, Tim, Anthony etc, but does not have the same potential in lap times. However, i think you need to be quite skilled to benefit from the setup's from fastest guys (in a full race).

    A heavy car can be harder to control than a light one. In my experience you will rearly have more than 70-80 liters in your car. For me at Hungaroring I'll probably have 3x49 liters (or possibly 61 -43 -43 or something like that :))

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  5. Hello guys. I tried to practice a little to see if I'll be able to match your pace and join the league so I have some questions that bother me a lot.
    I use Reik's setup for Hungaroring with little modifications (15% lock and softer rear springs)
    so I my questions are:
    1. Is it normal my left front to go over 110 degrees?
    2. My best lap ever in Q is 12.3 which is clear 3 seconds off the record. I match 1st sector but I lose 2 seconds in 2nd sector. I probably do something wrong :D Can anybody send me a Motec telemetry lap to check where I lose so much time?
    3. After I read this thread I put 50 l fuel and started a race practice. So I'm able to do constant high 12s low 13s for the first 12-13 laps and then high 13s. Is this race pace good enough?
    I'll be very happy if you guys help me :) Thank you in advance.
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  6. Victor:
    1: I don't use that setup, but it sounds a bit extreme to me as my fl is around 90 degrees. All my tyres are in the green except fr that is not warm enough.

    3: Your race pace is already on the same level as me, Eliezer and Anthony. We will become slightly better as the race gets closer, but so will probably you. But even if you do not get faster it is good enough :) It sounds like you have consistency as well, so please sign up to the league ASAP ;)

    2: I think you have a better q lap inside you. You are not dropping 2 seconds anywhere when you are doing high 1:12's in race trim. Watch Sean's lap and try to compare stuff like car position, apex speed etc. with your own best lap (I don't use Motec anymore).
  7. Victor You are at race pace :)
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  8. Thanks I'll try to compare the laps cause I too think it's not normal to have the same pace in Q as my pace in R. I forgot to tell you that this was my first touch with this mod so I'll probably do better too when I get used to it. For now I just have no clue how hard can I push but I have a month to get better :)
    Ahh I have a little problem. I can't join any of the servers as the game says the server uses modified game. The mod works just fine in offline but when I go online I only see "unknown" car class. What could be the problem?
  9. Nope, absolutely the same version. I've downloaded it yesterday from this link. I even reinstalled it right now and still unknown car class.
    BTW my pace is ridiculous! After a little more practice I can do mid 12s with 50L of fuel and even 12.4 fastest lap but still can't go under 12s in Q :D Are we using this layout of Hungaroring for the actual league race?
  10. After more practice last night, this time with a more realistic 50L, I was able to do consistent 1:12s with a best of 1:11.5. Using Reik's setup, but the trouble I have is changing gears so much so fast with my DFGT wheel, it really batters my middle fingers, so have had to adjust gearing so I only use 2nd - 5th and use more throttle modulation. The chicane still causes problems, but is getting better and am glad this is the first race as it will probably be the hardest for me and gives me a lot of practice time. I have noticed, both in the practice races and videos, I seem to have less grip in corners than quite a few others even going slower, something else for me to look at, but as a start I think it maybe too much turn angle on the wheel, not something that will be easy to correct after years of Mini driving.

    Am happy with the way things are going knocking over 2 seconds from my best in a few hours and am learning a lot from all the helpful comments so thanks for that. Oh and I am now having fun in these cars which is a huge bonus.
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  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Hy Victor! You're very welcome here! ;)

    About the mod problem: I think I had that problem of "unknown car" in the past after installing another car mod which caused a class ID conflict. I'm afraid I don't remember the mod (could have been FIA GT 2008) but I solved the problem by just moving some mods away from the .../teams folder. You could make a trial and error test by moving single mods away or you test it the quick way by moving (not deleting :)) all mods just to see if the F1 mod works onlin then.

    About tyre temps: My posted setups are always qualy setups to be as quick as possible for 1 or 2 laps. I like to have some extra grip from low tyre pressure (~105 front and ~110 rear). So tyre temps can easily become too high for longer distances.

    Especially Hungaroring is hard for the tyres and I miss some dry race experiences because of last years rain race. But I suggest to raise the temps to 110 - 115 in the front and 120 - 130 in the rear and of course use softs or mediums. The tyre wer could be an interesting parameter for race strategy and mybe guys on softs need one more stop or some might use both compounds and make different stint lenghts.

    In the worst case, when I recognize I can't hold temps under 110° with softs, I'm forced to use mediums in a race. Hope it helps mate. :)
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  12. My third stint (soft tyres):

    Lap=(0, -1.000, 1:17.740)
    Lap=(1, 43.899, 1:13.096)
    Lap=(2, 121.639, 1:13.198)
    Lap=(3, 194.735, 1:12.922)
    Lap=(4, 267.933, 1:13.861)
    Lap=(5, 340.855, 1:13.094)
    Lap=(6, 414.716, 1:13.389)
    Lap=(7, 487.810, 1:12.901)
    Lap=(8, 561.199, 1:13.388)
    Lap=(9, 634.100, 1:13.626)
    Lap=(10, 707.488, 1:14.120)
    Lap=(11, 781.114, 1:13.634)
    Lap=(12, 855.234, 1:14.898)
    Lap=(13, 928.868, 1:14.356)
    Lap=(14, 1003.766, 1:15.107)
    Lap=(15, 1078.123, 1:15.135)
    Lap=(16, 1153.230, 1:15.600)
    Lap=(17, 1228.365, 1:16.133)

    Soft tyres
    Tyre temps and wear:
    FL: 95-96-102 52%
    FR: 84-80-77 69%
    RL: 94-96-100 52%
    RR: 92-86-86 61%

    Fuel consumption:
    47,7 liters

    Medium tyres
    Tyre temps and wear:
    FL: 87-88-93 66%
    FR: 77-73-72 78%
    RL: 93-93-98 64%
    RR: 89-85-83 71%

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  13. Thanks for the stint today Nico, it was fun and good to have Elizer as well , and Victor showed great commitment and speed today..

    I tried the meds in this stint and they were very good . my best lap was 1:12:7 i guess, a bit slower than your best lap of 1:12:4 :)...

    as usual , i was on Reik Hung qualy setup , the meds were ok and did not overheat like the softs

    used 55 liters for the 18 laps :confused: ..
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  14. Yeah it was great fun today just some stupid mistakes from me caused several spins but it's normal I guess. I'm still not used to this game or I should say - I'm broken because of F1 2011 :D Whatever I showed some flashes and I'm happy I have good pace. Following Reik's advice I don't have so much trouble with front left anymore. It only reaches 106 at T1 sometimes. I slightly modified his setup to suit my driving and I promised Anthony to upload it. Once again thanks for today, it was really nice racing.

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  15. Thomas Cooke

    Thomas Cooke
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i am a little bit angry right now at this series, wasn't it supposed to start at 20:20 British Time? wth is this :/
  16. races start at 20:20 thats correct, dont quite get your post
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  17. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    so your angry at the series because you misread the times? or actually didnt because you were right about the times.

    makes sense i suppose :roflmao:
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  18. Are we going to do some races tonight?
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  19. im in