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Season 8 Race MONTREAL '79 RACE Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :) ready for after race
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  2. Not my day today, did too much work with password hunting and lost my warmup time for that, qualy went so badly I was so cold, race started very nicelly had so many good battles but then lost my 'grip'. I may not have enough patient for this stuff in the middle of the week, so sorry. I will try one more race and check again if i'm ready for full season...thanks for all great event until it's ends too early...
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  3. Mine was just terrible. At lap 3 i started to smell something burning and by lap 4 my ashtray started to really stink.. It was really hard trying to look at mirrors in the 18th place and trying to decide if the looming housefire needed attention.. Couldn't do it anymore so i pitted, didn't do anything to the car and smothered the fire. That destroyed my race; at the time i was ready to join, the pack had catched me. It was either waiting in the pit for everyone to pass or try to gun it with huge risk, 8 lap worth of damage and cold tires. So i had to wait for almost everyone to pass. All that i learned in the practices went to hell.. I lost the 1st and 2nd chicanes completely, 39 laps and not once did it go like it's suppose to. The second part of the track was a thrill, i really had better pace and confidence there. It could be that after qualy i dropped rearwing by 1 click and that was the limit, i could not lean on the corners as much as before..Lots of lapping practice, i think all my blue flags went really well.

    Montreal is a bit too risky for a real race. I really surprised at how many people survived. For me, this way too scary track, i would prefer even Monaco rather than this. Nice place to do kamikaze qualyruns but not for my racing skills.
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  4. Congratulations TIm, Reik and David.
    What a race to win!

    And Congrats to all who endured that great race. :)

    Q 12th: Maybe the pre-race banter about cutting put me offf a bit but i was happy to be mid field.

    R 8th: Careful at the start was the starting orders and so it was.Slow and steady all the way through until the battle :)

    That was some fun laps Andy. :) Tim, I hope I did not slow you up. I was guilty of not keeping a close eye on the Track map when I began to chase Andy hard. I immediately did my best to let you go at the hairpin. Congrats again.

    Thank you all. I had much fun. More of these tricky tracks maybe?I'm kidding;

    And thank you Nico. You're a champion.
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  5. This was my debut at Presto GP European Series, and I expected everything not to go like planned...and that´s what finally happened :).

    Qualifying went well and my lap 1:10.117 took me to P3, only 0.1 sec slower than Tim at the pole.

    I started the race with 55 litres of fuel onboard and soft tyres. At the start I kept my place on 3rd and after the first couple of laps tried to pressure Tim who had dropped to second at the start. Quite soon the gap to Reik, who was leading, stabilized to 3-4 seconds. Tim on the other hand was all the time 2-3 seconds ahead of me. After some 17 laps my fuel was over and I had to pit. My pit stop was a disaster as I stalled the engine, and that dropped me from the winning battle, if I ever was there at the first place. After the pit stop Tim had 25 second lead to me. My second stint was ok, except at some point I noticed David Turnbull had cought me and was only 1 second behind. I started to push harder and was able to stretch the gap to 3-4 seconds before my sencond pit stop. My second pit stop was even worse than first, as I stalled the engine twice this time :). Before the stop I think I was still 3rd, but after the stop I had dropped to 7th, and cruised my race to the end in that position. My best race lap was 1:11.7, if I remember correctly.

    Conclusion: My qualifying and race pace was ok, and I was able to lap consistently during the race. However, my race was destroyed by horrible pit stops and I really need to work on this side of racing, if I want to succeed in the future. P3 was totally realistic, with little bit of luck maybe I could have fought for the victory. Anyway, nice race, and I´m really looking forward to coming races :). Thanks to everyone!
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  6. Grats Tim, Reik and David, well done !
    And offcourse my teammate Jim, great job again mate !

    Q: P10 good enough for me, way off pb tho.
    R: P12 pretty dissapointed about this result, but had a fun race until lap 50 or so.

    First part of the race i could keep up with Anthony untill i brushed the wall, had some minor damage, nothing serious tho.
    After that i couldnt find my pace back.
    That was some nice fighting there ey Peter :) I enjoyed every second of it.
    You where pushing very hard there, couldnt shake you of my tail like i did before in the race.
    I thought, damn Peter means business now.:)
    Than i made a stupid mistake, tiny spin and got stuck on the curbstone, realy stuck like glueded to it or so.
    But than i got help from some nice italian dude:cool:, thx allot Vale for pushing me of that giant curbstone. :)
    I owe you one mate !
    Hope next race i have some more luck

    See ya'll next race !
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  7. I watched that in the replay. That was very very cool of you Vale.:cool:

    Nearly always i do a quick post race check of my replay to see what happened.....
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  8. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qual 7th, miles from pb, very dissappointing lap.

    race 3rd, great race hardly made any mistakes (except one huge one), most of the race i picked up places due to other misfortune, i dont think i had one overtake to make, lapping was sometimes difficult but that was the tracks fault more than any individual.

    lap 45 i touched the kerb at t1 which sent me airbourne, i smashed the wall and rolled a number of times down the straight, i dont think i got in anyones way i cant remember if anyone was close, as soon as it happened my screen kept rolling and rolling lol so i ended up a bit disorientated, held on for 10 laps with a crooked steering wheel and with jim breathing down my neck hard, was so close at the end jim.

    cya at the next race guys.
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  9. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Tim Reik David this time the podium have double value

    Q 21th really bad in warmup with full tank I ran with ~1sec better.

    R 18th not my race. First laps nice battle with Kennet but then I see him go in pit Bob was ahead and front me Nicolai behind me Sean too risk hold Sean behind ( tricky track) so with smartness :rolleyes: let pass him but lost contact with Nicolai then start a solitary race until11/12 laps when start blue flags and in this track are 2balls:confused::confused: no many place where is possible let room so every time lift feet before or after turns go in grass and in more arrived groups of 2 or 3 cars in this track the cars was well distributed so lost in lap when was lapping 4 or 9 sec hard hold concentration, sure this is result of my skill but flags..... Only nice thing is finished race without mistake in first chicane and help Andy:)

    Congrats all guys well done.

    Thanks PrestoGP for event
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  10. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    David is so excited for 3td place that post in wrong place:D
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  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ahahaha i edited it quickly but you caught me vale :D
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  12. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    me and Andy at Montreal me&Andy.jpg
    maybe my next skin and car for season9:)
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  13. Hahhaahha, Vale you are the star of this race , no doubt about it *********** :)
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  14. Congratulations Tim, Reik, David and all that participated.

    Q: 8th
    R: 9th

    A funny thing happened on the way to the pits....... I was in 7th 2 sec behind 6th and 3.5 sec ahead of 8th after 18 laps, followed 6th into the pits at the end of lap 19. Normal pit stop and when I exit I'm 11th 18 sec out of 10th. ????? I can understand loosing places to people pitting later or on 1 stoppers, but there is no way the pit stop was 16 sec slower than the car I followed in. Very bizarre. Spent the rest of the race climbing back to 9th.

    On the bright side, this is the first race I have ever completed without a spin. Yep, hard to believe, but I was pointed in the right direction the entire race.:D
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  15. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congrats to Reik and David. I'm still not quite sure what happened to Reik and how he managed to recover to 2nd!

    Q: 1st
    I haven't been on pole for a long time, and I wasn't expecting it here. I did decide that I would really go for it, I didn't want to be back in the pack. I checked the lap and I was very happy to find it was clean (as I expected)

    R: 1st
    Reik had assured me he would let me go if I made a better start, I assured him of the same... There was a moment when I thought we were both going to give way and it was going to end very badly!!! In the end his start was slightly better than mine and he took T1. Nerves made it hard to settle into the first stint but things settled down nicely and I seemed to have the pace to stay with Reik. His sneaky high early fuel loads are always a worry though. Marko was was also keeping the pressure on from behind. Great close racing (well driving) front and back.

    The first stint was high pressure but fairly uneventful. I pitted at the end of lap 18, Reik stayed out , Marko followed me in. Exiting the pits I had a big gap back to Marko who obviously had some problem. The following lap Reik came out in front of me and within a few corners we were back in the groove. This time seemed to be able to stay very close behind him.

    As I began to imagine a pit strategy that could move me past Reik he seemed to out brake himself into the final turn and I went through, but suddenly the gap was quite large, something else must have been going on. With 10 or 15 seconds up my sleeve I started to think about winning the race, and about how any of those chicanes or curbs could put an end to that idea. Then it occurred to me that maybe Reik had made his final stop and I should drive faster in case he had a sneaky plan.

    I made my final stop after lap 37 and came out 15 seconds behind Reik. Surely he would need to stop again... I chased him anyway and seemed to make some impression, but proabably not enough to catch him before the end. Then he stopped, and it was all looking good again.

    I managed the gap from there and brought it home for my first win in 2 and a half seasons. Very happy.

    I thought on the whole everyone did really well on the lapping. I was sorry to spoil the Andy/Peter battle, no worries at all Peter, you were quite prompt, I did consider just staying behind, but Reik was closing... I did have a couple of worrying moments, sometimes going through the cloud of tire smoke, and a couple of times lapping very slow cars at all the wrong moments. I might mention a couple in the incident thread.

    Thanks all, especially Nico and the Race Director who serve us so well, and Daniel who will being us rain soon I'm sure!

    Edit: I should also thank Reik whose setup I used. I qualified and raced on his version C setup (3/22). I only changed brake pressure and steering lock.

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  16. I knew that something unfortunate must have happen to you Bob. You were seriously quick today!:cool:
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  17. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran


    I've looked into the replay to see how this can be, my first stop from entering the pit lane to rejoining the race track was 45 seconds, yours was 65 seconds, and I've found the reason why:)

    Your coming down the pit lane with the limiter on at 37mph !!

    Have you somehow missed the rule change we made at the begining of last season?? we don't use the pit limiter any more, no pit lane speed limit:)

    Hope this helps

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  18. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Race report

    Q, P6, 4 tenths off pole!

    R, P4

    Start went well, followed Davie for the first stint with Bob Lune close behind, pitted end of lap 18, Bob dropped back (see above) when it all panned out I was still behind Dave in P5 I think, we both inherited a place when Gaetano had an off, up to P4, after the second stop I'm still behind Dave by around 13 secs, then the gap suddenly dropped to 4 secs and I was able to close some more, I sensed Dave had some damage so I was pushing really hard, in the end I wasn't able to get close enough so P4 is where I finished

    All in all a good run, I'm well happy

    Grats to Tim, Reik and David, thanks to Nico as always


    Nearly lost it on the last lap whilst pushing to close the gap to Dave, caught a bit too much curb, some poo came out!!

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  19. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I did the same a old race at monaco with tim, i corrected myself and then was nowhere to go for Tim. I learned from this to race with the map on you can look to see if cars are coming and spin in a gap in traffic. Best way to look at it is neither of you were trying to cause incident but look for ways to avoid it in future, with it being such a tight track here to i would have did what Nico said and roll back to grass at side to spin also.
  20. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :) Grats Tim ! Reik and David and all finishers !
    Q 4th
    R 5th

    Really bad start with just running wide cost me when i got out way i had to wait for everyone to get by so was last:( . Was really good race for me with lots of close racing i found it difficult track to pass which made for some great close racing i would have to wait for small errors or when lapping someone to even get chance of passing and alot of good driving Nico rouge, Andy, Peter And the last 10 laps with me right behind Anthony was great fun, i only got passed last lap when Anthony made a slight mistake t2 you were unlucky after alot of underpressure driving for the last part of race you were doing great :cool: If you had made it through that turn im sure you would have held the place.

    Cyas next race 1 o my favs :)
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