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Season 8 Race 9 BARCELONA GP Race Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, May 16, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    here all is fine:)
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  2. Quite disappointing because I practised so much for this race.
    Race was basically over after T1, heavy suspension damage, was hardly able to get to the pits. Drove my first stint then I changed to mediums in order to have any chance for a better position but the track was still too wet. Then I crashed and lost a tire.
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    big mistake for me wrong tires at start take soft ,yesterday i tried on server 50% wet and had a good pace 1.29 1.30 this evening a disaster 1.35 1.38 so lost any chance of battle in first stint after i put inters for 3 time and fuel for 2 time only nice thing was unlapping me one time with Kennet and one with Kurt thanks guys.

    Congratulations Reik Anthony Marko

    Thanks PrestoGP for event

    PS nice weather conditions:)
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  4. Q 8th [9th?]. Very satisified with the wet lap

    R 10 th. After the initial melee, I crawled around to the pits very slowly. I fueled up to 117 L and put on some inters and then chase Kurt [although a lap down] for much of the session, unable to pass due to my heavy fuel load and the skill of the driver ahead....

    Lap 22 and I pitted for Inters only.

    Lap 30 something and I was between Anthony and Marko but a lap down. I pitted for wets. Bad choice? I needed to trade them in for Softs with 12 laps to go.

    Finally, I finished 10th after passing Valter who had run out tread maybe. :)

    A lot of fun. Sorry for the misfortunate.

    Congratulations to Reik, Anthony, Marko and all who survived.

    CU at M.
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  5. Very good race for me. 8th and proud of it! I think that even with a full grid and people not crashing, it would've been close to that. I count only one driver dropping ahead of me, that gave me the position.When was the last rain? Oh yeah, was it Melbourne, the last time i came in 8th ;) I guess rainy days are my thing.

    Qualy, Last: Wasn't really trying, tried to took it safe and count on others spinning. Just a tap of throttle and i spun on the wall in the last chicane. Light damage and last to cross the line..

    Race, 8th: Safe. That was the only word in my head, drive safe. It worked, in the 1st lap chaos i improved my position multiple times. It was a bit strange to overtake people after that, i'm guessing different tires were involved. My strategy worked: take it easy and follow the race conditions. Started with full wets, good choice but they lasted about 10 laps. By then, the rain started to recede and i changed to inters, no fuel. Then another 10 laps with ever increasing tire temps and change to softs, 56 liters of fuel (started with 70) Good choice, the track was a bit handful but improved every lap.

    Then the drizzle started again and i changed to inters and put enough fuel to last til the end. Laptimes were constant, 1:30-31, not much change even with on-path completely dry. Then i looked at my position and 8th seemed to be with in reach. Drove even more safe, trying the griplevels in safe places around the track and tried to live within those limits. Change to softs and pray that they will not come any drops from heaven. At the end Nicolas caught me but spun and started immediately closing the gap. I had one excursion in T7-8, managed to enter track safe and just in time to get some speed and block him in T9 ( @Nicolas Rouge please, confirm that it was safe and fair!!) and keep him back enough eliminating T10 overtake. Fortunately for me, he spun again.. Then it was the slowest laps i think i've ever driven, basically recon laps til the end, there was over 10 seconds gap.

    In the end, could've pushed more and possibly even get some positions but safe race was a safe bet. Very tricky conditions. The dry path on a wet track is nightmare for me, i know that i could push the pedal to the floor but just couldn't dare. Tried to brake later in those conditions to get something back. Thru out the race i think my brake pedal never hit the stopper and never put full throttle until the car was going straight.
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  6. @Valerio Vinassa: of course i'll let my race engineer to finish in the same lap ;)
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  7. Q 6th
    Very good for me.

    R 9th
    I had not much practiced for this race, only some stints with hards and 90l of fuel on dry track, but that prepared me for low grip. The race went rather good for me, some nice battles with Valter, Kenneth and others. Very good changing weather, lots of possible strategies, that was really a good fun.

    CU at Monaco for the finale!
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  8. No problem mate, that's racing :) . I also made some of these.
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  9. Good to know ;) I really, REALLY didn't want to lose that position..
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  10. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 5th, decentish lap had a big slide at t3 so pole was never an option.

    race - dnf

    started well until i hit 3rd gear then all of a sudden the rear went and i spun into oncomign traffic i steered towards the wall to try minimise the effect but still cause a few drivers to have to take avoiding action so it was my error that ended up causing a few others which im sorry about :( anyhoo got going again with heavily damaged car and arrived at t1 with jonas being very slow in the middle of the track, i was going for down the outside left of him but he kept moving over and knocked me off the track into the gravel with even more damage lol i thought about quitting there and then and i shouldve because it didnt get any better for me.

    i pit at the end of lap 1 for repairs and head back out just in front of reik whos about to lap me, i let him past easy enough around the outside of turn 5, so then the next group aproach me about to lap me, i let 2nd and 3rd place past around the inside of t3 and the natural place for me to let marko past wouldve been for me to move over off the racing line to the inside of t5 approach, i moved over to get off the racing line for marko to pass on his natural line from the run out of t3 but he hadnt anticipated this and ran straight into the back of me putting me off into the gravel and with suspension damage once again, i couldnt be bothered pitting from there and quit for a dnf lol.

    will cya all at monaco :)
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  11. Barcelona - Results

    Sorry, no qualy info, the skipping of sessions aka 'The Quest of the Lost Kurt' must've caused it..
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  12. Q: P4, Wet compound, Reik´s latest setup. I took it easy as I had not practiced in wet too much, ok lap.

    R: 3rd.

    I used Reik´s latest setup. I had a plan of doing 2 stops, starting with 50L of fuel onboard and wet compound. The plan was to take 50L of fuel in each stop, as I thought 150L would be enough to complete the race (52 laps). I was able to stick on my plan even though the weather was changing all the time, until it became cleat that I was not going to be able to finish the race with the fuel I had left 6 laps before the end of the race.

    1st stint: I started with wet compound and got an ok start and kept my place. For the first stint I was chasing Vincenzo (2nd) and Anthony (3rd) in front of me. During the first stint I tried to pressure Anthony heavily, but I did not manage to overtake him despite being really close a couple of times. I went to pits from P2 after Reik and Anthony had pitted before me.

    2nd stint: I came back from pits at P9 right behind Antony. Now I was running with intermediate compound, and I noticed that I had more speed compared to Anthony than at the first stint. On lap 19 I managed to overtake Anthony at T4 (Repsol), but I ran on the gravel at the next corner. Anthony was able to overtake me and make a ~ 3 second gap, because of this. I catched him again on lap 22, and on lap 23 I overtook him at T5 (Seat). We had a slight touch there, but no damage to either of us. Reik went to pits on lap 25 after which I lead the race until Reik overtook me on lap 27. I pitted on lap 30 from P2. I overshoot my pit box and lost ~ 5 seconds reversing back to it.

    3rd stint: Again running with intermediates I came back from pits at P3 right in front of Kurt, who span on lap 31, after which I was able to concentrate on catching Anthony once again. I catched him by lap 37 and on lap 38 I overtook him round the outside at T1 (Elf). Reik pitted on lap 43 and I inherited the lead for 3 laps until he overook me again. On lap 45 or so I noticed that I lacked some 3-4 litres (annoying!) of fuel to finish the race, so I had to pit again. At this point I was over 20 seconds ahead of Anthony and I thought short pit stop would maybe allow me to still stay ahead.

    4th stint: I decided to change tyres too as they were pretty worn. My pit stop was surprisingly not much faster than normal pit stop and I came back from pits at P3 almost 10 seconds behind Anthony. I decided to drive the rest of the race flatout with a little risk to try to catch Anthony for the last time, but on lap 49 I lost the rear of the car at T3 (Renault) in 240 km/h. I slid sideways for maybe 400 meters, but did not hit anything and was able to continue. I finished 3rd.

    Conclusion: I did not enough time to prepare for this race, and I was surprised to be even that competitive. I had great racing with Anthony practically almost through the whole race. Three overtakings, several overtaking attempts, close fighting and touches too to entertain us during the laps we had to make :thumbsup: . I think I had edge in terms of speed, but small errors from me here and there meant that I was not able to beat him.

    Looking forward to Monaco, as I like street circuits. At least some of them, such as Macau with f3000 :)
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  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik, Anthony, Marko.

    Q: Last row

    R: 11th, Only positive for me, no spin. Most negative, pit-stops was far from quick, too bad.
    65 + 52 + 52 liters and inters for 15 laps + soft for 20 laps + inters the last 15 laps.

    The "first lap spinners" helped me up to 8th without effort. Sorry to the innocent ones.
    During the first stint Nicolas, Andy, me and Nicolai were together most of the time. Sorry for the slide in T3 Nicolai, that mistake ended your superb chase and you could pass me far too easy:(

    On lap 15 Sean drove by and I went in for some fuel and softs. The weather seemed to get dryer at that time.
    Nothing much happens until Nicolas comes up in front on lap 20. Unfortunately he is a few tenths to quick for me on this track. But luckily for me he spun off at one point so he had to fight me all over again:) Nice racing Nicolas.
    On lap 31, Andy comes out from pits and we have a nice rubber rub duel that Andy emerged victorious from. I thought, slow down and let me by so we can do that again. But no, he disappears in the distance:)

    Lap 35 pit-stop, change to inters. Lap 49, Peter is on my tail, our tires bounced off each other a few times before he got by, it was damn fun:)

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel and all drivers of the top notch Presto GP gentleman league.
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  14. Yes, a shame we didn't get to duel, but these things happens :)

    I timed it while practicing for the race, a pit stop where I only change tyres (no fuel) at Barcelona in dry cost me 27 seconds in total. In wet it would be slightly more I think.
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  15. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik Anthony and Marko!! and finishers!

    Q: 12th i went inters and made a couple mistakes also.
    R: 7th pits: i did inters 18 laps then softs till lap 29 < good part, bad part >then wets lol 5 laps later inters but only got 3 inters n same old wet on right rear:redface: i must have flicked it in menu:giggle: so then pitted again next couple laps and just put slicks on i think tbh im not all tht certain after having to many trips to pits and also ended race with 11.1 laps worth fuel :whistling:

    Race was still great fun car was on edge alot of the race. I got a good start from 12th and managed to get passed couple rows possibly unfortunitly i got collected in the incident at start and ended up last facing wrong way.
    Had some good racing through 1st stint made up few places and with staying out to lap 18 i gambled on softs and seemed to work until my late pits woes, the mclaren pit crew had such trouble with rear tyre they left it on the car lol :roflmao:

    Thanks Nico and RD and everyone in league for great season !!, i may have to miss last race with work, im scheduled nightshift that day :cry: but i would have liked to have finished season in monaco, eitheir way still been one of my best seasons and everyones racing has been to the highest standard :cool:. ill still be on servers for some practise as monaco is amazing so cyas there!!:thumbsup:
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  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Arghhh... Would be a great shame, because you still have the chance to win the championship! :( If you'd win and I didn't finish into top 12, you'd be the champion. Isn't that an important reason for your boss to give you the day off (or at least those few hours)? ;) I hope you get the chance somehow... :thumbsup:
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  17. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Ye I know Reik its frustrating if i miss, just make sure you finish inside top 12 :laugh:
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  18. Congrast Reik, Anthony and Marko :)

    Q-2 was a surprise for me, I made couple mistakes

    R-DNF I hate say that, very disappointing with my race :(

    2 place, everything good until my first stint 18lap, my wireless keyboard didn't work ( batteries ) I lose 20sec, after that I crashed very hard and destroyed my car :mad:, my first crash from 3 years ago, others DNF was a computer issues.. Marko, sorry Im using Ferrari Raikkonen, something wrong happen with Ferrari F Massa I had lost connection..

    somebody can help me how can I change helmet design and color? this is possible?

    nice race with Anthony:thumbsup:
    well, c all at Monaco
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  19. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    yes Vince is possible have a new helmet but need someone with Nvidia card (more plugin for read dds file) and Photoshop or similar than a good boy that do the work:)