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Season 8 Race 8 Bahrain- setup thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Andy Paries, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Here is an old setup, i did an 1:28.7xx with it in 2010.
    Feels kinda undriveble for me now.:confused:
    I think this is a setup from Arno Hoog.

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  2. A first draft...
    Very low wings 1/8, very tall gears , feels good on the straights J :giggle: PB 28.8 :)

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  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    After my first test tonight here's my so far best setup. (Won't change much I think)

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  4. I had chance to try Peter and Reik setup to quickly pick one so i have time to prepare for the race next week , i thought to give my feedback maybe it helps to save your time as well ..

    - Peters setup, very nice setup and very different from the one we got used to from you Peter :), soft front and stiff rear with a different diff setting and lots of power at the back so man need to be soft on throttle or the rear wheels will scream out of turns ,i could easy drive the car after couple of laps but the car tend to be a bit nervous when i pushed a bit harder especially on T1, T2 and the last turn so smooth driving is required to get those turns perfect , i had to increase the rear wing to 11 to get the rear a bit more stable for my driving style , . The best i could do with this setup was 129-1 ..Thanks a lot Mr SETI ::) .

    - I then tested Reik setup, it is very close to the one from china track that i used for race. the setup is very stiff and my first impression when i tried it for 3 laps was very hard to drive on this track , i felt the car a bit hard to turn on those tricky turns " i think T8/9 " , but after i filled the car with 40 litres fuel and softs and done around 10 strait laps to get used to it without pushing i found it a brilliant setup, very responsive and very accurate when you find where exactly the point to brake and turn so then it was easy to get those turns right ..T8/9 ..., and after that when i went back on SS and light fuel the car felt much easier to drive than before and my lap time went down to 28.6 or something, so if you try Reik setup my advice to give it a try for at least 10 laps before you decide to put it on the side :)..

    i know i am still slow compared to my previous PB but i am done with hot lapping and time to do couple of stints to be ready for some close fight with the guys on Sunday evening :D .

    Thank you guys for sharing your hard work, very much appreciated :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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  5. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Thanks very much Anthony for this nice analysis! :)

    I usually use one of my latest setups from a previous event as a base to start with, because it suits my actual driving style best. It's most likely that older setups I already have for a track don't suit me anymore.

    In comparison to much older setups from me I noticed that I prefer stiffer ones today. My latest setups often have stiffer front ARB to have a quicker turn in. And I like a stiffer rear in general to push hard through middle and high speed corners. In addition I need some more rear wing to avoid over steering (even at higher speeds). The higher rear wing also helps keeping the rear controlled under hard breaking. But I need to be smooth in acceleration out of slow corners...

    To fine tune the feeling for the car and setup it's also a good option to choose damp or slightly wet conditions. I noticed myself that after driving the setup in the wet it feels much easier to be accurate in dry conditions.

    I remember that you used a complete wet setup for the race at Sepang and you were a bit unhappy that it was dry then, right? Well, I always use the same setup, no matter if wet or dry. Until now the setups handled quiet well in wet conditions like we had at Watkins Glen or Hungaroring. And I'm on the safe side if it gets dry or already is dry.

    I know that creating a complete wet setup could make me gain some time in wet conditions. But it would cost me too much time to create one, so I better try to get used to wet conditions with a dry setup in a shorter time. Just a suggestion...
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  6. Dang... I did some spring cleaning on both computers and on all HDDs and accidentally erased the setup tool that i always use.. You know, the one which name i can't remember and without the name, searches are futile... Anyone remember it's name and DL link? I'm a little bit lost without it, i know how to edit svm files and know which lines to alter but the tool is so much easier and it has save functions that i've found very useful...

    EDIT: 1/15 and 1/8 wings? Are you freaking kidding me? I know there's a lot of straights but this ain't Monza... I'm going for 4 front wing more likely than 1, even 4 seems quite lo to me.. How you guys are handling the medium speed corners, with luck? Quote from f1grandprixtours.com "Although it is regarded as a high down force circuit, the three long straights require a compromise between minimizing straight-line drag and adequate down force in the corners, which can be difficult to achieve." I understand this as a medium downforce track...
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  7. My personal view:
    The mod is not perfect. For one it seems faster than real f1 cars. Another thing is that it seems to pay off having less wings than one would think. I am not sure what exact parameters should be adjusted to improve it, but I can speculate; is it too much mechanical grip, is the engine too powerful, is there too much drag relative to downforce from the wings?

    Another point from the top of my head is that it seems I always run on minimum ride height in qual and almost minimum in race, I am not sure it is the optimal ride height I use, but I find it strange that I can use the softest settings on dampers and suspension in combination with minimum ride height and have no problems related to this. (I have read in setup guides that you want as low ride height as you can without bottoming out).
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  8. I have noticed that while i was following your setups, I have always proffered driving stiffer car to the softer one therefore it has been easier for me to do quick adjustments to your setups then to create a setup from scratch, , but i must say your last 2 setups were on the higher end of stiffness but still providing a superb handling and you can feel that the car is well balanced between front and rear even on worn tires. i already done one stint of 15 laps with your qualy setup , 62 litres , softs and wings 1/15 without changing anything at all and the car felt great for the whole stint...:)

    yes you are right , it was the first time i do such a thing because i gambled the race will be full wet so i created a full wet setup which was totally different to the approach i normally take in my previous wet races where i use to have the same race setup with only change the brake pressure , brake balance and drop the rear wing with 1 or 2 clicks and all the rest will stay the same , it worked well ...so i agree with what u said and never again do the same mistake twice ..;)

    iam with the idea that we all need to contribute with the setup library and not only the same regulars , to keep the challenge and fun as close as possible , but if i find myself not having the time to do so so the least i can do is to provide my feedback which is another way to be part of this " great donation " to the league and at the same time to say thanks to those who share with us their hard work ..:thumbsup: ...

    @andy : i agree with you, your setup is undrivable now , i remember this setup , i got it form Arno as well , it felt an excellent setup back then and i done my PB back in 2010 with it ... but now seems to be undrivable ... funny ehh!!!
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  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I agree the mod is not perfect theres lots in setup that seem to make little or no affect to car. It would be extremely difficult to make exact same as real life f1 and even if that was done we would still be faster than real f1 with having no fear factor and a new car at push of a button, maybe future sims will have option for real time repairs and only 1 car for weekend lol then maybe we lower our pace at times :)

    On wing levels for this track i can do same times with 1/13 to 5/27 just depends how you drive track. i started with Reiks sepang setup and with 5/27 wing i can brake later and carry more speed in turns. Reiks low wing setup for here i had to adjust braking zones and turn in speed but still feels like alot of grip i drive most of the track pretty much same between setups so the extra accel speed and top end makes up for the loss in other parts or the track. Ive done a 27.5 with 5/27 and 27.4 with 1/13, i think i can find more time with the lower wing with practise but the high i think i was pretty much as fast as i could go. I will use whatever i can do fastest laptimes with race fuel for race.:)
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  10. I settled on 3/25. I used my last setup from China as a base, "Reikian" setup is really not my style, braking is too hard for my skill-level and i can't get any grip on the front at medium speed corners without overloading the front tires. Nicolais setup in Sepang was a real eye opener and i've continued from that, only thing that keeps hurting is brakes, front is fading too fast and rear locks up. I've resolved that by moving brake balance to rear and opening up the throttle a bit more at the trailbraking phase. Feels just funny to have to do it on straight line brakings too but the turn in is just too good....Have to sacrifice a little bit of braking distance to keep it stable and have to sacrifice more in the race for the sake of consistency..

    One of my friends moved close by and he's hooked on TF2 so that cuts my practice schedule (just ending another 8h LAN session, great fragging, best round 27/2 ;) ). If i get something done over the weekend, i'll post my setup for evaluation ;)

    I guess Gunthar had to make compromises a lot, level 1 front wing should be level 3-4 and the 1:st level should be at the brink of negative downforce.... Too bad it takes a full season to make changes and we don't have any permission to do so. If anyones interested, i can upload the SRS mashup modthat combines modified MAK tires and engine with RR suspension and wings.. ;) I liked that combination a lot, haven't tested that for a year but it was the best formula mod i've driven. Engine has slightly less output and the tire compounds were tweaked a bit closer to each other with high-grip super softs really lasting only three laps (emulating DRS laptimes..).. That made qualifying outlap interesting, hard to keep them warm without hurting them.. That mashup mod is strictly for private use only! I have no permissions from anybody, not from MAK or SimBin...
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  11. This one?

    [edit] RE low wings:
    High wing settings, above 50% value range, are not an option on any track imo.

    Even at Monaco high downforce doesn't neccessarily work well [for me]; at Mugello, higher downforce settings are more favorable and still that means below the 50% value range, The mod is what it is... that's why we share settings that are "competitive" [sort of in my case :)]
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  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I use the sequential shifter(G25) to change brake balance. I don't use it a lot but it can sometimes help when the car gets too loose in the rear.
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  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Ye Valter i used to do same with g25, i now use buttons on wheel with g27 although its difficult to use through a lap say like in qualifing to gain extra speed but as you say can be handy in race stints. What id like is a mod or some kind of script that you can set a button like say 3rd gearstick button and 4th gearstick button as 2 different brake bias settings. Like say 59/41 for hard braking zones this loaded with 3rd gearstick button and then into 4th gearstick button changes it to 55/45 for more balance for braking and turning corners. This would then be very like alot of current f1 style with the brake bias levers maybe not worth alot in time but would feel pretty cool changing through laps :cool:
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  14. I have a secondhand joystick to map out the necessary buttons, costed me a whole euro or two. I have brake balance, pit menu on the top where the "missile" mini-joystick is so i can operate it without looking, camera selection and free fly camera so i can helicopter around the track easily ;).

    Sequential shifter (Momo) is configured to Neutral gear and reverse, shifter knob fitted to the left side (right side has a slot for windows/FPS keyboard and is a bit too tight, it caused too many accidental neutrals, my "race" keyboard is fixed farther left..). If i spin, it's just a 3cm motion forward with left hand to get "anti-stall", very fast and natural plus i don't have to completely take my hand off the steering wheel.

    I just designed an alpha wheel so i can just use rotary dial for brake balance, i'll hope i can achieve a steady motion on it so i can dial it without looking at it or the values at the top of the screen, something like 4 clicks per quarter turn. I wanted to have a similar system that some use in F1 (a lever or a drawbar) but a rack-and-pinion is too complex to get it work so simple dial will do. I've been thinking of getting an Arduino board, they are pretty cheap, highly configurable and uses standard USB protocol.. Then it's just a question of imagination to get all kinds of buttons..
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  15. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Tonight I had another chance to test at bahrain. I made a very slight setup adjustment. the main was changing engine brake from 2 to 3. So here it is.

    Later I tryed to record a decent lap live. So here it is. It's close to my PB, only very few apex misses...


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  16. Been unable to practice at all.. I'll try to do some laps later tonight..