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Season 8 Race 3 Nürburgring - Drivers meeting

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. What version of the track is on the server? I do have the Evo version mentioned in the calendar but the server shows "unknown" track? Have i been practicing on wrong track or what's the deal here?
  2. Not just a bumb but that track version?

    And the actual post, Momo drivers: Can i have your PLR files? I wan't to adjust the FFB to fit better to F1. I crrently use very old and tested GT setup that's been modified to F3000 and then to F1. So i know i have some stuff from tinroofers left. Plus F3000 has a little odd feedback, it needed to have higher FFB settings. I just lowered them in th game menu but i need to find good 'Sensitivity" and grip + front/rear balance before i get the right amount of feedback. The lowered FFB and Steering Force leave some numbness in the center of the wheel so the Sesitivity value is important. And for overall grip loss detection needs to be perfectly adjusted between grip/body and then between rear and front tires.

    ATM FFB is 75 and Steering Force the same, i know that those values are very close to majority of quick drivers to prevent peaking. I've used to 85-90% on both and hi FFB sensitivity plus 40% Sensitivity ingame (not the same as the PLR file sensitivity, the PLR file sensitivity is how the FFB acts along the torque range, ingame is the streering input scaling..). I use 40% just because i need a little bit more movement for the hi speed turns, i rarely move beyong 90Deg with the wheen unless it's 1st gear hairpin so i use a tad more steering lock.

    I have to do a little modification to my cockpit, Momo has such an angle on the steering wheel that it needs full 5DEG change to make it more vertical.. Can't really use more than 90deg wheel before my fat belly is in the way, ( the bottom of the wheel is too close to me while the top is too far). Also it prevents me using the correct seat height, my arms are not at 90deg angle with the correct distance (both wrists can rest on the top of the wheel with arms straight) So it leaves me with too extended hands plus the wrist angle on hi position (for ex left hand in tight right turn) is not good.. It twists inside and it actually hurts me so that i need to make concsious decisions of moving my hand during cornering for ex Stowe in Silverstone was agony...That's all due to wrong angle, i can't use the "inside" hand to pull enough so the cornering is done with only the "outside" hand.. Not good ergonomically.
  3. I have the momo wheel but I have the FFB turned off because I feel a lot more comfortable to drive with as less resistance as possible.
    Maybe at one point I will try to become familiar with it.
  4. Track folder is Nuerburgring, track name GPNuerburgring

    Try this http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=10531
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  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

  6. I've got that and that's where i found those hidden FFB settings they make a huge difference, most likely i'll repeat the suggested testprocedures. The default values are pretty good, all except sensitivity. Some cars require small grip/body and front/rear balance adjusts and F1 is pretty far from GT class.. I got 50% grip, the other 50% comes from steering column movement, it gives a lot of the body transfer feedback and 50%front/rear balance with 2.5 sensitivity.
  7. ???? Is this sorted?????

    Not the GTR Evo Version????

    May I object to the track change? [joke] :)
  8. Nope, there's the track in the NoGrip link that's currently running. So, which one we use? I do like the addon track more, it has slightly more grip but it's bumbs are way more accurate.. SimBin has made some changes to please a larger crowd and to solve some game issues.. Like if you run wide in T5 there's a huge dip where the tarmac runoff ends in SimBin version. It simply doesn't exist in real life, that's for stopping people running full throttle wide.. Gameplay modifications. Plus i think the scenery is more accurate. Simbin track is smoother but has compromises and therefore artificially lowered grip to make laptimes more realistic. That's my review of the track, haven't ( yet ) checked GDB values.. or what material is used at which parts of track, the T12-13 darker tarmac seems to be high grip. That would require some interesting use of special materials (basically the rest of the track is one of those special ones, interesting... have to check my theory) That would also mean that there's a "wave" of bumbs all along the track with constant height and distance.. Maybe some could "tune" the suspension to fit to that frequency, lol..

    EDIT: I think i'm right, the line 'RoadDryGrip = 1.00' is pretty revealing as the track definitely is not 1.00, it's more like lgroad and that's 0.95...

    EDIT II, return of the the son of Edit part XIV: You can check more info on Race07 material feedback/grip values here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/race07-materials.46345/
    I can bring some insides of track designing limits and how we got around them if you like, just ask. I have thought of that but i haven't got a lo-grip track in the WIP list right now.. And after Nurburgring, i need some guys for tests, i need to find F1 racinglines thru couple of corners. Probably that means two versions of the same track but with different racinglines, one for tinroofs, one for F1. I'll put PrestoGP logo in the animation cycle for the videoscreens...
  9. Totally agree Kennett. :) The add on track is much superior and more of challenge [particularly with 35% chance of precipitation !!!!]. :)
    1) it is Nico's call. Please call. :) or have you already?
    2) the calendar, which I filled out, states the "silly" Simbin track. Reason for the GTR Evo track was because a previously Race Department admin {Eric} mandated the GTR Evo version be used in the World Series [Presto Gp season 4]
    3) and some drivers have difficulty in realizing they are cutting the final chicane in th Add On track. J :)

    P.S. It's the difference between a "ü" and a "u" when selecting the track in the dedi server
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  10. The dark tarmac, T12-13: hi grip about 20m then normal for 40m and high grip until the end. Couldn't keep this info for myself. That's hi grip in dry, wet grip is steady all over the track.
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  11. Hi guys, this is my mistake, I know what is happened.

    The only difference between the ingame and the downloaded version is ü and u, and I can never remember which is which, so it seems I have used the wrong track.

    I think the most sensible solution would be to stick to the track currently hosted on our server, but I will obviously listen to all views, but this should be decided within hours, so please sound your opinion if you read this in time.
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  12. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    but "u" is hairpin ? and "ü" is hairpin with cones in middle?:D
  13. That's the Add On track hosted you are referring too?
  14. Right now it looks like I wont be able to make it for the racedate unfortunately :(
    one think though:
    Isnt it that if someone hasnt bought GTR Evo he wont be able to drive on the addon track?
    If thats the case it would be smarter to use the download version of the track.
  15. Yes
  16. Sorry you may miss the race.

    RE GTR Evo, the league description has always been:

    [ GTR Evolution based F1 action. Official Website: www.presto.com ]

    The web-site link could do with a small correction although it will take you to the correct site.

    I agree that Race 07 is all that ever has been required apart from Season 4 when the Simbin Nurburgring track was mandatory; and maybe the odd fun run around the Nord between seasons. :)
  17. Tonight the practice session will be longer than usual, iow it will start earlier.

    More spesifically it will last 150 minutes and open 5:30pm UK time (1 1/2 hour earlier than usual). The timing of the other sessions will obviously be the same as always.

    The reason for this is that I am leaving 5:40pm to play cage-ball and will not be home again until maybe 7:30pm (hopefully a bit earlier).

    I will ask the RD to send out the e-mail with the password at the appropriate time :)

    Also, remember to delete your old Reik-skin (C:\Users\Nicolai\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins\PrestoGP Season 6\Reik Major) and replace it with the one at MyDrive.ch (and also the CreamTeam_BMW_F1 skin if you have not already)
  18. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    That's handy, as I've not yet turned a wheel at this track since the last time we raced there:( I'm up to my nuts in work, I'll just have to get some laps in before the Q session and then take it easy in the race, I'll not be lighting up the timing screens tonight :rolleyes:

  19. How often does the laptimes in PrestoGP.com update? Just so i know when to refresh my browser ;)
  20. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    The q seesion needs to finish first, i.e. time up or vote through, then it normaly take less then 10 minutes in my experiance

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