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Season 7 Race 9 Hungaroring - Setups Thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Reik Major, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Here is my so far best setup I could manage a 1:09:358 with. It's in most details the Interlagos setup and works very well. Only tyre temps becaome a problem after some laps.

    Video to follow soon...

    Edit: Here's the promised video of the lap. :) I show the lap from cockpit view and from T-Cam view, because from my racing perspective it looked like a perfect clean lap. Unfortunately from the T-Cam you can see that I'm some inches out of the track with all 4 wheels in the second quick chicane. :( I hope you agree that this wasn't the key to reach such a lap time...


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  2. Ok here's the mine, need an extremely direct and accurate driving, I hope that adapts to you. :)

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  3. Thank you [as always]
    I will compare them to my own creation from previous season(s) [try at your own risk]

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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks guys

    HAHAHAHAHA Peter .....try at your own risk...:D .
  5. :) Thanks guys
  6. And so the journey continuous.

    This is an almost perfect lap by Helder Filipe.
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  7. Sorry for double posting and if this question should be asked somewhere else but could someone possably take one or two nice screenshots with atleast two cars together so I can use it on my seasons finale video? (It is nothing big but I thought it would be great with a new picture here or there)
    When I try to take a screenshot my PC tends to take a screenshot of the backgrounds picture I use on my PC.
  8. yup the same happens here very strange :confused:
    Thanks for the invite Georgios and for the video edit
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  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i know you mentioned an almost perfect lap georgios, but wouldnt it be a better idea to promote prestogp by using legal laps in your videos? i know you want fastest laps but if the fastest lap isnt legal then shouldnt the video be from the first fastest legal lap?

    just a suggestion.
  10. David the problem is that I am going around and asking people for laps, not the other way around. So I am forced to use what I recive. Helder was kind enough to send me him fastest lap around the track and I thank him for that. But that it wasn't a 100% clean lap is something I just had to ignore.
    And btw, this videos are not just for fast laps, but for people who lack time to practice to get familiar with the track so they won't be "dangoures" when they race on Wednesday.

  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i understand the first part georgios thats no problem, i disagree with the second part though, showing people an illegal lap as something to practise towards will only mean we will have more illegal laps as people might think its the accepted racing line.
  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I edited my first post by inserting the promised video. :)

    I also had a very tiny cut at this quick chicane in my best lap but I continued this lap, because from my cockpit view it was looking like being within the rule. The next corner follows very fast so I had not much time to make a decision and completed the lap.

    Finally you could maybe add 0,1 seconds to the lap times of Helders and my shown laps because of those "unintentional mistakes". But in general the rest of the laps is very clean so I think it's understandable the good lap time does very much result in this clean driving and not benefit much from one slight mistake, does it? :)

    I also think that Helder just needs to be told, how we deal with this white-line-rule. So I try to sum it up for him with the following sentence. We try to be within the white lines with at least two wheels all the time but we accept the possibility of braking this rule sometimes accidentically without any unfair intentions and we trust in the all times fair intentions of any community member.

    I know your argument is 100% correct but I'd support your post more resolute if Helder was cutting on purpose, which in my eyes can't be confirmed in this case...

    Edit: I bet all presto members know when soemone is outside the rules but Georgios meant they could learn from the clean parts which overweigh very much.
  13. Well, about the cutting, I try to always comply with this rule, the white line, but it is normal for even more with these cars where everything happens so fast that we made ​​some mistakes and we move out of line, which often has the opposite effect where we lost time, I make laps and try to be fast as obvious, but principally have the merit of making within the rules, without any obsession with the final lap time, but sometimes we make mistakes when we try to pull the car to the limit, so sorry about one mistake wasn't my intention to do it, however I agree with David, the first one legal lap to show the correct line, but I can also ensure it was not my intention to win time with that...:confused:
  14. After that...i can't resist to go on track and try to do a similar lap/time in legal terms so, i think this lap is 100% within the rules, check it...
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  15. Here I found a gift, Michael Schumacher also cut way...:p :D
  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ok firstly, i wasnt even thinking that helder had done that intentionally so i dont know where thats came from, secondly i still feel that promoting prestogp with videos of laps that would be against our rules is wrong, helder has obviously just done a video with a totally legal lap so that would be a great video to be used to promote presto.

    i wasnt critisising helder or georgios with my posts, only stating my opinion.
  17. hahaha, I wouldn't expect anything less from Michael. :)
  18. Let's dump the Forced Cockpit View then. No critisism intended to yourself, Reik, Helder, or anyone, but it does get a little tiresome to read this little gem of excuses [year after year]. Leave more of a "safety" margin?

    OK, I go run away now. :) Duck! :) hehehehe
  19. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    peter youve just hit the nail on the head.

    this is not a critisism of anyone but.... i have noticed that alot of drivers when first practising for a new track will go to the extreme limits of the track first, crashing lots in the process of exploring the fastest way possible, now i know this is sim world but in real life if you chose that approach youd be dead, probably first flying lap you did, what i and others i know tend to do is build up slowly, gaining knowledge of the track then push and push untill your at your limits firstly then the track limits secondly, this way not only ensures you wont kill yourself but ensures you are legal, i dont see the point in being so fast that you cant stay within the track limits and then having to slow yourself down to be legal, id rather work up to a pace that not only was i comfortable with but i was sure was legal.

    p.s under no circumstances am i saying every lap i do is legal, far from it. and i understand what reik said about sometimes you feel your legal when your in fact slightly out, this cant be helped with the view we use and as peter says only way to stop it would be to allow other views, i myself will carry on a lap if i feel im legal, but if i feel im outside the lines and have gained an advantage i'll abort the lap, theres no point kidding yourself on that you got a fast time if you know within yourself it was illegally gained.
  20. Poor Helder, this topic is probably blow slightly out of proportion :)

    First of all I agree that when we send in a replay of out best lap we should look through it to check that it is within boundaries before sending it in. (not Georgio's responsibillity) The fact that Helder didn't do this is no problem, after all he is new :) I have seen other hotlap videos with cutting in them, but I don't usually mention it :)

    We all cut and run wide from time to time, some more than others. The exact line of what is ok and what is not is hard to define as there is still a difference in opinion. I know Peter are among those who respect the white line the most, thus probably being slightly provoked when he sees the majority both being less rigid about the white line AND being faster...

    I know that I probably run more wide in a race than Peter and perhaps others like. I always try to be on the right side, but I rather go slightly wide every now and then than go slower to be 100% sure that I will never cut. I do not think I am worse than the average though... so the question will always remain, how do one draw a line between what is ok and what is not.

    I think one should make sure that the pb displayed on PrestoGP.com is 100% leagal, if it isn't, try to beat it with a leagal time. Some times people contact me to say that their PB is illegal and ask me to delete it. I usually doesn't, because it takes me some time to find it in the databases etc. So I prefere that you beat it yourself :)

    Further more it is important that the qual lap is 100% clean.

    In the race one should have a minimum of cuts and wides, and when one see the replay one should get the clear impression that the wides is the exceptions of the rule (that the normal racing line is within the track boundaries) and the wide is only marginal. So how many wides in a race is ok? Hard to say, 5 wides perhaps +/-? Bottom line is intention, and that no-one want's to win based on pushing the rules further than others. However, it seems to be that Peter's high standards relative to many others might cost him a tenth ot two each lap, because he is taking just a little bit more care.