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Season 7 Race 7 Abu Dhabi - Incidents Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Reik Major, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I had no incidents involving any other car. :)

    I just made a big driving mistake being irritated by David M. but that was 100% my own mistake. :)
  2. No incidents to report
  3. - TS ;3372- contact with David M

    David was chasing Vince and i was right behind them , then while we were exiting the turn me and David touched, i did slow down just enough to let David pass without risking my position to Sean who was approaching fast :). .sorry David for that contact ,hope no damage to your car, on my Replay it shows that we had a slight sync issue..

    - TS : 4477- contact with Sean .

    Sean and me had a long fight for 3rd and at the final lap when Sean pulled a pass at the end of the long strait we touched and Sean's car span. i was tight on the apex and Sean made a clean pass but it seams that his racing line was a bit tight and i could not do anything about avoiding that contact , sorry M8, luckily your car was still going fine ...i did wait for Sean so he could take his well deserved position :)...
  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no incidents to report
  5. I had no incidents involving any other car.

    I just made a big driving mistake at TS 2704 - SORRY to Cristian di Filippo!
    luckily. nothing happens
    It was not my intention,
    Thank you that you have responded so quickly
    that was 100% my own mistake.
  6. no incidents to report
  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    David McCradic hit me
    time 2888,6
    last turn
    lap 26

    I was in battle with Peter and im all inside at curve I let all left room you could pass there but in middle of the turn I cannot do anything else, anyway NP:)


    Me Peter Nicolas and ours friend Mr. LAG
    Lap 3
    I thought I hit Peter so lift feet and wait that him pass but think that not hit this time maybe Nicolas? (Nicolas not saw only after in replay)
  8. I got a nVidia freeze that's why I disappeared for some seconds. I'm sorry for this mess, I hope no one was damaged by this (my car had nothing).

    Nothing else to report.
  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    No probs Anthony :cool: When i watched replay i could have left abit more room for you to at chicane also.

    No other incidents to report.

    Ye Nicolas i to see you stop then disappear i was ok, I did crap my pants abit tho :) ...
  10. No incidents to report :)

    Thank you Valerio for the little video of my/ our "heat-stopper". Nicolas suddenly appeared infront of me causing a panic and swerve off the track. I am pleased there was no contact with Nicolas; at the time I had wasn't at all sure.
  11. This is my fault, I rushed the pass too much when I wasn't 100% sure what you were going to do. I was in a 2 second sandwich between Sean and Anthony, a fierce battle, but if I would have waited even another 2 tenths of a second to pass you there would have been no contact, it was so close in fact that I wasn't aware of the contact until I watched the replay. I really hate to spin anyone, especially when it was 100% avoidable, so I am very sorry Valerio.

    This incident really frustrated me, much more so after I watched the replay which looks very carelessly aggressive. Unfortunately my rear right suspension broke, and my car (with reik's setup, thank you reik) was very unstable on hard braking and all left hand turns, I managed to hold it for maybe a lap before it bit me on some kerbs that should have been no problem, but I wasn't ready for the car's reaction. I had to pit to repair the suspension or risk wrecking the car permanently and getting a DNF.

    hopefully we can pay attention to the cars ahead of us at least as much as the ones behind us, though in my mind I still feel 80% responsible for this incident because if I did not make errors in my first pitstop I would have been very far ahead.

  12. I am really sorry David once again for causing damage to your car and make you lose control over it, as I mentioned in my incident report it seems that a sync issue what mainly caused the contact but regardless of what had caused the contact I really feel bad for what had happened and I wish it did not happen as we had lots of fun , even when u span I wished u had stayed to keep the fight on , but calling this incident very carelessly aggressive I totally do not agree with you here, especially when you personally had 2 contacts with 2 other drivers in 2 different situations on the same track which they do not look at all neither less aggressive nor more cautious/ better managed compared to my incident with you.


  13. First, I only comment on the server replay.

    Second, I've already moved on.

    Good luck in Interlagos.
  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I think Anthony deliberatly used his replay file, to explain how he experienced the situation in that moment. This way we can see that a sync issue was the main problem and due to that the harmed driver can hopefully build up a faithful mood.

    Sure, our aussie drivers aren't less guilty when making a mistake. But personally I'll be more faithful with them because of this annoying sync problem which they aren't guilty for.

    And David please allow me the following note: It's not very friendly to "allready move on" before something is solved (I don't like the word "problem" in this case). :wink:
  15. Thank you Reik for your friendly input.

    you are mostly correct in your conclusion and in addition i must admit that i should have spent more time to analyse the incident in a better way according to the rules to prevent any misunderstanding.

    Again i could have been wrong about this little sync issue but that what appeared to me from the replay in my computer in comparison to the server ( video attached ) when i based my incident report on it and i wanted David to know that mentioning the sync issue was never meant of releasing my duty in taking part of causing this incident but to say that it might have helped in creating the right environment for this incident to happen and made me misjudge the pass .

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  16. Thank you for well illustrating the incident with videos Anthony :)

    What I would like to know is Anthony's and David's opinion on the following:
    Was it ok to go for the inside like Anthony did and/or should David have expected him and left room? And did Anthony go tight enough?

    The conclusion of this incident should be the answer to the above question. If they (Anthony and David) happen to have different answers, the idea is that one (or more) of their racing collegue(s) will give his/their opinion(s).

    However, I do not mind if you put this issue dead now, I do not wish to create more anger, and maybe the best thing is to forget this incident and focus on next race which should be a hoot :)
  17. I'm not offering any opinion but in general:

    The rear wheels of our car are very very susceptable to damage. It only takes to "lightest" [smallest] of "touches" to break the suspension resulting in a big performance hit. It is race-ending in other words