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Season 7 Race 6 A1 Ring post race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    After a good Practice and start Practice come a nice pole we all very close:) and at start Im happy and full of energy but after few curve I lost car think telegraphic vision of monitor:cool: one mistake a bit of freezeee and psichedelic vision on monitor think this is enough for one race:)

    Congrat all and and thanks Race Director for event

    [​IMG]Im Pink Panter and coyote like Doc. Jekyll and Mr. Hide hahahahah
  2. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    What a bad quali. I was running in the low 1.06 but i only got a 1.16 haha, got the last corner very wrong to hot into and spun on entrance ;) opps.

    Race was ok really wasnt expecting 13th even, i knew race pace wasnt strong, stalled it in the pits which cost me about 20 seconds and two small spins. Had a little coming together near the end that i have already reported on in the incident thread, i had super softs on for the last 20 laps held well and my god about 1 to 2 seconds quicker so i should of run thoughs all race and i may have got a better result but hey ho.

    Cya guys next week for some more good racing :)
  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying 4th, good qual happy with that.

    race started terrible, touched inside kerb t1 and spun, reversed out the way and let everyone past, from there i had to make up as many places as i could, my pace was good so i went for it, back upto 4th at the end, im well chuffed with that, some good battles throughout the races and some great passes.

    good race all.
  4. Congratulations Reik, Sean and Gaetano

    Q15 [??] – Very surprised to find myself not quite on the back row. It wasn't a quick lap at all...

    R15 – At the start, I managed to make up several places before the braking zone if Turn 1. Very unusual for me but it all worked out well. I then chased Valter and Vincenzo with Cristian, Eliezer, Tom and Nico in hot pursuit.

    Valter must have been running with KERS and DRS and he breezed past Vince on lap 2 and disappeared into the distance. :cool: I then found myself in an Italian sandwich for the next 8 laps with Cristian right on my gear box. Brilliant racing gents. Vincenzo and I must have been using the same setup/ engineer as I tucked up under his rear-wing until lap 10 and could not find any way past. Cheers Vince! :)

    It all came to an end with contact and a spin at Turn 2. Eliezer waited for me to regain position [thank you], and I limped into pit-lane for much needed repairs and a change of strategy.

    The rest of my race is best described by the well known phrase, “Blue Flag first warning. Move over”. bugger....

    Thank you all. :)

    Warning - very long video
  5. :frown:
  6. Grats to Reik, Sean and Gaetano

    Qualify: 15th

    My qualify lap was not very good, although I didn't make any direct mistakes. My problem was that I was not in "quali-mode" but in stint mode, and was not able to find my quali pace in the duration of the outlap.

    Nevertheless I'll rather start 15th well prepared for the race than closer to the front, but not so well prepared for the race

    Race: 12th

    The start went well and I was soon on 13th place, behind Peter I think it was. After 3 laps I had a gigantic nVidia-freeze, lasting 10 seconds or so. When I reappeared I was 17th, with 18th place nowhere to be seen.

    I started now to chace David And Kurt I think it was who were 3-4 seconds ahead of me. However, I was not able to close the gap. I had a big problem in t4 (Gössler)... for some reason my braking seemed to be compromised, even though I braked early I could not stop the car in time and I went wide, losing a second or so every lap. This confused me greatly and I started to brake earlier for all turns. However, things seemed to be normal in the other turns, so when I braked early threre my car slowed to early... bottom line, I totally lost my rythm.

    On lap 13 I registred that the braking was "back to normal", and my race stabilised, although I was not able to recreate my pace from my practice sessions.

    I know my experience does not make sense, I do not know what happened or if it all was in my head.

    A little later in the race I made a mistake when I was too consumed with monitoring Reik that was closing up. I went wide in t9 and let a few cars past. When i reentred another car was closing up, and it took me a little time to realise it was Sean, but as soon as I learned that I let him past before t1, although i should have done so earlier on the s/f straight if I only had known.

    It seemed most had a very good race pace yesterday... if I am not mistaken Bob also was quite fast, he too was ahead of me in the early stages without me being able to close the gap... well done to all.

    I was a bit disappointed with 12th as I was well prepared for this race. I had done numerous stints, all without problems or accidents and a nice pace. Therefore it was disappointing not to find the rythem when it really counted.

    Never the less it was good fun, thank you to all.

    Here are the results:
  7. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik ! and Gaetano and all finishers , unlucky tim ! thanks nico
    Q: 2nd
    R: 2nd

    Race was ok i managed to keep quite close to tim before i decided to pit early 1st stop but i missed box lol had to reverse lost abit of time 4 5 secs to tim after stop and also i ended up behind Vincenzo who i thought wld pit then didnt i knew i had to pass because losing time but think he had less wing made it difficult to pass but was good fun.
    Later in race last stint i was around 15 secs to tim and 29 secs to reik and i came up behind Cristian who was having a close fight with someone so i decide to just follow them to finish and bring it home and not split up the fight.

    cyas in abu dhabi !!!!
  8. Grats to Reik, Sean and Gaetano

    Qualify: 10th
    I give a error don't go with my best set-up

    Race: 10th
    After start I go 11th I had Peter in front of me and Eliezer behind after he passed me nice I give room to him,Peter had in front Vince was before who probably for his race strategy was slower in the group as it was before but it was all so well Tom has recovered Eliezer had an accident with Peter so I Tom and David T. We made ​​up two places I was faster than Vincenzo and I was losing time, and later as I was behind David T was strong I groped overtaking on Vince, but I lost control of my car and went off the road without damage but fall in 16th Nico15th.I did my best pit of the season and are back in front Nico.At second pit is back behind Valter and I came with him in the end I felt really good Valter fun with you. For you Sean when I had the opportunity I checked if I were close to understand your intentions I was ready to give way but you were smart we had a good rhythm and Gaetano was away.
    Thanks Director and all those who competed.
  9. grats reik sean and all finisher!!
    enter on server in ultimate 20 minut ! so just prepare set for race same set from spa monza and koke

    time in q 1 07 1xx with little error not so bad!21laps with soft 24 laps still soft and ultimate laps with ssoft than i see and understand what can make 21 lap with ssoft but no test first :)

    very fantastic 1 lap with jim ^^ and more battle with ather m8s thx rd!
  10. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    me too first time that happen, maybe last upgrade nVidia's drivers?last realease285.58? Usually i try at home my test with 24 cars and no problems :confused:
  11. I noticed this :)

    At around lap 16 I had three cars ahead of me... I'm guessing all were withing 3-4 sec of me. At this point I decided I would try to pass them all during the pitting. Therefore i decided to pit after lap 19 (instead of lap 20) to try to undercut the other three that I was assuming would pit next lap.

    To my surprise Kurt, who was right ahead of me also pitted after lap 19. He needed to brake before the pit entry line (while my pit was at the end of the lane) but I managed to go to his right so I didn't lose any time on this. I made a perfect stop at my spot and was about to complete a perfect "pit-stop" that I hoped, in combination with the undercut, would bring me ahead of Kurt and the two others that didn't pit that lap.

    However, I manage to make a mistake I've never done before. As I was changing tyres (finished refueling) I was pressing "I" (ignition) and then "O" (engine start) to start my engine manually to secure immediate movement when the pit crew were done with the tyre change . I must have missed one of the buttons because my engine didn't start, and I didn't notice this and consequently I lost at least 2-3 seconds when the engine auto-started after the pit.

    I do not know what happened to Kurt, he didn't exit before me, and I didn't see him in my rear mirrors... what happened mate?

    Anyhoo, leaving the pits I thought that my stop probably was average, 2-3 seconds from perfect. The next lap Cristian exited the pits less than a second ahead of me, but he was behind me when I pitted, so I thought to myself that Cristians pit stop must have been very good :) Btw, I filled 60 liters in the pits, how much did you get Cristian?
  12. My feeling is that it is more track related. I got the freezes two times during my preperations for this race as well (so all in all I think I've had 3 freezes at A1 during the last 2 weeks practice and race.) On other tracks I do not get them at all.

    I do have the newest nvidia driver that you mentioned Vale, but I've had these freezes in an earlier race this season (cannot remember which at the moment), and that was before I upgraded to the latest driver. but I agree that from your perspective the newest driver is a possible reason.

    Bob to suffered the same type of freeze, that makes it 3 of us in the same race... I think Bob said he had ATI though... Did anbody else experience anything like this, or did it go super smooth for the rest?
  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats podium and all finishers! [TABLE]
    [TD]Reik Major[/TD]
    [TD]sean greenlaw[/TD]
    [TD]gaetano zizzo[/TD]

    Qualifying did not go quite as I wanted: P11

    The race went pretty well anyway: P9

    Anthony’s setup. 60+59+59 liter and SuperSoft all the way.

    I passed Vincenzo on lap two, that I will remember for life:cool: It’s well documented in the video. From all possible angles :)
    About lap nine there was a change in grip. A massive understeer occured. The laptimes after that was bad until first pit stop on lap twenty.

    Thanks Nicolai and mates for another fast&furious evening.

  14. yes, I have an ATI card and had never been the problem of this kind
    I'm still puzzled, what was the cause of yesterday?
    I hope next race is all good :)
  15. I like it :)

    Thanks for the video!

    And thank you for your video as well Valter, they reminded me that it was acctually a very good race in terms of finishers. All but Tim, who was crashed out, finished the race. That means nobody had a DNF due to crashing out themselves... that is a very positive thing I think.
  16. Hello Nico, I put 62 liters I could also use the 'manual ignition is the fastest pit I've ever done Everything went perfect, perhaps in a matter that I have done more than you've gained something I was dumping of gasoline my tires were still a little in the replay maybe we can understand but when I looked at the race I have not stopped to look at this particular we will give an interesting look :)
  17. Do try the Game Booster Valter/ Tim and possibly other Intel users have recommended [now and in the past]. It's free and it works! Get rid of the toolbar extension blah blah it instals though.....

    My previous race rig was an Intel CPU/ ATI 4890. Brilliant it was and then it started to freeze [black screen] once every qualifying session. Three times this happened and only during Presto races. I still remember Vince writing @#$%^ in the chat after he crashed into my frozen car at Nurburgring GP one season.

    I went back to the "darkside" and now use a cheaper/ less powerful AMD and an ATI 5870 with no issue [after a VGA Bios update for my video card I might add] - better add "touch wood" and burn some incense as well. J :)

    My point is, if I have one, is that I believe the Game Booster may help some Intel users with Race 07. Certainly worth trying....
  18. @Valter. I was very impressed with that pass too m8. Super Soft tyres should be outlawed though! J :) Thx for the vid!
  19. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I have no hardware issue Peter, I became a casualty of Bobs hardware. His crash crashed me.
  20. Ooops, my mistake Tim. I thought that I had written:

    Do try the Game Booster Valter/ Tim and possibly other Intel users have recommended [now and in the past].

    I know you were one of the first users I knew of to use Game Booster in the past. Apologies...

    I might add that I am in no way any sort of expert in these things. I only speak from my experiences and what others have told me. Noel used GB to great effect in the past too I believe. I tend to disable many Windows Services permanently and turn off everything [browser, email, virus, etc] after I receive th all important Email with pwd.