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Season 7 Race 5 Hockenheim post race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    great race for me until lap 29 after start Im in battle with Peter Andy and Bob front me David Mc but on lap 2 at last turn my pc go at 2 frame grrrrr:mad: lost little advantage so no more contac with David Mc, Peter and Andy pass me, but really good setup for me this evening so push and i tried to hold the contact with other behind me always Bob together catch Kurt and Valter so the train was a bit long:D this until pit at lap 19 for me when I jump out of pit think front me Kurt so again fun battles with him but in lap 29 a disaster hit Sean damage wings and suspension undrivable go in pit put more fuel and medium tires was soft in strategy but the time lost are light years[​IMG] so managed the race for finish with honor.

    PS only in lap 21 Reik pass me for the first time I'm getting better usually is in lap 2 or 3 :wink:

    Congrats Reik Tim Anthony and all drivers

    Thanks Race Director for event:)
  2. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: 1st :cool: good little bonus

    Was great start to race managed to pull small gap on Reik later in 1st stint he started coming back to me maybe i was having more tire wear, i ran wide looking in mirror doh reik was right on back of me and got by. Couple of mistakes later was down behind the tim and davie 5th or 6th. I decided to pit early lap 16 tires were wearing more than when id practised and in pitting early i managed to be back to 2nd later in 2nd stint. When i was lapping kurt i tapped rear made him spin, i thought he was staying wide at hairpin letting me by looking a replay i could have also went tighter if he was letting by but i was also abit indecisive , sos Kurt also dont know if Vale got braking slight wrong because of us at hairpin locked up and hit my rear supension damage and fwing off for Vale np dude dont worry about it if id never tapped Kurt i wouldnt have been there **** happens as they say.:cool:
    Sos guys hope you had good end to race :D
  3. Congratluations podium [ a silver star to Anthony J :)]

    Q 17th

    R 12th. During my race I had essentially two fantastic long battles; first with Kurt and then with Jim to the end. Thank you guys and thank you all. I'll edit latter with more maybe...

    Edit: my first lap
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    my race

    Q, well down, I made a mistake in the Mercedes corner, cost me bags of time on top of what was not a great lap to begin with

    R, P11, I've had very limited time to practice for this event due to work commitments so I set off from the grid with the intention of driving nice and steady, and finishing the race

    I had some good fun chasing Enzo and Eliezer and being chased by Peter and Nico at various points in the race

    Got my fuel calcs totaly wrong, exited the pits after the 2nd stop with 87ltrs for 18 laps!:rolleyes:

    So in short a fairly poor performance but I completed the race, which is a good result:)

  5. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    [TD]Reik Major[/TD]
    [TD]Tim McIver[/TD]
    [TD]Anthony Ishak[/TD]

    Reik got his usual spot:) Anthony and Tim are back in good shape, GRATS GUYS!

    Q: 14, Kurt 12 :)

    R:14, Kurt 13 hmm...
    I drove very sexy and had my new stylish racing overalls on, just in case they would film the race. The main goal, to drive all the way to the finish line was achieved.
    I made Nicolai sweat for a while by driving on his trail, far over my capacity, that was a difficult task and lasted for a number of laps until I spun. There was some close racing with Valerio and Kurt too. My pace was less and they escaped me easily. Valerio was after me in the final results but had a lot more speed. He had bad luck that’s all:)

    I did a not so very nice thing to Kurt, he he:cool: Ran pretty close behind Nicolas who was one lap up on us. When Kurt let him by under blue flag I followed past, lol. Kurt took the position back later though...

    Nice video Peter, just one thing, you forgot to film me, myself and Kurt.

    Thanks all of Presto GP for another enjoyable evening.
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 3rd, was very pleased with that.

    race - started well, held third for a few laps until gaetanno zizzo had made enough time up through going wide every chance he got( and not slightly wide HUGELY WIDE) i was sickened with him watching it in my mirror, it caused me to loose concentration and he slipped past and kept going extremely wide so i had no chance to catch back up, id had words with gaetanno for the last week on the server about his cutting and wides but he kept doing it, if you check back server logs nico youll find his total disregard for the rules when ive asked him to stop and abide by the rules, on with the race, i managed to getback to 3rd and was 10 seconds in front of anthony just holding a gap to him comfortably when from nowhere a set of hands appeared in front of my face, i shat myself and shouted what the hell are you doing, turns out it was my daughter deciding then would be a great time to show me her new nail polish :( i went off and hit the wall, had severe suspension damage but decided to carry on as pitting was not an option, anthony reeling in the 10 seconds no problem then i lost another place or 2, i ended up 6th after a strong race in 3rd, slightly gutted it happened so close to the end but i'll just make her life hell for the next week or two to make myself feel better.

    good race guys.
  7. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Kids...lol...priceless David:rolleyes:

    Grounded, or no XFactor for a week should do it

  8. Thx Peter , nice video :)
  9. Q : 7th
    R : 3rd

    i got passed by Elizer at the start then after a nice fight with him i got my position back , after that i closed the gap to Tim and when i got very close to start challenging him i made a mistake and spun the car and i spent the first stint trying to maintain the gap to him .

    i came around the pit entry at the end of lap 18 to find Di Philippo car stationary across the pit entry , i tried to avoid him but i scrapped the wall and damaged the car :tongue: that cost me around 20 s to fix it...

    i came out right behind Zizzo where i spent the second stint within 1-2 sec behind him, we had nice and sweaty fight ( thx Zizzo for the fun , i really enjoyed that fight :)) , i remember i had a nice fight for position with Nicola Rouge as well , he was running with a bit higher wings so it was a bit easy to overtake him on the long strait.

    the second pit stop went very well and came out in 4th with 8- 10 sec or so to David T, i tried to catch him but the gap stayed the same when suddenly i saw some smoke and David T going slower , i knew he was having some trouble so i passed him into third , Tim was around 30s or so ahead so it was wise to take it easy for the rest of the few laps left of the race ..

    it was a relief to have a trouble free and fun race and podium was the ice on the cake :D..

    Grats to Reik and Tim for a super result, and to all the survivors :) and thx guys for your nice words ..

    Thx Nico for all the hard work :)

  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Spins and other fun stuff

    Finally a video about me. I play myself and Have the lead role.
    I have also directed and edited this action movie myself.
  11. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    nice Valter :cool: lol andy bit was good :trophy:
  12. King of spins Valter :):)... was so funny to watch..

    nice Video with lots of action, especially the one with team Norge ...

    great job Andy :)..
  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    He sacrificed everything in order not to nudge me:trophy: I admire his quick reaction time. There were not many hundredths of a second to reason with himself.
  14. Nice video Valter. You got Kurt just after I lapped you both, you nasty boy :wink: !

    You should have put more brake at the front btw, Sachs braking would have been easier with all those bumps.
  15. First of all, grats to the podium, Reik, Tim and Anthony. And very well done to Nicolas as well, that was a very strong and consistant preformance of you. Grats to David T and Gaetano as well, and the rest of the finishers.

    I had maybe my best race so far, at least in terms of consistency :)

    First I had Valter on my tail for the first 10 laps or so, then Vince and I battled the rest of stint 1 and all of stint 2. This included a cool pit competition where I was ahead of Vince as I pitted after 19 laps, and he after 20. He exited the pits right ahead of me, because I missed my spot and had to back in the pit. In the third stint David McC took over as my tail :) Neither got past me, I hope I do not get special treatment as admin, I have three screens and can see you well. I think especially Jim was extra carefull with me which allowed me to pass him, but then again he might be forced to if he has a limited fov :)

    I made a video of all the action that took place, including all my spins and mistakes, and also lapping cars. ;)

    EDIT: something wrong with the video
    EDIT2: It has been fixed :)

  16. Another great video production Valter; and Nicolai's also was a very enjoyable viewing - well done. :cool:

    My own race was not so exciting this time. I found the race track quite a challenge so I was uber-cautious all race. Always it is fun to face such a challenge though. :)
  17. Nice vid Nico with lots of action :) , what wings you were at for doing 345 k behind vince ?
  18. I do not remember exactly, but something like 4 / 23 :)
  19. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice video Nicolai. My wings were over sized, 7/50, and too much brake at rear as Nicolas says. I have problems with soft springs and tried to compensate the grip loss from using stiff springs. Not cool :)
  20. wow , you seemed were carrying an airplane wing on your rear Valter , you should not have any spin at all with that size :D..

    i had 4/24 . very similar to Nico :), but somehow slower than him on the strait..:tongue: