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Season 7 Race 3 Singapore

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Reik Major, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Hy Folks,

    I just like to post the inofficial results as I noticed it could be hard to find out the standings if someone reads through the reports but didn't participate in the race. So I hope those persons will have a better understanding of all the stories to be written here... :wink:

    (Of course this standings do only show drivers, who stayed on the server until the end of the race. I think we started with 21 or 22 drivers or so.)

    My report will follow later...
  2. thx reik interesting see too the totally point on this 3 race ^^
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    have say only one thing well I did this race now better thinking next race:) no feeling with my back, I say about car :D.after start and in curve 2 Im in 15th but one sec later no one on track I thinking lost connections but after 2 or 3 sec all reappear and Im in 19th overtake some car that was in spin and along the race I discovered that I am a true "Italian Lover" have kissed many walls this evening:D and between one pit and one lap I managed my race.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Reik Tim Sean

    Thanks All and Race Director for event

    PS sorry:frown: Peter in lap 32 before bridge I did not see you in my map/game you are under my green arrow I tried stay much close I cannot did otherwise .

    Thanks All and Race Director for event
  4. I was sorry to learn that I helped causing the "end" of Anthony's race on lap 1. I will look closer at it tomorrow and post a video etc, but for now I can only say that I am very sorry for my part Anthony!

    I will write my race report here tomorrow, now it is too late, just needed to post the appolegy to Anthony.
  5. Congratulations Reik, Tim and Sean.

    Q. 21[SUP]st[/SUP]. A fine 2' 07” lap. I must have messed something up. I checked the tyres, so I thought, but had a flat front right tyre [first “puncture” ever – honestly] and three very overheating somethings. It was an experience, but not a good one.
    I drove the lap in-case others had an issue....

    R 5[SUP]th[/SUP]. A fantastic race. Last entering T1, I enjoyed a lot of racing with many drivers. Nico, Vale, Chirlie, David, Andy, Valter, Kurt, Vince, David Mc and probably many more. Wheel to wheel action, two competitive overtakes, a 360 barrel roll and a fierce battle to fend off David Mc at the end of the race.

    Thank you all. Brilliant!

  6. No problem Nico :) , sorry we had that contact . I actually was a bit busy keeping an eye on Ramlow who was all over the place trying to find a way past Di Philipo I think, and then at that turn when I run a bit wide to avoid hitting him I did not see from that dead angle that u dived into my right side to pass :( ...

    I lost the front wing and on this track it was a nightmare to pull up the menu to select the right strategy so I was a lap down after I fixed the damage .
    Lap 15 and just when I went out of the scheduled pit stop my brother Joe was on the phone to inform me that we had to move right away to avoid the morning traffic so we won't be late for work :( .

    Race over.

    Congrats Reik Tim and Sean , I will watch the race when I come back home .
  7. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    Quali 14th, not to bad

    Race: DNF, loaded the wrong setup the car was snapping to much for me to safely drive so i stopped. Really dont like that track bring on japan
  8. u must have been very unlucky this time with Q Peter, i looked at your Q lap , your car was absolutely dead ..

    well done M8 for coming 5th in the race :)..
  9. Grats guys! Sorry I couldn't be there, was looking forward to it too!
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Reik, Tim and Sean!

    Q: 10th

    R: 8th
    A few laps in the beginning, I had the sixth place. I can't blame the lost positions because I was pushed off the road or something, I was simply not quick enough. Luckily I kept the road all the time. It was only a few light caresses of barriers and a slow pit stop that I'm not completely satisfied with.

    My constant companion in the race was Nicolai. If I remember right, so we fought for position until the last laps. I did not run many laps alone. Thanks to all who were there to make the race interesting.

    Something happened which was quite disappointing. Someone came completely out of control on the inside after the bridge. He went straight ahead with good speed into the runoff area and disappeared from sight. It was a few millimeters from the ending of my race. I can only say, never do that again, or I will drive by and empty my shotgun in your tires.

    I saw in the replay that I was in your way Reik, I apologize for the turns you had to stay behind. With hindsight one can say you won even though I did not let you pass me immediately(J)

    In conclusion, it was a super cool race with many fights. It does not get much better.

    Soon it's Suzuka. It will be fun. See you there guys.
  11. Hi guys. Sorry I couldn't be there. See you in Suzuka.
  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats reik, tim and finishers!

    Q 2nd
    R 3rd had ok start and most of 1st stint chasing tim and reik until i made a spin fell back towards gaetano i had to be steady to build gap again. Made another mistake in last stint again gaetano right behind me had to be steady and had to make no more mistakes to end was good fun pressure racing.

    cyas all Suzuka!!
  13. Grats Reik, Tim, Sean and all the finishers.

    I had like many others a great race with many battles, but instead of writing the report I made a video instead, it contains all the highlights (and lowlights) of my 35 laps long race.

    It contains good racing battles with Valter, David T, Peter, Chirlie and or Vincenzo (same skin) and Christian R. It also shows the 3 incidents I was involved in, with Anthony I, David T and Chirlie. I also included my poor attempt to pass Vale (he did everything right) which ended in me spinning the car, I also did this one more time all by myself. My pit stops are also included, where you can see that I was surprised to see my limiter turn on when exiting :)

    Enjoy, I have not spent too much time fine tuning the editing :)

    My comments regarding the incidents: See this post.
  14. I enjoyed the video. thx
    I didn't make a clip this time, sorry...
  15. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice video. I hope for a continuance of the fight at Suzuka.
    The livery of that blue and yellow super fast car car was nice:) It looks smart on camera.