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Season 7 Race 10 Valencia-Race Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jim Hawley, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :(< idiot
  2. After one week i dont have time to practice too much at Valencia so i'm not expecting a very good result...and here we go Qualifs 8th unsatisfied but the little work is shown :confused::D
    Race i've got a good start and pull up to 4th or 3rd i think and can get a good pace, surprisingly, and i was gaining confidence with car and track because i did only 10/15 laps in practice servers :/ no time for more...but as i was saying the start of race was running well for me, just got 2 little mistakes SPIN :confused: what is normal i think...but in the end i'm 2nd even more surprisingly and 5 seconds behind David trying too push hard at the end, but, when i check my fuel pffffff my race was spoiled there my noob mistake it happens maybe the little time practicing justifies this error :rolleyes: so i need to slow down the car and sank to 7th :( really disapointed after unexpectedly being a whole race to fight for victory is sad to give up but so i can only complain about myself, the car was so good at race with mediums.
    Congrats for podium specially a super David we have tonight and for the champion Reik :)
    See you next season, nice to know we have the system Winter/Summer season i'm thinking the come back only at September what is too much time without F1 action so in February here we are and here we go...:cool:
  3. Sincere congratulations David for a stellar performance.:cool:
    Grats Gaetano and the champion Reik and to all who survived.:)

    Q 17th. Sure and steady lap.

    R 10th. A lot of fun. I enjoyed our battle immensely Andy. Team Sweden had it all together just ahead of us there. :)
    Merry Christmas all. Stay safe.

    Mega big thank you to Nicolai!!! And to Daniel. :)

    I'll add a video latter..... and here it is. A pleasure to do battle with you once again Nico:D

    P.S.those practice starts were a bit......
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  4. Yeah, i had some nice fights with Peter, Valter and Kurt. :)
    It was a fun race.
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  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali 18: very bad more than 2sec. over my pb but start from back in this track is better ( start in middle in practice after 2 turn my car was a airplane and my back burn with a bit of pain:D)
    Race 15 : really amusement Im on back but nice battle with Nicolas Cristian Eliezer a nice battle along 2 or 3 turn with Jim nice mate hard and clean;) after 2nd pit Im behind Kurt and Cristian but blue flag cost me a bit of seconds but at 6laps to go saw Kurt and Cristian in Parking Area ( maybe some nice Chicas Hermosas:)) so i pass and finish race until end.
    CONGRATULATIONS David T, Bravo Gaetano , Gut Reik

    Thanks all guys

    Thanks PrestoGP and Nicolai , another great season.
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    race report......

    qualifying - Pole Position :) very happy with my lap, not far from my pb.

    race - 1st..... started well enough went to cover reik on the inside then let the car drift back over onto the racing line for turn 1, got through there unscathed so set about just trying to stay in 1st, managed to do this for the whole first stint with a sometimes 2-4 second gap to gaetano, this increased slightly as we neared my first pits on lap 15, to my surprise i came out in 1st again with a good gap and just got back into my rythum, by my 2nd pit at lap 30 again i had a good gap and came out with helder 5 seconds behind, i managed to hold this gap for most of that stint until i saw helder drop back(his fuel problem) i then just cruised to the end, letting the fans know i appreciated their cheering, i thought of doing a donut or two for them but i only had a 20 second gap at that time and i couldnt trust myself not to stall it or something so i just went to the end lol :D so happy to get my first win in the formula 1, its been a long time coming, thanks to all for a cracking season and merry christmas to everyone and hope you all have a great new year.

  7. Yeah David what i saw in this 3 races you have pace to be winner but you did some mistakes that you didn't tonight so here are the deserved victory mate. ;) let's be strong to try beat Reik at the end of the next season :p :)
  8. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Fantastic drive Davie, well done mate:)

  9. What was pole time? :p
  10. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    1.30.8 :)
  11. No, my money!!!
  12. I'll make a longer report later, but these days are sooo busy, Christmas around the corners, and I have been chasing girls instead of buying presents... :)

    Anyhoo, big congrats to David for a strong victory, his first with f1 :)

    Also, big grats to all finishers, it made me proud to see how well we did with the limited practice many of us had.
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  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations David, Gaetano and the great three time champ Reik
    And grats all other drivers!

    Q: 11th

    R: 12th
    I did not come off so well. The cue in front of me was moving slowly but steadily from the start but there was nothing to be proud of. I lost two positions immediately.

    On the first lap I found myself with Vincenzo in front and Andy who was shadowing me.

    On lap four I pass Andy who temporarily had some problems with the racing line.

    Now I am pursuing Vince, Anthony and McCradic. On lap ten I do an unsuccessful overtaking attempt and lose some ground.

    I run off the track in the fast bends at the end of lap fourteen. Kurt, Peter and Andy drive past.

    I go in and service the car right after the disembarkation.

    Out again in the seventeenth place.

    Nicolai appear during lap sixteen. We does battle for a while but unfortunately he get a minor problem and the duel ends a little inglorious.

    Andy has come closer in front, I manage to pass him during round eighteen.

    Now I have Kurt in sight. He misses a little and I drive past.

    Service again on lap thirty-nine. In as tenth, and out as fourteenth.

    Valerio almost manage to pass me on the bridge during round thirty. But I manage to stop him.

    It's lap thirty-two, Andy comes out in front of me. I lose contact after David T lapping me. I manage to catch him again so it differs only 10 meters between us on lap thirty-nine. More lapping meant that we were separated again, so there was no thrilling final battle, unfortunately.

    Thanks everybody for this fine season. I wonder how long I can go on driving here. You get better and better and I get older and older...

    Hope to see you out there in a fun race between seasons :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone
  14. relationship of race!
    Yesterday we put together to mark a few series of 15 laps,
    using soft soft I realized that I had some problems with tire wear after 15 laps behind 75% of my life in 43% tires front and rear, another problem after 10 laps with 1 deceleration gear!
    opla I decide to go with soft front and medium rear, and the shortest 1 speed, perfect! pit strategy 2, 58ltr fuel! lap14 and lap 29! 3 in Superpole with only +300 to my best lap, just try to stay in starting with the first 2, so I find little problem reik seconds after my mistake filipe passes, so I decided lap 14 pit stop ^ ^!
    the second set of tires behind David, with Filipe that presses
    lap29pitstop filipe passes and 3 seconds behind me!
    As always in my last set of tires I see to be slower but constant over the last few laps I find I have about 10 seconds behind someone who is recovering, while the gap decreased filipe! 2 place not bad! !

    grats david t grats reik another title consecutive^^ grats all sourvivor !
    grats and thx Nico and all for this fantastic league ! very nice work!!

    merry christmas all!

  15. Hi
    First, I just say thank you for letting me run in this race ..=) very kind of you all.

    Qual: 4
    Not exactly the best time, but was ok happy with it because it was a while since I've run a race. I felt a little rusty , they would not push it too much in qual. But just want to say congratulations David for his pole ..=)

    Race: 5 i think.

    The start went ok for me, held my position, but felt I had too much wing, so did not have enough speed in the car to keep up with the best, tried but after you have been away for a while, I had lost a little momentum ..=)
    But had some ok fight so it was super fun to race again. And in the new seson, I will try to findspeeding again.
    Gzzz to David again ran well ..=) well see new on the top.

    Gz to Reik for his championship.

    Thanks to all for this to run (Nico)

    Hope to see you all in the new seson

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Mark Sorensen
  16. I think you and Kurt, aka Team Sweden, are among the drivers who have improved the most the last couple of seasons :)
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  17. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

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  18. Congrats David nice win!:) , Gaetano and Reik for the podium

    Congratulation! 3 time Champion of PrestoGP, Reik:)

    As always very busy, sorry for that. :confused:

    I past a great GREAT time with all of you, thanks to all those who we have a nice battle with me on race, drive and Race is my passion, I hope never say "have to go" of Presto GP, Thanks!!:D

    Before, I had a different expensive NVIDIA video card $400( crash disconnection freeze ) may me crazy, this season7 I could do all race without issues, my new video card ATI $99 is the best that I had,

    Welcome new guys! Helder ;)

    Welcome Back Mark, another fast guy;)

    Thanks our friend, Nico;)

    Thanks to all!! :cool:

    Merry Christmas! and Happy NewYear!

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  19. :) Same for me here in terms of cristmas preparation, not hunting girls of course. (fingers crossed for you Nico :))

    So I'll write something more later these days! :)