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Season 6 Weather

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Daniel Hansson, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone :)

    I've decided to continue doing the weather for Presto this season. Mostly due to not having enought time and motivation to be racing full time.

    After opening the season with a dry race, we are now free to discuss how we want the weather to be handled for the remainder of the season. I'm sure you want to have the variable weather ready for the next race, so post your ideas here. :)
  2. I'm always for the real life approach.

    For instance, our next race is the 12/13th of February so what I would expect is to do a 10 day forecast for that region & see exactly how the weather will behave on the day.

    Ideally we would have the Real Life weather that we see in the F1 race, but as we are a whole week early in FPPS it isn't possible
  3. One suggestion : it would be great if we could have a shower somewhere during the race (dry before and drying after). We had only a rainy start and then drying condition last season.
  4. You are? Euro is ment to be Wednesday after F1 race, and I thought you raced the weekend before our Wednesday, iow the same weekend as the real f1 race.
  5. to make sense

    I like the way it was done last season. I do agree with Nicolas' suggestion, but keep it a secret when/ if you "spring it".
    Thank you Daniel....
  6. This is my feeling as a driver, counting 1/25

    For me the most important thing is not to get situation where drivers tries to read Daniel's mind. You know, expecting a well staged weather show. Like, if it starts raining after 10 laps at Nurburgring some drivers might guess (e.g. based on Nicolas "wish to the weather god") that it will be a short shower and chose their strategy accordingly. Wheather it turns out that they were correct or not it is a step away from realism in my eyes.

    But I do pray for the same stuff as Nicolas, but I do not expect my prayors to be heard if u know what I mean :)
  7. 2/25

    What if Daniel picks real life weather situations from previous f1 seasons where the weather played in creating an exciting race during that day and tries to copy the exact thing into our race?

    It would be hard to read "the weather man” mind I would guess plus Daniel would have many different scenarios for the whole season... :)

  8. I try to not choose the weather myself. I use excel to make random choises.
  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I think the way we had random weather last season was good. So I'd vote for it again.

    Of course there could have been some more variations like dry-wet-dry and different temps, but too much variations can make it too difficult. I agree with others who would still like an increasment of difficulty and challenge, but we should also respect, that the main goal is good and clean racing for everyone. Too difficult conditions could kill the racing fun for someone and dramatically increase the possibility of unsafe racing...

    Edit: Finally I can life with any decision as long as the conditions are the same for everyone :)
  10. I'm guessing Daniel can make sure of that at least ;)
  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Good to know :)