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Season 6 Race 7 China (Shangai) - Chat

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolas Rouge, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. What's the track for the China GP next week? I found 2 versions of the Shanghai track and I wonder which one I can use to begin my training.
  2. The one in the PrestoGP updater, the folder is named Jiading. I have opened a server with it.
  3. Thanks. It's the CHINESE_GP track in the menu (Chinese_Gp folder for the setups).

    I found another one in the download section here in RD : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/race-series-tracks-4/shanghai-v-1-1-3724/
    It reads "SHANGHAI" in the menu. I tested it just to see what it looks like and it's easier to drive because there's more grip (for instance full throttle in T13 with the same setup). The kerbs are higher, and there's also some kind of banking in T13.

    Our version of the track is much more challenging, and I hope I'll find a way to setup my car to avoid spinning every time I push a little!
  4. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Ohhh, thx for reminding me, because I only think from event to event, so I forgot there are also different time gaps between some events.

    btw: Until Istanbul we have a 3 weeks break after China. It's very helpfull to practice T1 again and again :)
    (especially the starting procedure heading into T1 with cold, hard tires and much fuel, it's easy to overbreak the tail)
  5. We were acctually supposed to vote about the race date for China, either next week as scheduled or the week after. Due to losing contact with a handful of drivers on e-mail, the big accident(s) at Melbourne and general little time on my hand, I have not got around doing this.

    I was also planning to air Jim's idea about no speed limit in the pits to improve the climate for different strategies, but I have not done this yet either for the same reasons.

    Having a well working (e-mail) communication is the core of making the league run smoothly!
  6. I'd like the Shanghai race to be moved forward a week, keeping with the two week gap, but only if everyone can still attend.
  7. We've moved it forward for Pacific Nico, I meant to PM you this morning but was running late. Instead of this weekend we are running it next weekend, keeps everything in the nice & tidy fortnightly basket.

    And China is such a hard track for guys to be comfortable with in only a week.
  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I vote for moving Shanghai forward one week, if it doesn’t cause any trouble.
  9. Good idea , so we have time to learn the track as this will be the first time for me on this track.. :)..
  10. The same here. I also vote for moving China ahead.
  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    I'd also like to have it one week later to stay with the two weeks gap.

    By having it next week I see two problems for me:
    1. due to a busy weekend and much work in the week, I can't be well prepared in any way
    2. and this effect maximises due to the fact that it's a completely new track

    On the other hand I'd like to have Fabrice racing with us and my not so good preparation could be an advantage for the drivers chasing me in the championship. So I don't have a problem if it's next week...
  12. Same here.
  13. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no problem moving one week
    one week more for learn track I could be the FIRST in the race:D
  14. I will drive either week.
  15. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Two weeks break would be better for me, too much work to do

  16. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts
    Premium Member

    unfortunalty cant do both weeks so this really doesnt effect me at all :( stupid work
  17. I would prefere two weeks brake, but am able both weeks.
  18. After trying out the track, I really don't want to race at all.
  19. i'd prefer the extra week!!