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Season 6 Race 6 Sepang post race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    all wait the rain and no rain:tongue:

    Quali: in 17th 0,7sec of my PB:frown:
    Race: from back is better drive slow and after first S is started a long and good fight with Kurt and Valter I was a bit preoccupied about tires in my home test medium tires dont like many battles so I tried conserved tires and tried to pass my two mates, after overtaking managed my position , before pit i saw in last straight on grass Alex,Eliezer and someone else that not remember now, now Im in 12th go in pit at lap 20 managed end of race with 2 or 3 little battle with Tom and Alex.

    Congratulaions All and sure Congrat Podium: Reik-Jim-Cristian:good:

    Thanks PretsoGP and Race Director:) for event
  2. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    Quali: well didnt go to well tbh well of the pace of even my best time down in 18th :(
    Race: spun out of two on the first lap that put me on a charge, finshed 12,13th so not bad but could of been better. a few incidents to report i think but will have a look tommorow
  3. Congratulations Reik, Jim and Cristian!

    Q 8th:
    Close to a PB and my best grid position for this season.

    R 7th[Oops, 6th :)]:
    I had a lot of fun :D with a couple of great battles for position with Vincenzo and Anthony all the way to the end of the race.

    Excellent drive Jim!:cool:
    Thank you all and well done all finishers.

    Thanks for another epic battle Vincenzo and sorry you dropped connection so late in the race.
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Holy c**p:)

    Q, close to pb P4.. all good

    R, P2:cool:

    It was a great race, I followed Cristian at around 3 secs for some time till he made a mistake, I was in P1!!:party: for a while, Reik closed up so I pitted a lap earlier then planned, Cristian jumped me in the stops and I set about following him again, at around -3secs, Nico was closing slowly at first till I had some brake issues then he closed quickly, I was powerless to stop him overtaking me and i didn't want to take any risks (4th is still a good result for me)

    In the closing laps I was tailing Nico with Cristian not far ahead, I remember saying to myself (in my head) "don't drive too fast, let them make the mistakes" and two corners later Nico is on the grass and Cristain is pointing the wrong way, I couldn't believe my luck

    I feel for Nico and Cristian, but thats the way it goes I guess

    They both drove really well and recovered to P3 and 4 I think

    Grats to Reik, Nico and Cristian & all that made it round

  5. Congratulations Reik, Jim and Cristian and all finishers!

    Happy for me, to finish the race :)

  6. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Interestingly.. I was the slowest guy in the top ten, I should drive slow more often:cool:
  7. Congratulations to all :trophy:

    Apparently no big problem tonight in the european league, this is good.
  8. Congrats Reik, Jim and Cristian!

    Q = 11th
    Disaster. ~0.7 off my PB.

    R = 10th
    Disaster 2.0 :pumpkin:
    I kept my P11 after T1. Then had moved up to 7th. Then fell down to 14th after my mistake on L4. But everything was ok, because I was not far from the big group of racers in points zone, and was fast enough to stay within them. And on L7 there was a mysterious accident at the back straight. I was accelerating after T14, reached ~170kph, and suddenly big BOOOOOOM happened. That was Megastorm invisible to me! He was slowly going on the left side, but what I was seeing was just clean air and some cars at the end of the straight. I did not even realized what happened. Broken suspension and aero lead me to my mechanics, and this early pit-stop forced me to use 2-stops strategy.
    I am happy to score some points. It could be much worse after that crash with invisible ghost racer :D
    BTW I am really surprised to see my name 2nd in the league standings. :redface:

    P.S. Any ideas why Eliezer's car was invisible to me? He always uses standard Ferrari skin, so it could not be a skin issue I think.
  9. Q; 10th, very slow..
    R :5 th...

    I gambled on the wet setup so i was killed on the straits :tongue:....

    I had so much fun battling with Peter and Cavalier right to the end of the race... they were both ahead of me in the first stint but I could jump them both in the pit using my super strategy lol..

    Great fun guys..
    Congratulations Reik, Jim :good::good:and Cristian ... very good job Nicolai ...:good:

    See you in china .. 你看中国
  10. 5 min highlight of my race. I'll write my report soon :)

  11. Very interresting Nicolai, nice race, only a few small faults but at the end a good result. Congratulations!

    ... like we said in france: some times, a video is better than a long discourses :)
  12. Thank you guys, despite of some errors when trying to pit and at the end of the race I think it is safe to say that this was my best race so far in my careere :)

    I got a great start and went from 11th to 7th, and then back to 8th within the first few turns of the race. There I settled, trying to threaten Vincenzo as much as I could. Managed to get past him, and soon after the big, fat and heavy car of David McC moments later. I also gained a couple of places due to others in front going of.

    At lap 13 I saw Reik was closing up (I was now on 3rd). My initial thought was to let him pass me and then try to let him pull me up
    to Jim And Cristian, but then I thought that I would give him a battle to give Jim and Cristian a small hope :) + I know Reik likes a challenge. 2 laps later I made a small mistake that gave me a poor exit in the second last turn. The Champ didn't need anymore and had me for breakfest :)

    I was going to the pits after 20 laps and wanted to brake slightly late at the last turn (because of the position of the pit entry). My worn tyres didn't like the surface off the racing line and I spun the car. I tried going over the grass to get to the pits, but turned left on the wrong road, it only lead me back to the racing track :) So I had to do antoher lap.

    This meant I only needed to do 18 laps in my second stint, and I felt that I was flying on great tyres. Eventually 2nd place was within my grasp, but I wasn't cool enough the last two laps and made mistakes that cost me a place or two.

    Big congrats to Reik, Jim and Cristian and the rest of the finishers!
  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying 6th, quite happy with that

    race starts im upto 3rd by end of t1, right on jims tail, tried a couple of times to overtake him into 2nd place and was getting closer and closer all the time, then Reik rear ends me and ruins what couldve been a great race for me, i lost traction up the hill slightly, reik slams into rear of me, punts me off track damaging my rear suspension, from there i lost at least 1 position per lap until it was undrivable and i was last i think, i pit far earlier than id have liked and tried to just stay calm and go till the end on a set of hards, my concentration was gone tho, so now 2 races in a row that couldve been great and end up a lost cause.

    awe well, i'll battle on :(

  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Reik, Jim and Cristian.

    Well done Jim, you showed us how it’s done this time!

    Q. 16th

    R. 15th
    I had a hard time to keep the wheels on the tarmac for some reason. I can assure you I was perfectly sober. Maybe that’s the problem!!

    First part of the race was so nice. I had Valerio, Kurt, Anthony M, Bob and Tom to trade positions with. Thanks guys you made it worth while to participate.

    After lap 15 I lost the ability to drive the car. The tires felt like the rubber had turned to goo. I have no one to blame but myself when I lost contact with the little flock of cars I enjoyed so much to follow.

    The remains of the race I just fought with myself and occasionally let some lapping cars by.

    Grats to our valued Nicolai for some top class racing.

    CU in Shanghai guys:)
  15. Reading your post makes me think of my own preperations. As earlier said I've been very busy lately, I litterly was at work 16 hours a day from Friday to Monday. I only managed to get in one stint and that went terrible, as I had a hard time doing steady laps quite early into the stint. (I used my Melbourne setup, slightly modified).

    Therefore I decided to do another stint right before the race. I concluded that on my last stint the problem was that I lost my rear all the time after only a few laps of tyre wear. I made some changes to my setup to get more rear grip. (springs and arb) and it seems I got lucky and struck gold. My car was now in almost a perfect balance, and I was able to push for all 19 laps of the stint.

    I am sorry I never posted my setup, but my stint only ended 15 min before qual.

    My point here is that I think a well balanced race setup was key (for me) in this race.
  16. Nice video Nico, You finally got the luck on your side in this race to show your true speed, I mean with couple of spins and still managed to come 4th.:) I am really happy for you m8 that enjoyed this race and hopefully china will be the same :):):)
  17. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nico's vid inspired me, so made a quick movie of my race:)

  18. Congratulations Jim, for the race... and the video :)

    I saw you in a very regular driving, that's what gives you this wonderfull 2th rang completly deserved.

    At the same time, I enjoyed some technical points on your driving, like changing gears not too high in the towers when your tires are worn ... I take note.
  19. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I was too much prepared for rain and too little for dry track I guess. I did test run the setup a whole stint and didn’t think its flaws was so bad.
    The worst thing is I mislead my team mate. Kurt listened to my babbling about rain and used similar settings to mine. I am sorry about that. I am glad he could at least do better than me.

    Nice video clips guys:)