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Season 6 Race 3 IMOLA

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    start from back so i can see a bit of smoke and cars around the track in first lap:D , but I did a mistake at Tosa spin and lost 4 position was in 12th behind mate Kurt after this a little battle with Nicolai and hard fight with Graham strong boy :D I brake really late at Rivazza for overtake and pass him,before pit, I did in lap 28 ,I see Bob and start a nice challenge after pit Bob is front me about 20sec.I push hard ,mounted soft wheels, and again a nice battle with him but in Variante Bassa Bob thought better take a bit of flowers for your wife:D was in the green:D,
    There was no one for battle so I managed last laps for finish the race less concentration cut kurbs in Variante Villeneuve and collected one Stop & Go.

    CONGRATULATION Reik Gaetano and Anthony and all Drivers

    Thanks Nico and Staff for event:)

    C U all on next track
  2. Results are out:

    It was a very frustrating race for me. I had done mostly stint practice the last two weeks and felt I had a stable high race pace availeble to me :)

    Earning 9th grid position in qualify Cristian ahead of me had a very slow start off the line and I chose to slow down instead of changing lane (would be risky), so a couple of cars got past me and after a couple of turns I settled down in 12th. A bit later Alex made a fair pass and I was 13th. Then I was "sent into a spin" by the car behind me (was it my team mate? edit: It was Bob)

    I soon found myself dead last and my race continued. It took a lot of time to pass the slower cars (no problem, they were all good and fair fights) and when it was time to pit and change tyres (after 22 laps) I was 14th when I exited the pits. It was 21 seconds up to 13th. With clear track ahead I set out to close the gap. After a few laps (7-9?) I was only 10 seconds behind and was slightly ahead of schedule, but then I caught up with Anthony I who was one lap ahead. El problem :eek:

    After a while I got past/was let past (can't remember) and manage to quickly create a little gap so to shut up the blue flag warnings :) Soon after I found myself behind Anthony M who was one lap behind me. I was not able to lap him until Anthony I and David McC had caught up with me again and I had to let them past me again.

    From there on I gave up. Nobody did anything wrong, I was just in an unlucky spot on the track surrounded by cars on another lap :eek:

    In the race I had several good fights, in particular with Valerio who I think is an excellent racer, always leaving room for me if I am on his side :) Thanks mate! Everybody else (Peter, Graham... cannot remember more atm) I battled in the race played fair as well, so thanks to you to.

    PS: I have not seen the replay yet, so this is just how I remember it

    Now I've seen the replay, and it was Bob, and not Per (both white cars) who spun me. And, it isn't as clear cut as it felt in the car, at first look I'm thinking I should have anticipated him and left room.
  3. Excellent memory mate :) I can't recreate anything in my mind without watching the replay :)
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Total disaster:mad:

    Q, P8 way off my pb

    Race, Got a great start into P5, then as I round Piratella for the first time the rear just lets go:confused:

    I'm in a terrifying spin down the hill with cars flashing by either side, really:sorry: to all that might have :poop:'ed a bit

    Being the first lap I couldnt get back onto the track so I had to trundle round the grass on the inside and rejoin last

    Then I lost my head somewhat and tried to drive way too fast, which resulted in another spin, some wing damage and then and one huge and "terminal" off at Tamburello on lap 4

    So I sat and watched the race in the bar with some :pizza: and :beer:

  5. Server replays are now availeble through the PrestoGP updater.

    And, I am forgetting, congratulations to the podium, Reik, Gaetano and the one armed Aussie :) Well done. And regards to all finishers!
  6. It was a tough race today but i really enjoy it :)..


    R: P3

    I had a reasonable start and was cautious approaching T1 as usual, i noticed Jim had a flying start and was next to me and would have been too risky to do a late braking to challenge him as he had a better racing lane then me and i dropped to 6th, then couple of turns later Jim span and i got back my P5.

    I pressed on and start chasing Dvid Mcradic , he was on medium for sure as he was struggling with grip and run wide so i inherited the 4th place then i closed the gap the David Turnbull and when i was closed enough to him he run wide so i passed him to 3rd and decided to keep the third for the rest of the race:cool: ...

    Around lap 36-37 or so i noticed Nico was behind me and was faster than me , i was struggeling with grip so i tried to let him pass as soon as i could without losing the gap to Turnbull who was closing fast on me ,then Nico got stuck behind Anthony M for few turns and i did not have the choice but to lap him again as Turnbull was on my tail :tongue:and i could not afford risking my 3rd .. " sorry m8 if i disturbed your race ":redface:...

    the last 6 laps were all about to survive the pressure from Turnbull and secure third as my tires were gone and i was lapping almost 3 seconds slower.:tongue: ...

    nice job everyone and Grats once again to our Champion Reik , to Zizzo who was hard to catch and to all survivors :)..

    Nice to see you back Tim, i am sure you will be at the front next race..

  7. Congrats to Reik, Gaetano, and Anthony. At this rate it looks like I will be congratulating Gaetano and Reik a lot this season?

    Q: P4. 1:21.223. Very surprised to see that time got me P4.

    R: P5. Pretty uneventful race for me, which is a good thing. I tried to maintain a consistent, safe rhythm because you can really only be passed when you make a mistake, and mostly I succeeded with this strategy. No real battles during the race this time, and no bad mistakes. I ran extra fuel in the first stint to ensure I could get a clear entry into the pitlane. There was a couple backmarkers who scared me a bit, and luckily I managed to have no incidents. I don't remember who they were but some people pick interesting places to slow down. After checking out some of the lines people were using, I realized I could have been a second a lap faster if I had stuck with my old setup from last week and just practiced intentionally driving with 4 wheels off the track where I could get away with it, instead of trying to play it safe. Kind of a bummer, but 5th is better than my Nurburgring debacle.
  8. Maybe i should consider racing with one arm in the future if it brings more luck :wink:...
  9. Congrats to the podium. How is the champagne? :tongue:

    Q = 11th (about 0.9 from my PB :confused:)

    R = 7th
    When the lights turned off, I took a good start, and right ahead of me Nico was accelerating very slow because of slow starting car ahead of him. I decided to slow down (changing the line could cause a big crash before T1) and got a slight punch from behind by Peter :D Many cars were going fast on the right, so my 11th position became 14th or 15th.
    Later I had two good passes (one on Nico, and another one on Kurt) and I also had very good fight with Nicolas in the beginning (nice double mistake mate :rally:) and another one with Vincenzo right after the pit-stop (no close battles but very sweating chase).
    One position was gained in the pit-stop (Cristian Di Filippo's mechanics were totally drunk I think), two more by overtakes on track, and all the rest because of other racers' mistakes. That's how my P14 in the beginning turned to P7 in the finish.

    Thank you guys for excellent racing. See you all in Australia.
  10. Congratulations Reik, Gaetano and Anthony!

    Q: 13th Well off my PB.

    R: 11th:
    Off the line, I needed to lift early and rear-ended Alex ahead of me [see incident report]. In turn, I received a tap from behind which spun me off the track. The obligatory suspension damage and rejoined in last place. Very sorry for the trouble I caused and to Per who I clipped on the way back to the track.

    After that I had a very good race and battle with many drivers including Graham, Eliezer, Valter, Nicolas and Nicolai.

    I came into the pit lane on lap 21 right behind Valter, repaired the car and finished the race in the same position.:)

    Thank you all for the race. Cu at the next one....
  11. HI guys
    Congratulations to the podium,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t join the race this morning, my computer crashed on me yesterday, could be a virus.
  12. Q 16th
    PB but slow. Maybe I'll have to practice more Q.

    R 12th
    Good start, good fights with some drivers during the race : Alex (wheel against wheel from Tosa to Piratella, and then double mistake at Tosa some laps later:)) , Kurt and Peter for instance. My apologies to Gaetano, who was chasing Reik while lapping me : I thought you were Kurt:frown: Sorry to have made you loose some time. I still made too much mistakes, and raced with suspension damage because of a spin in the first spin. I hope I'll improve my driving.

    Thanks Nicolai & PrestoGP for organization, and to all the drivers for that high level league. I'll see you in Australia, since I can't be present at Bahrain (or whatever replacement track).
  13. Congrats to Reik, Gaetano, and Anthony!

    Q: 18 not my PB
    R: 17 why I have made so many errors?

    after SIMBIN Update, my SLI-M form Leo Bodnar dont work :-(
    totally unfamiliar for me, with no shift lights and gear indicator!
    My very sorry Nicolay! I ruin your Race :-( [see incident report].
    and sorry Anthony M. and Graham too, it was not intentional!
    Sorry to hear, with your suspension, Graham :-(

  14. Ooops, my fault. I thought the next race is in Melbourne. Now I see it's not. What track is going to host us?
  15. at least a gourmet ending Jim .. pizza and beer :)... Vale would have done the same i beleive :rolleyes:..
  16. Rumors say a trip over the pond to Watkins Glen :)
  17. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qual - 3rd

    race - 4th (undeservedly)

    im going to hold my hands up here, i came 4th but i dont deserve it in my honest opinion, ive watched some of my replay and im shocked, i honestly didnt feel i was going wide so much and by so much, from in car it looks like borderline stuff but in replay it looks well off, i cant say that there was more than 15 laps of the race that i didny cut or go wide at least once, im disappointed in myself but please realise this wasnt intentional, when my tyres started going off it made it all the harder to take a clean line.

    im going to ask that the race director demote me at least 1 place at imola and hand david mc the 4th place, he deserved it alot more, over the full race distance i maybe made up 10-15 seconds by having 4 wheels off track at least once per lap so feel it only right that a driver who was much cleaner than myself should get the place he worked hard for, he was within 2 seconds from me at the end so i can safely say if my race had been fully clean david wouldve been in front of me.

    im sorry about this and rest assured it wont happen again, ill be practising the more conservative line from now on.

    p.s ive not even watched the full replay yet :(
  18. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Guys, thank you all for your nice congrats! They are very welcome. :)

    This time I'd give the award "man of the race" to our one armed bandit :) very well done Thony! :) I hope your brave input doesn't negativly influence your recovery. But I'm sure your mother told you already :)

    Also congrats to Gaetano, and the other point winners and finishers!

    Will write a little report tomorrow...
  19. Never mind Bob.

    I did a lot of practice for the race, but I am struggling to find the pace.

    I started on the back row, and was looking forward to building a steady pace in the race. Unfortunately a lot of guys in front had various problems and got behind me. So instead of being able to find my own pace and build on it, I found myself being chased hard.

    It's a poor excuse I know, but under such pressure my driving, which was not good to start with, went to pieces. Sorry for getting in peoples way and being unpredictable.

    After picking up damage, it was even more of a struggle, and I called it a day as I saw the leaders approaching at a very early stage.
  20. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats :trophy:Reik :trophy:Gaetano :trophy:Anthony

    Q. 14

    R. 10

    I was lapped by Reik and Gaetano. Did you have rockets hidden in the car?:wink:

    Despite the endless training sessions, I had tremendous difficulty keeping the car on the narrow road, I could not find the right feeling. It's hard to drive safely on bumpy roads. If you guys wouldn't run so amazingly fast it would be easier. I'd rather not get left behind:rolleyes:

    My setup was probably pretty unique. The wings were set at 7 / 53.
    I used the super soft in front and soft in the rear - A tip I got from a very likeable Norwegian. You must have had maximum bad luck Nicolai, in the practise stint you were flying:good:

    The entire race was one long struggle not to make my good friend, Mr Marshall, disappointed:cool: He followed me closely on the heels(most of the race). From Lap 1, Turn 1, until we went in to the pits together. 42 laps, and in the end we almost passed the chequered flag simultaneously. This must be kind of a record. I had a blast Peter:drink:

    Thanks Peter, Kurt, Graham, Valerio, Nicolas, Alex, Tim, Bob and Eliezer for fair and hard racing and thx all for another very pleasant evening in cyberspace:cool:

    CU in the land of the brave