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Season 5 Race 8: Hockenheim Setup thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ok guys ill start us off, heres a q setup i had in the hock folder, i mustve made it a while back but its what ill be starting off with, i done 1 or 2 laps earlier with it, feels no bad i spose managed a 1.16.7 after 2 laps and no practise, hope it helps someone:redface:

    p.s spelled hockenheim wrong in thread title lol

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  2. I tried Valter's setup with two small changes to get less oversteer, -20 on rear susp and -1 on rear wing. I have not done enough practice to master the track yet (first time here with f1) and plan to use this setup until I am in the 14th at least :)

    View attachment QVO.svm

    Edit: How come I don't get a box around my (Valter's) setup?

    I made some changes now. It is in general softer (front arb and rear tyres), cganged gearing for slightly longer 1st gear. One or two click down on rear wing.

    I'm guesstimating that I have practiced 2 hours 15min so far, didn't know the track well when I started.
    My pb is 1:14:617

    View attachment qual v1,1.svm

    Btw, the key to fast lap times for me at least is practice, practice and more practice. I am guessing I can see the 1:13:xxx if I get to do 2 hours practice in the next 1 or 2 days :)
  3. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I have done 1.14.8 with this setup. I use a lot of dampers (3) on everything, but I rather drive slowly with a rigid setup than to rub around with a flabby car in fast combinations.

    Wings are 6/31. Here you have a couple of medium turns where it's good to have a lot of downforce.

    EDIT: Updated
    I have changed only some details. I think the faster laptimes comes from my endless practise sessions. But here it is. Anthonys setup with my preferred changes. I was reluctantly compelled to soften my front suspension damping.

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  4. Here is my Q-set up, its Valters with a twist:)

    My race set up is the same as Valter

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  5. Edit : Here is my setup , the exact one that i managed the 113-5 with, i tried lower wings than the other posted setups and with some adjustments i could beat my previous PB with over a second, the car felt better with Peter damper setting .. thx Peter :)... if anyone decided to try this setup then he needs to do few laps to get used to it with lower down force.

    Any feed back would be great to see it we can improve it farther :)

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  6. I just started training, and here is my race setup for the moment, based on Valter's. I reached a 1'17"8 with it, and I think I'll keep using it a while without big changes, just to learn well the track and those bumps. I think I'll adapt it for optimal wing, tire wear, gearing and fuel, but I'll see that once I'll be able to test a full stint.

    Updated my setup : removed some wings and rear tire pressure, moved brake repartition. I'm faster with this, with 1'17"xxx times almost the whole stint.

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  7. Hi Guys
    I just came back from the bush, I went hunting with my friends, 9 hours drive from Sydney in the wilds hunting wild pigs, that was the most experience in my life.
    Anyway, back to setup discussion, When the idea started in spa of posting the set ups, I thought wow that is going to be big, everybody is going to share their set ups, we are going to have better communication with each other and so on, but I was disappointed to see the same few people on the set up threads, if you look at spa there was 1042 views, and if you look at Singapore there was 1176 views and it’s not right that couple of people posting their set ups and the rest takes and not share. For me to post and share my set ups with you I need to see every single driver posting & sharing and communicating with their set ups, it does not matter if your set up is fast or slow, good or bad, made it or got it from someone else, it’s not a set up competition, the idea is to communicate and open to each other, so we can learn from each other to how to make a set up and becomes better drivers, when I started last season I had no clue at all about set ups, but I was communicating with my brother Anthony, Arno and some other drivers, and now I can make my own set up, it’s not the best but I know how to put it together. Anyway I hope we become one big happy family.

    Aqua Vista Racing
  8. Which Hockenheim are we racing 1999 or 2004?

  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    You can download the track with PrestoGPUpdater. I will check my version now.

    EDIT: Hockenheim Grand Prix (says the info).

    If you like the setup I posted, say thanks to Anthony I. It is his work with some small changes.
  10. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Just did some laps on the server.

    Started with Valters setup. Then tried Anthonys. Felt more at home with Anthonys. Added 2 clicks of rear wing (6/31). Got down to 1:16.5. I clearly need to learn the track 2 seconds better before I worry too much about setups. I might try some longer stints on mediums with Anthonys setup to try and get a good feel for the track.

    Thanks Valter and Anthony.


    Just had another go. Tried Gramiks setup, went a second faster. Went back to Anthonys setup, went another second faster. Now at 1:14.6. (That process did take an hour or so) I hope with another hours work I can find another 2 seconds...

  11. Here is Vodkaman setup , he told me that he managed 113-7 :)...

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  12. Thanks for all the set-ups gentlemen!
    I've had my first quick test session tonight and shared the hot-lap server with some fine people. :)

    I settled on Stas' [Vodkaman] set-up as a base [thx m8]. It had more wing than the others making it easier to push through the corners. I then did many of my usual adjustments [to make it slower] and quickly worked toward a slightly asymmetrical suspension; to favour the right-hand corners more. Caster, Slow rebounds, and reducing the right hand side tyre pressure.

    There's many other small "tweaks" including lower gear ratios and more brake pressure. All subjective preferences made quickly.

    1'14.6 was fairly good [4 me] I think. It felt stable. I'll post my race setup closer to race day...

    Could it be because you are a moderator for this forum?

    My current race set-up is based upon my qualifying. It is more neutral and balanced version with the gears lower to compensate for the initial fuel load and slower corner speeds.

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  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ok guys heres my next latest setup, some changes since the last one, managed a 1.13.9 so far with it :)

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  14. May I propose to update the original post when one have a new setup? It can become quite a lot of post after a while, and a jungle to look through.

    I just did so btw, post number 2 :)

    Why am I the only one not getting a grey area around mu setup, with a download counter and all? What am I doing wrong?
  15. Hi guys
    It took me a lots of hard work to get the set up. enjoy it.

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  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Yesterday I had my first tests at Hockenheim. After aprox. 1,5 hours i resulted into a 1:12:806 with this setup. The base for this setup came from Jere's posted setup for Abu Dhabi. The setup is very hard, which makes it eventually tricky to drive. :cool:

    I won't have much time for further tests, so please don't expect me to post a race setup based on this setup, because all I'm going to change for race will be adding some fuel, adding one or two clicks to the rear wing, using most likely meds and maybe reducing rear spring and rear ARB a little bit...

    If I have more time and change things, I'll let you know.

    Have fun!

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  17. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Peter I had miss my setup-editor, along Billions of XP reinstall:D
  18. I am curious about the Toe-In settings used in the setups. In the default setup there is Toe-In at the front and Toe Out at the back. This is contrary to what I have read about setup and what most setups in other car classes use, which is Toe-Out at the front and Toe-In at the back. Toe-Out (negative Toe-In) at the front is supposed to help the car turn in. Toe-In at the back is supposed to help with stability in a straight line (like the Toe-In at the front of normal road cars).

    In most F1 setups I have seen here there is Toe-Out at front and back. In David Turnbull's setup there is a 'lot' of Toe-In at the front and a 'lot' of Toe-Out at the back.

    So to all - what do you think about this and what is the reason behind the Toe-In settings in your setups?
  19. For me extreme toe settings along with extreme camber are the two settings that are most important for going faster around the lap (not including the obvious once). The mod is a mod and has it flaws when it comes to setup. Real life knowlewdge does not always apply unfortunatly. This is in my eyes the greatest weakness of using this mod :(