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Season 5 - Race 5 - Monaco - Division 1-2

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    hi guys
    short race this time.In lap 3 drive a bit large for overtake a car that out of pit brake not in right point and too long hit the barriers in St Devote go in pit and after 31 sec return on track inow start the story of blue flag so I driven slow and near wall but at turn Piscine jump on a kurb and spin and hit barriers again lost a front wheel in same time whitout resposability Coen hit me Im sorrow mate:frown:return on pit and my staff say me : go on beach is full of girls ahahahah.
    C U on next track
  2. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Before i write a detailed report later, just htose short words:

    Congratulations to Mark! You did a perfect race, with the best pace and the least mistakes! :trophy: :cool: :D

    Also grats to everyone. The all time attendence was a dream and that on this narrow track! Respect to all! Realy! :) :pray:

    And finally i want to apologize to Valter. For a little moment it seemed you want to let te door open for the Harbour chicane, but finaly i was to impatently and gave you a rear tap. I Hope it didn't harm you to much and that you don't think the div 1 guys are rude :redface:.

    Good night folks...
  3. Without a doubt my worse race of the season. Started out very slowly into T1. There were about 8 cars piled up in front of me. I stood still and waited for all to move off.

    Big apologies to Joe Isaac. I touched you twice, first at Mirabeau, second time after you came off the wall at Rascasse. Very sorry, the first few laps I was slowing every time there was traffic in front, but in your case not enough.

    The race was terrible. I lost so much time waiting for accidents that the lapping started really early. From that time on it was impossible to drive. Slowing to a standstill to let people pass. The tires were icy cold and I have to be careful then before I can get any temperature in them the next lot were there to pass me. When you spend half the lap standing still you can't get any rythym at all.

    I managed to keep going until about lap 30. Then a misunderstanding while lapping Anthony put me into the wall and I gave up. Very sorry Anthony, I misunderstood you. I went over the chicane to let Nicholas Rouge pass. You overshot the chicane and unlapped yourself but I was sure you would let me pass again. I was on the outside and you moved over to the right and I couldnt avoid you. Apologies for the misunderstanding. You have my sympathies too for being in an even worse situation than me as far as being lapped was concerned, it must have been a nightmare.

    My first DNF and not even an enjoyable race for me, up to then.

    Well done to the top half of the field who were making a good race of it.

    Congratulations to the podium and anyone who finished.
  4. Congratulations to Mark, Reik and Andy!

    Q: 13th
    I managed to complete three outings of 3 laps each. It was very entertaining with many stationary cars appearing around the various blind corners that Monaco has to offer. I managed not to collect any of them and so the team was pleased not to have to do any last minute repairs. So was I. :)

    R: 5th
    The start was also interesting. The accident happened ahead of me. I lifted perhaps a little early as I reacted to what I knew would grow into a “Big One”. Frans on the outside and Valter on the inside, there was contact between us. From my side, I don't think there was anything more any of us could have done in the braking zone of Turn 1. Feel free to disagree though....

    Valter vaulted the curb and I followed him along the barrier. Neither of us were at full throttle as we negotiated the accidents and ever growing “yellow flag zone”.

    After that it was clear sailing. Valter had a spin early on I inherited the position and for all of the remaining 1st stint trailed behind Nicolas and Andy ahead of me. My car had a rear damper problem and and the steering was off centre, but I could stay with the two ahead and so ran until lap 23.

    Repaired my wagon and re-learned how to drive a nice car again. :) It took me a few laps to get use to it and I think I was actually slower being fearful of the added grip, better traction and straight steering.

    I was lapped around lap 40 and then Anthony was on my tail. Coming into 1st Mirabeau before Loews, Anthony had a dive into a disappearing gap and I think he spun. Sorry Anthony, I did not think you were close enough to challenge me there and I was already committed to the turn in. I wouldn't have turned in had I read your intentions better.

    After that, I finish my 1st Div (1+2) race in 5th position. :) though a lap down.

    Respect to all drivers who allowed me by under the Blue Flags. I had no problems or scary moments. I hope that I did not hold up Mark and Reik when they passed me on S/F straight.

    Well done to everyone. I had a lot of fun and it almost felt like I was driving the legendary Monaco for real [not that I know] in the bygone days.... So many cars. :cool:

    Thank you all, thank you Nico, and respect to Aqua Vista Racing; I could not have raced and finished without your setup help guys.

    CU all at Brazil.
  5. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Bit of a disastrous race for me:frown:

    I struggled to get back up to speed in q and managed only P9 with a lap well off my best

    In the race I got held up with many in T1 and exit P12, picked up a few places, got up to 7th then I hit the wall in T1 and lost my front wing, did a lap and pitted for fuel tyres and repairs on lap 19 I think? messed up the menu and didnt get repaired so I had to go around again with no front wing, then pitted for repairs and the nice pit guys decided to brim the tank and change the tyres again! grrr

    when I left the pit for the second time there was some lag and a bad thing happened:frown: I looked back and there was a car a long way back so I went into t1 as normal, then i saw the car right behind and then into the wall!, I've checked my replay and it was Mark:frown: his car jumps from the start line right up to my gearbox, I have no idea how it looked from marks point of view but I suspect not good, I'm really sorry m8

    After that I was struggling with over 100ltrs onboard and pressed esc so as not to cause any more pain for me or anyone else:cool:

    I'm off to Belgium for the weekend, I'll see you on my return

    Regards, Jim
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran


    more detailed report when im not so GUTTED!!

    what i will say though is Bridgestone can take a flying **** to themselves.


    race report

    qualifying was a nightmare trying to get a clean lap in, i managed to get upto 3rd place in the last mintue of qual only for Tim to pip me with 2 seconds left on the clock, so into 4th place i went for the 5th time this season.

    race started well for me, i shot of the start line into 3rd place by t1 and missed the carnage that followed behind the 3 of us, i knew i wasnt in the same league where pace was concerned compared to Reik and Mark so i settled down to a decent pace and rythum, i fully fuelled for the race and put on softs and it drove remarkebly well, i maintained a healthy 6-9 second gap to Andy in 4th, i pitted around lap 20 for new tyres and decided to try mediums to do the next 26 laps, it worked great, after the pits i was back in 3rd with a 4 second gap to Andy, this carried on until lap 36 when all of a sudden without warning my tyres went off, between the space of a few corners they were gone, ive never experienced anything like it, i couldnt get round a single corner without spinning uncontrollably, my tyres showed 89 degrees on all 4 corners and were green, no warning that my tryes were worn and this was only 15-16 laps since the pit where as my softs felt great still after the same distance, anyhoo i couldnt do anything from then on, i struggle on hitting walls causing damage and ended the race in 8th place, im extremely dissappointed with this as there was just no warning going from tyres feeling great to all of a sudden gone to the point where turning was impossible.

    lapping in this race was a nightmare, there were times i thought the guy in front would never move,it was so frustrating, some folk would move over no problem, others obviously didnt feel the need even when safe to do so.

    good race to all who finished.
  7. It is me who has to apologies Peter, I had no intention to overtake you there at all , what you saw there was a desperate attempt from me to rescue what could have been a disaster :(

    I was trying to stay as close as possible to you without risking both race but then at that moment when I pressed the brakes somehow I did not have grip at all and the car just kept going strait , I kept my foot on the brake and was praying to not collect you with me and at the last moment I steered the car away from you to not hit you and that what caused me to spin. It was a scary moment there lol.

    But I must say you were really cool under pressure for the remaining 10 laps , well done m8 :):)*
  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats to a great drive Reik. About the lapping: I should have gone slower. The tap was nothing, you always spin on contact in that kind of turn. I was too optimistic and thought we could go side by side:redface:. Sorry.
  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    thx for your nice attitude Valter. We both were a little wrong and a little right :rolleyes:
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :trophy:Well done Mark, Reik and Andy:trophy: and all drivers!

    Q: 14th

    R: 10th

    The start from 14th spot was an advantage. I could go round the crashed cars on the right side and got P7 after first turn. I illegally, without realizing it, overtook Peter in that moment. Sorry about that mate. I feel ashamed. Now I am glad for the spin after the tunnel were you got your place back.

    After a while I had Jim and Nicolai chasing close behind me. It was a lot of fun. I could keep the pace for many laps, but on lap nine the tyres told me I must slow down or I will crash. On lap ten the situation was critical and I decided to make me overtakable. I saw no point in spinning in front of Jim and the guys behind, witch I would have done in time. On lap eleven I was behind the group trying to keep up. I lost visual contact after a lap.

    I was lapped by many during the race and had an incident with Reik in the chicane after the tunnel. Sorry about that Reik.

    I don't know how I came to be in front of Jim again, maybe he went in for repairs. He came closer and closer to me and we had a bit of fun for a while. During lap 37 he managed to overtake me and disappeared in the distance.

    Kurt was chasing me now, it would have been nice to battle with him the last laps. He did not manage to come close enough so I beat him this time:woot:

    Thanks Nicolai and all involved for a pleasant evening in Monaco.

    Hope to see you all at Interlagos:island:
  11. Grats to podium Mark Reik and Andy

    Q: P17

    Spun in the harbor and was in the way a little for Per and Jim, sorry for That guys.

    R: P11 Got stuck in the accident in T1. Had the cars around me so I had to wait until it was clear
    The rest of the race was good for me, had some nice fighter and managed to keep me away from the walls and out of the way for those faster guys when they were lapping me.

    Apologies to David, I did not get a blue flag when you were behind me in the harbor. So it took a while before I responded. And to Eliezer, L40, I think, I let Anthony past me on blue flag but did not think you would try to overtake me at the same time, I did not see you coming, so I think I squeezed you against the wall sorry for that.

    Thx to all drivers and Presto crew for this event.

    See you in Brazil:cool:
  12. I struggled greatly in qualify and was almost 2 seconds behind my pb before I managed to do a 1:13:3 or something, which was still surprisingly slow. So that left me with p14, starting on the left side of the track. I saw Frans fly past on my right after the green lights. As I went around t1 I found myself stuck behind Anthony who was upside down. I ran out of my car to help, but he said he was ok so I continued the race somewhere far back. I had Anthony Moufarrege in front of me, and after following him closely for a lap or two I got in his slip stream and managed to get side by side with him on s/f. He probably didn't see me and turned in on me as we went through t1. That gave him a couple of meters but I had more speed and managed to get past. Looking at the replay it seems I lag-touched Anthony as I went past, I hope it didn't result in anything. I think I was a bit too aggressive and eager to get past, sorry for that Anthony.

    Anyhoo, I was soon behind Jim and there was no way past him. And also Anthony I had both behind and in front of me for a good while. It was fun battles with no way to pass :) There was some more action, but everything went well save a time losing mistake. I ended 7th I think in the end.

    Except the start of the race I had no real problems with anyone, fighting or lapping. Sometimes I was not sure if I was a lap ahead or not, eg. when I was behind Kurt. Still not sure really :) Also qualify worked very well for me. I was out all the time because I was struggling so much, but never had a traffic issue. Great stuff!

    However, it seems the slowest guys are the once paying the price tag of the full grid. Amplified by a short track and a t1 accident, they found themselves not being able to race as they were lapped all the time. Next track is even shorter, so I think this issue needs to be discussed. I'll open a new thread for it.
  13. Here is my report :

    Practice start
    Correct start, but was hit from behind at Massenet, spun and wasn't very safe very turning my car in the right direction. Sorry for that. I have to admit I may have brake a little too early at Massenet.

    Qualify (5th)
    Beat my PB by a few millis. I wasn't expecting this will put me in 3rd place almost the whole qualification session, and 5th in the end. I tried to do better but I was making mistakes and preferred to leave the track for the other pilots to improve their times. Apparently, most of them had trouble approaching their PB. Traffic seemed to be the cause.

    Race (4th)
    My best race of this season yet :). Like for the qualification, I wasn't expecting this, but I didn't make any big mistake and I had the pleasure not to be lapped this time, so I'm very happy.
    My start was not very good, and Anthony Ishak passed in the right of the track me before turn 1. I had to brake a little earlier than I was expecting, since Tim in front of me braked early. I locked my tires and tapped him lightly from behind. Sorry for that Tim :frown:.
    At turn 1 I was on the outside, with Anthony on my right, but then he was hit hard from behind and went crashing into Tim and then flew in the air. I was hit in the process, understeered and hit in the wall, but it was a light touch. Anthony's flight finished on my car, and then my car did a kind of wheeling, jumping in the air. I touched again Tim at the end of my wheeling, and finally had a clean track in front of me. I checked my car and position and was relieved to see that I was 6th (1 position lost) but no damaged.
    I passed Eliezer at the end of lap 1, who just had a contact with the wall in the pit straight.
    Then my long battle with Andy begun, because I chased him the whole race. He did a little mistake at lap 19 at Piscine, and I managed to be very close to him at Sainte Devote braking spot, at lap 20, but he was too fast and I only managed to lock my tires and barely hit him. Overtaking on that track is really impossible if the other is as fast as you and don't make mistake!
    Andy pitted at the end of lap 23, and I pitted a lap later. I though I could pass him because of pit strategy (I had only 50l of fuel to add + the tires), but Andy was clever than me because he started the race will the fuel for the whole race and only had to change tires. Nice one Andy! So after my pit he was something like 15 second ahead of me, and I tried to close this gap in my second stint.
    At lap 37 I saw some smoke in the tunnel and passed David as he was entering the pits, having problem with his tires. So I was 4th then, and Andy too far in front of me, but I continued to push so I wouldn't be lapped by Mark.
    In the final lap, I managed to close the gap with Andy and was able to see him in the straights. I was no more than 50 meters behind him at La Rascasse, but I was too aggressive and spun there, and my podium dream faded away...

    I would like to thank all the pilot that I lapped, you were fantastic :thumb: and very safe, and didn't interfere in my battle with Andy.
    Congratulation to the podium and to all the pilots that were crazy enough to drive an F1 in those narrow streets.

    Thank you Nicolai, Presto GP and RD for organizing that event. See you in Brazil.
  14. Hi Guys, Congratulation to the podium, Mark, Reik & Andy.
    I had a very good race set up 13/56, but on the day I had no past at all, I had a lag, I’m not sure if it was me or the server, after couple of laps I got a head each from the lags, so first accident I heat the wall which caused me a suspension and aero damage, second accident in lap 9, I heat my team mate Anthony from behind, at the roundabout at t1, 5 seconds later Kurt & Tim run me over, that caused big damage to the car, and then I decided to leave the race so I don’t ruin someone’s race. I understand that we had to merge division 1 & 2, but it felt like I was in their way, it didn’t feel good but that how it’s going to be I guess. A question I have to ask, how is it going to be with the point system between Dv 1 & 2.
    Graham Healy, no need to apologies, it was a small touch nothing to worry about.
    Finally well done to all the finishes from D_2.
  15. Points: not sure, maybe 1/2 or 1/3 of the div 2 points... a vote perhaps?

    Not as much fun for slow guys: We want to make the best solution possible for the whole group. This solution seems to serve the faster better than the slower guys. join the discussion on the other thread.
  16. Race report

    Qualy: 6 - I had the 4th spot for most Of the time and at my last run I was very close to steal the 3rd place from Nicolas but I spun just before the tunnel to see Tim and David finishing the session in 3rd and 4th.

    Race :

    I had a good start and passed Nicolas into T1 then I braked gently to let Tim go through and right at that moment I received several hit from behind then my car was in the air and landed upside down bouncing all over the place , my car was blocking the way for some drivers who passionately waited for me and those gentlemen were checking if I needed any medical help :) . the good thing about that is from that position I could enjoy the view of Monaco's blue sky and the mini skirt of Jim hot babes standing on the balconies waving for me at the same time some of those hot babes rushed to rescue the pilot of that crash landing Norwegian aircraft :wink::)

    I was Lucky enough To get back on track with a suspension damage and nothing else, my car was hard to drive but decided to stay out and push as much as I could and see how the race will fold out.

    I was 17th at that moment , then I passed several drivers as they pitted for repair or made mistakes , soon after I was in a nice battle with Nicolai and Jim for several laps, Then Both of them made small mistakes and was able to pass and I was running in 7th until I pitted.

    I pitted on lap 21 for fuel, fresh tires and repair, and same as Peter it took me few laps before I got used to the grip of the new rubber but soon after that my car felt great and could push and enjoy the race, I must say thanks to Aqua vista guys & to Reik for the hot setup tips and for Nico tire tips “ I was on soft front and medium rear” it worked great for me..

    yellow flags where everywhere and soon I start lapping drivers ,they were very helpful letting me by without any problem, big respect to all of you guys :good:, it was a bit difficult for me to press the “thanks “ to all of you during the race, sorry about that .

    On lap 37 or so I had to move away quickly for a crazy approaching Aqua vista car that had a trail of fire and black smoke, but soon I was relieved to know that our Danish driver "FIREFOX "was still on track ,amazingly leading and was running for his life from the “BURNING RUBBER” of the flying Mclaren of Reik...well done Mark for a superb win :trophy::trophy: and well-done Reik for another solid race. :good:

    Lap 38 onwards i was pushing hard to close the gap to another Aqua vista car but Peter was enjoying the promenade on Monaco track and was holding firmly on his 5th place ... respect Mr. Seti :)..so finishing the race in 6th after all the crazy stunts was a great result after all...

    Well-done Pace Pusher for coming 3rd today :thumb:...

    I had lots of fun in this race; this track delivered all the fun of the real F1 race.
    Thank you Nicolai and all Presto admin...:doublethumb:

  17. Maybe it should be considered as if both divisions were racing independently but on the same track? And in this case let’s say Peter is the winner of div 2 and so on ...!?

    I do not mind if we keep the result for div 1 guys the way we finished but just to be fair with div 2 guys, they worked really hard to make this race possible and really deserve a better result...

    That is my opinion

  18. hi all

    not a very good race at monaco!!
    grats to all who finished and to podium, well done!!!
    i hope i didn't end anyone's race our ruin their race at all!!!
    i was trying to make way for all overtakers, but it was extremely difficult!!!
    looking forward to interlagos

  19. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I thought about the same system, like they use in WTCC with the independence trotphy.
  20. Hey all and greats to POD and finishers
    Reik Mark and Andy was flying there, didn't know jet engines R aloud :)
    Not of my best race, My race set wasn't so good.
    any case I'm glad I have nothing to report
    Just hope I managed let laping cars to pass clearly
    was grate to be with all on track
    CU guys --> Brazil