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season 5 race 3@ Singapore - setup discussion

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Anthony Moufarrege, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. any setups for this track guys.
  2. Thanks for opening the thread T-man :)

    Setups are however not division spesific, so I'll change the topic slightly if it is ok :)
  3. singapore set up

    hi Guys, I worked hard for this set up, it got the grip, you should do 1.30. you may need to tuned to your driving skill. good luck

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  4. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Joe, you are a genius!
    I gained one second after only five laps with your setup, and only change needed was more front brake balance to make it feel right.
    The way you can make it turn using the throttle, wow.

    I won't publish any setup as long as I can't drive the car faster with my own straggling settings. Nobody would use it anyway.
  5. Joe setup is really good, i did my PB with his setup ...
    thx Joe:)
  6. Excellent Job by Joe on setups
    Thanks a lot friend
    Makes all much easily enjoyable and competitive
  7. Guys im having serious problems, i.ve been making setups for two days in a row, what ever i try i just can get under the 1.31's
    Its seems i have to be drifting all the corner in order to do a really fast lap .
    Even with Joe's setup im slow :)

    Does anyone else have a fast setup laying around ?
    I;ve been analyzing a whole lot of setup in Motec. But everything seems to be off.
  8. I have the same feeling Jakob, but at the same time I'm thinking that this is a 20 turn track, so for me it will take me many hours just to get in the groove so to speak. If I know myself correctly I'll probably find a few tenths every day that I did not think was there.

    But at the moment it looks like a loooong distance to the front :)
  9. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I think this is just a very low grip track, even with 11/40 wing I'm sliding and under-steering, it feels awful

  10. Setup's won't really help you, it's a driver's track. I have the same setup as the guy doing 29/28's but all I can do is a 31, it's just a tricky track.
  11. Hi

    If it will help i can post a hot-lap under 1,30,, but i cant convert the file so if some one can help me whit it i will be nice....:=)

    Mark Sørensen
  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    On this track I think you need a stiff antiroll in front and soft front spring as usual. Rear springs about 100 and soft antiroll. Wings like Jim mentioned around 10/40. And then the last adjustments to make it a package you can drive for 19 laps. I have no idea how to do that. I think I will go on trying to reuse Joe’s setup with small adjustments here and there for the race.
  13. What kind file is it? And showing us a movie or sending a setup? ;)
  14. Hi guys

    Here's my setup. I attached also a hot lap replay, if someone feels it would be helpfull. :)

    Attached Files:

  15. If it is ok with you I can make a video out of your best lap :D This was something I was planning to do this season, to make a video of the best lap for each track, like a track walk through to help other drivers learning the track faster in the future. In my plans this included the driver (you in this situation) commenting through the track :) Now I know you might not want to do this in english... But we'll see what we can do.

    You might claim that David McCradic has a faster time than you, but I believe his lap didn't meet the requirements of a valid lap. (lets hope your lap does ;)
  16. What the... 1:27:8??? You are a real pro Jere. That shounds like a superb lap!
  17. Jere put 4 wheels over on the exit of turn 5. oops. I haven't seen Mark Sorensen's fastest lap myself, but what I can tell you is my own fastest without a cut is 1:29.137, indeed 0.005s slower than his current posted fastest.
  18. Yep, it seems that car goes slightly over the line. Sounds ironic but I lost time there because of that and I was +0,150 behind my normal sectorl PB:frown:. Last two sectors were the best I can ever do:)
  19. An amazing lap Jere.:cool:

    For anyone who is fearless enough to want to try "my" setup:

    View attachment sing3.svm

    It is not a very refined setup.
  20. Wow, some of you guys have a very low rear wing in relation to the front, but I have found this in the past when I've been at least 2 seconds off the pace. The trick is to make the rear components of the car work better under those settings, then the straight line speed advantage can be utilised without loss of time in the turns.
    May be a little too late to start making radical changes before the race.