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season 5 race 3@ Singapore - Drivers Meeting

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. This is a "new thread" that we might continue to have for all future races. In F1 the drivers, race director and others have a drivers meeting before the race where they talk about special considerations for the particular track and agree on what is ok and what is not. This is done in all racing, not only f1 and is of course a very sensible thing to do.

    For Monza an example could have been that the drivers agreed on not to go as far to the right as possible on the s/f straight but rather stay to the left as "normal".

    Other things can be about running wide in particular places etc.

    I'll update this post with stuff that we all agree to in this discussion.
  2. 110 Km/hr pit lane limiter speed here I think which may even be 2nd gear for some.

    If we are getting chased or chasing someone into the lane for a pit stop, I think it could be important that we all carry the "right amount of speed" to the pit lane line [not slowing to below 60 km/ hr is what i mean].
  3. I am just wondering if the 4 wheels are outside the white line on turn 16 is considered a cutting? I remember we had an issue there when we had a race with f3000 but when I watched Vettel onboard lap of 2009 " http://www.formula1.com/default.html " he comes very close to the wall on turn 16...

    It Would be great if someone can clarify the cutting areas of the whole track with pictures so we all know what is correct and what is wrong , this will help a lot to start practicing from now the ideal racing line ...

    Cheers :)

  4. Other thing about Singapore is that the approach to pit lane is right on the Racing line and guys with high downforce may be taking this corner flat out.
    May be a smart thing to allow a following vehicle past just after the chicane to avoid any possible collisions.
  5. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Maybe if we all set up "pitting" in quick chat? we could warn the guy behind before we peel off into the pit lane

  6. Regarding pit in messages. This was compulsary where I used to race, and I did it in the first race here at Race Department. After the race I was heavily critised for spamming pit in and pit out messages (one of each).

    Talking of chat messages, I believe the race director asked us to completely refrain from chat in Qually and Race. He also said that included "Sorry" and "Thanks", as he says we should assume that guys are sorry and thankful and if we want to make sure then we can say sorry after the race.

    At the Monza race there was a lot of chat in qually. I even asked guys to "Shhhh" but the chat continued. Then one guy joined qually late, and said "Hi" and got responses from 3 or 4 others.

    During warmup I wrote in chat that we should not do sorry and thanks in the race, but there was still quite a bit of that. Also congratulations and post race chat started before everyone was past the line.
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    yeah, chat is absolutely disturbing. I think it's the pitting drivers responsibility to make sure a close following driver doesn't get surprised!!!

    I mean it's an old rule not to make unpredictable moves on track. So brakeing hard on the ideal line to pit is unpredictable in my eyes.

    An other interesting thing will appear, when a car leaves the pit and an other one comes to turn in to T1. Of course the exiting car will have the inside line and even though it maybe a little bit slower than normal, no one can push it away or pass it outside the lines. We can only follow this car through the first combo...
  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Ok, i have no screenies atm, but i think the Vettel lap is a good example how we should make it. So in my opinion, no cutting anywhere except the corner Anthony mentioned. I know about earlier events here (F3000), where they did it the same way.
    If there was a curb at the line, it would be a different storry...
  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    The cutting warnings on this track are not working well. During the F3000 era we had this disabled in the race. I think we can manage without; we can try to drive within the stipulated track limits anyway and I don’t think anyone wants to cheat. Problem is that you can cut and gain with no warning, but you can go out in an escape route and lose time and get a cut warning.
    If I could chose I would like to have only blue flags but I don’t think that is possible.
    Abut chat in race:
    I want to apologize for pressing the THX button at Monza a couple of times. Old habit that I will try my best to get rid of.
  10. Good thing is that if we are unsure about what the rules are we can just look up in our Document and see what it sais. The document is as you all know the current rules and guidelines. Now, let me see...

    Chatting on server
    There should be no rudeness or unfriendliness in the chat on our servers. Just be friendly and respectful
    towards your co-racers and you’ll be fine.
    In everyday practice one are allowed to chat freely. Consider staying quite if you think it is needed during
    e.g. a 5 lap race- (show common sence)
    At race day chatting is prohibited during the qualify and throughout the race until the last car has driven
    past the line. Only stuff like “Thanks” “Sorry” and “No Problem” is allowed. Other communication can be
    done at Practice session, the first minute of qualify (outlap), warm-up session, race session until green
    light and after the race.
    At practice race the same rules apply although we are a bit more lenient.

    I think what you remember Graham, is that the Race Director has said at some stage that you do not need to feel compelled to say sorry or no problem during the race if you feel it upsets your race. The other guy should know that you are saving it for the end of the race.

    Anyhoo, from what you say there are several in div 2 that didn't comply to this rule last race. When somebody joins the server during qual then hellos should be waited with until the warmup session.

    One can also suggest in the drivers meeting that everybody refrains from all chatting, including thanks and np etc. even though the document allows it.

    Remember also that stuff in the document can be changed if the majority of the league wants to.
  11. I believe after 3 seasons in this friendly league " PrestoGP'' things start taking the "color of friendship” more than just " come, do the race and go" and the practice session at the race day is becoming a small meeting place for all of us to greet each other like friends normally do and maybe talk about few things as we rarely see each other on the daily server , and in my opinion greetings and quick chats during practice create a friendly environment prior to the race.

    During qualy session is different story, i believe it should be dead quite , no chatting at all whatsoever as everyone would be on the limit fighting the car to get the best lap.

    During the race " sorry " in my opinion has the effect of " bringing down the blood pressure" especially if something goes wrong, imagine you get hit from another car , your race takes different direction and the guy who hit you does not wait for you and not even say sorry, your blood start pumping faster than the f1 engine .

    we are friends after all, we race for fun , and we are here to escape from the daily stress and other things in life and not to be so dry with each other just to make my race so perfect , and small things like sorry and thanks whenever is really needed is the magical ingredient in a friendly community, you can take those things out but hey , what would they be replaced with ???

    That is my personal opinion and that is the way i look at it :)

  12. Many good points Anthony :)

    I agree with you, especially when it comes to saying sorry. At a track like Singapore though, it could take some time before the sorry or np appears as there are not many parts of the track where you have the time to look down at the keyboard :)
  13. Guys I´m stuck at my uncle´s place in Berlin since last Night . Using his Pc to write you guys quick looks like I´ll not make it back in time Tonight 6 Hours Drive or 3hours taking the Autobahn, my car just got out from Garage after breaking my transmission. I wish you all a Good Race and maybe the Best Man win .
  14. Remember to use the clutch Patric ;)
  15. It almost sounds like you think the race is tomorrow? You know it is in 8 days time, right?
  16. LOL!!:doublethumb:
  17. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    CLUTCH? What ? not use manual clutch in F1:D
  18. lol really thought it was today must be jetlag from flying back from Bangkok and pass thru over Dubai where I was from Thursday last week on buisness for 2 days .well Happy to be there next week then just got in from Berlin it was too Late to drive Last Night and I was damm tired from my long day.Well my Mercedes C 250 CGI Tipshift Automatic ;).
    CYA Guys on Track.
    By the way does anybodyelse also drive like I do with Auto Clutch off in Race and Manual use the Clutch ?
  19. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    I have paddle shifters on my wheel and need to use auto clutch.

    Even though starts are challenging. It has to be a good combination of releasing the clutch button on my wheel and putting in the right amount of power at the right time...

    I hope not to be blaimed to be a cheater, because of auto clutch... :rolleyes: :tongue:
  20. nah auto clutch is allowed, and imho is also usefull on this cars if you spin because when you spin with autoclutch the only thing that you must think is just to brake and save the car, when you spin without it the first thing that you must do is press the cluth pedal or you will stall the engine and sometimes if you are a left foot braker you will lost some important tenth when you move your right foot from the gas to the brake and usually this means that you are dead on the wall!!!! ;)