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Season 5 - Race 3 - Singapore - Division 2

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Peter Marshall, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Thank you all for another great race. Congratulations Valerio, Graham and to everyone who saw the chequered flag.

    Q: 4th
    I found it difficult to adjust to a bone dry track after the wet-ish practice session. I was being too cautious when and where there was now plenty of grip. 2nd row was a pleasant surprise.

    R: 1st
    The start went well. I imagine everyone was being cautious not to get excessive wheel spin. I followed Andrei, then Eliezer, into T1. Andrei ran wide on the exit of T2 gifting me 2nd position.

    Eliezer was flying away from me in the beginning; in only two laps he pulled out 6 seconds ahead. I settled in to a “safe” consistent pace and began to keep one eye in the mirror having already given up on catching the Ferrari.

    Laps 6 – 7 saw Eliezer's tyres go off and I closed up after he may have had “a moment”. Battle ensued and I tried several times to get a run on him. I was pushed wide here and there as the Ferrari defended very well, all the while Cor was catching up and eager to join in.

    There was some contact between us when it appeared all three attempted to drive around the same corner at the same time. :) Three wide? Sadly, Cor spun :( leaving Eli and I to continue the fight.

    Down the back straight I again had a run out of the slow corner. Eliezer held the inside line, I braked early and executed a cut back move that saw me take 1st place. A really good battle there Mega. :)

    The next few laps were interesting as I noted many drivers had elected to pit and my Intermediate tyres were beginning to caramelise loosing front-end grip [“grip”, is that the right word? J] I pitted end of lap 10, took on enough fuel to see the end of the race and a set of Hard Tyres.

    Many drivers were on differing strategies and Graham and Cor in particular were quicker than me. A few times I was passed as they unlapped themselves. I think we all did a good job there. :) There was no need for me to get in the way of a good battle.

    I managed to stay focused [enough] and kept the car [mostly] off the walls to finish 1st. My only victory in a Presto GP league race. I have to feel happy about that. :) I am, however, of the opinion that I was very lucky today by picking a winning strategy on the fly. The weather made all the difference. :)

    Packing my bags for Suzuka...

    Special thanks to Daniel who played a large part in my race. :)
  2. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Yey Peter :D, A long time coming, longer than Jenson maybe?

  3. Singapore report

    Thx all for a nice evening @ Marina Bay Street Circuit. Grats to podium and all you others to:D

    Like Peter said, it was a bit difficult to adjust from wet to dry.

    The start went well and I followed my team mate for some laps when I saw my tires was all red in XD. I had forgot to check it before i went out, I was on wet instead of intermid.

    I pited and changed tires and filled the tank thinking only to change tires the next stop.

    But after that something happend, when I did my next stop The crew sent me out with the same old tires? I checked the pit-board and it was ok. I tried 3times but no tires.

    The last time on L24 my tires was so worn out so I pressed esc to avoid any accident and ruin for someone else.

    See you all @ Suzuka (with my new pitcrew)
  4. first of all, congrats to podium and all others that finished!!! Well Done.

    I qualy 10th, just 0.1 from my pb so not bad at all. I deed it was "strange" to drive a dry track after the wet one...

    Had a good start ( drove away in 2nd gear so no wheel spin here ) i manached to get in place 6 or so but after 2 laps i had also noticed that my rear tyers where RED HOT....... I had wets instead of intermids.
    so the following corners where just a disaster. Spun of serveral times with suspention damadge as a result. Tried to change my pre-pit settings but the confirm buttom seemed not to be working.. ???? strange

    I entered the pitlane hit the pitlimiter and what happend, i dont know exactly, but car just breake out to the right, into pitwall.....
    ending up with 3 wheels................ bummer! ! !

    So, up to sushi-land and see ya all there
  5. Congratulations Peter and Valerio! Thanks everyone for what for me was a fantastic race. I qualified a lowly 11th (I think). I am not good at doing a good qually and rarely even match best times set with full fuel load.

    I did a reasonably good start on full wets keeping out of trouble and going into the first part of the race still around 11th. Everyone did a great job in my opinion on lap one keeping more or less single file paying attention, taking no chances and avoiding lap 1 incidents on what was going to be a very long race.

    My race strategy was to be on the right tyres at the right time. The full wets served me well the first couple of laps giving me quite a lot of grip and allowing me to keep up with the leader group and pass quite a few people. In retrospect though I believe intermediates would have been a better start choice and after 5 laps it was clear that my full-wets were overheating and worn out. At that point I decided to pit.

    I took intermediates and enough fuel to finish the race. Again in retrospect I think just the tyres would have been a better choice, but even fully fueled I think I was maybe the fastest guy* on the track at that point with fresh intermediates.

    I did about 10 laps only on the inters, before pitting again this time for supersofts, although the track was still damp. Again I was quite fast and made up a lot of places. By around lap 24 I was in the top 5 and by 28 I was 3rd, but my supersofts were badly worn. I faced the choice try to make it to the end on them which I felt was a high risk strategy, given that the track remained damp up to the end of the race, or pit again. I decided to pit again, giving 3rd place back to Valter.

    I came out with new tyres and 10 laps to make up a lot of lost time. I caught up to Valter quite quickly, and even got past him but my concentration was weakening. First time I tried to pass he fought back and retook his position. Twice more I passed but made mistakes soon after letting him by again. Then either Valter made a mistake in braking or as I believe he let me by. Maybe he felt I would make a mistake again and break my car or maybe he felt that continually fighting for position was too dangerous.

    I was free to move forward again, but my many mistakes had left me too far behind Valerio to have any real hope of catching him. I quickly caught Peter who was on his final lap one lap ahead of me with Valerio about 15 seconds in front. I was hoping to unlap myself for the second time in the race, and given how quickly I caught him up Peter generously moved aside and let me pass before the final corner.

    I set off after Valerio and watched the seconds tick down, but he stayed on track and took a very well deserved second place. 3 pit stops for tyres in one race - I want a crew that can change tyres in 4 seconds!

    Congratulations again Peter and Valerio, great driving and well executed strategies. Very well done everyone who made it through this race! Thanks to everyone taking part. This was probably the most enjoyable sim-driving experience ever for me, and believe it or not I have been driving car simulations for more than 20 years.

    Note: I have not checked any of this with the replay and lap numbers and positions are my best guess, so please forgive me for any mistakes.

    *edit - that turned out to be Bob Laube, also on fresh tyres, but I was second fastest, and for 7 of the last 9 laps I was indeed fastest, which was great fun for a slow guy like me, who normally tortoises to the finish. Eliezer put in a some fast laps in the race including the fastest lap of the race on lap 31.
  6. Congratulations Peter :D

    I had a very hard time adjusting to the wet circuit. In the dry I was fine but the rain was not my friend.

    3rd. Can you believe it! Only because we were missing some of the fast guys but still, it put a smile on my face.

    9th. That smile was short lived. I opted for a safe start and lost 2 places by the time we got to T3. On lap 2 I got the hairpin after the bridhe wrong and was relegated to the back of the field where I spent the rest of the race. My strategy was to pit as much as possible to change out of those wet overalls. Coincidentally there was also a lot of damage to fix ;)

    How bad are those intermediate tyres though? They lasted what? 7 laps? I'm writing a letter to Bridgestone...

    The race report is going to be fun. I didn't run into anyone but I don't think I had many laps where something didn't go wrong. The sad thing is that in the few laps where I didn't stuff it up I had some really good pace.

    Oh well. Next time :)
  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    hi all

    First thing congratulations to all drivers for the really and clean start,:good:
    Close qualifications were about 8 or 9 in less than a second.
    Start from 13 place on 14 drivers with full wet tires and after 2 or 3 turn Im in 11 position.
    Think in lap 3 Dinca lost the car so for me easy overtake, front me
    Valter and Kurt,I push for catch their and after one lap behind Valter I saw that was in difficulty and so as a really gentleman he let pass me ( thanks mate ), again 2 laps and in T17 Kurt drive a bit wide I saw a little space drive near the curb and overtake before the tunnel. Now Im in 7 place but 6 place too far so I tried to manage my full wet tires,a speed look to XD wow guys hot very hot tires and incredible was in 1st position. Strategy of 19 laps not so well but seeing the situation drive until lap 14 go in pit and I decided to mount tires medium , it was not raining so hard I had to take the tires for 23 laps on a wet track ,go out from pit and was in 2nd place, drove trying no mistake (only a little hurt in turn 6 no damage), suddenly a hawk swooped me Brian push very hard and overtake me but think pushed too, we surpassed many time until Brian has damaged his car .Now I drowe with calm many drivers was at 1 lap and anyone want unlapped I let pass ,I did not want to ruin my race,I was always in 2nd place,in the last laps see behind me about 40sec. Graham, now 2 problem manage on track medium tires and look well front and rear other drivers, drive may be slow but in safety Graham push hard was approaching ( you have been so good to push in the final laps )no more tires for me but finished race with about 9sec. of advantage and in 2nd place first podium for me and with full laps.Congratulation Peter for me impossible to catch.

    WD all guys not easy race
  8. congratz everyone and gratz valerio for your first podium!!!! ;) great job m8!!! ;)
  9. Congratulations to the podium and all that finished :)

    Q: 9
    Half a second from my PB so i blame the wet to dry conditions ;P

    R: 5
    I thnk we had a good start where everybody looked out for each other and
    didnt drive too agressive. In the 4 first turns i was able too hold on to my 9P
    and advanced to 8P through T5 and out of that turn my screen turned black for 3
    seconds (only time that happened, PHEW!!!) but that left me in last position. So
    now i was driving on pure RAGE and that apparently is the best way for me to
    drive cause on L16 i was second and calmed down and then the mistakes began to
    kick in. But was able to defend a 5P even though Elizier was soo close in the

    All in all a great race where i could use a little more experience when it comes to pitting strategy.

    Thanks to the all the people working, to make these races happen :)
    Off to Suzuka
  10. The thank-you button is missing so just imagine I clicked it on all the posts so far. Except for mine ofcourse ;)
  11. Congratulations to the podium and all that finished.

    The race went pretty until lap 14, my tires were so hot that I got a flat tire,
    I was then number 1.
    After the pitstop a wrong set of tires and a tank full of complete mistake.
    Total of 7 times in the pits, so all in all a bad race.
    Fines on 8 spot, so we in the points.

    Results Division 1 Click here!!
    Results Division 2 Click here!!

  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Message to people outside this community: The attempted jokes or irony in my forum post are not marked with any recorded laughter like in the funny TV-shows that you can enjoy between the commercials. I look forward to the day when we can have that. Then everybody will know when to laugh, just like on TV.

    Marina Bay - 2010

    A mix of scarred veterans and young rock hard tough guys from all over the world gather in Singapore late night for a kick ass formula one race in rain. Location; streets of the harbour area.
    The start that so many feared to be a massacre went surprisingly smooth, although the road was wet like a spring flood.

    Qualy: P6

    Race: P4
    A cautiously slow start on intermediates that quickly turned into one hell of a race.

    L3, I have P7, Kurt, Valerio and Graham is like terriers on my tail. Bob is I front but to far away for any thoughts of advancement.

    L9, Pitstop, new tires of the medium sort and fill up to 115 liters fuel. I come out P5 maybe 10 seconds behind Valerio.

    L12, The duel with Graham Healy begins, he is in P6 after me.

    L15, Healy overtakes me he is in P5.

    L16, I overtake Graham again. His tires are gone. He pits.

    L19, Kurt is on my tail again. He is not easy to get rid of, that damn stubborn old man:love:

    L20 I'm in P3 What happened?

    L21 Valerio is the whole back straight length away from me, I will never catch that smooth Italian Ferrari homeboy.
    - Well done my friend. And you should not accuse me of letting you by. When I laid down my sword I was beaten and had nothing more to give.

    L22 I'm tired of the sliding now, I go in and change to new medium slicks. I go out in P4.

    L28 Mr Healy must do something to stabilize his meandering driving, he goes in for a tire change. I get P3.

    L31 Graham H is in my mirrors now. Will this guy never give up?

    L33 Graham H is less than a second behind now.

    L34 I did my very best to keep Mr Healy behind. But the guy is persistent, in the end I had to give in.
    - Hats off for you Graham. I had a very good time racing you.

    L37 I didn't have to go the last lap. Peter was untouchable on this kind of surface and more than a lap ahed.
    - I hope to see you at least in the distance at Suzuka Peter. Here in Singapore you just showed the gearbox no more than the time of a magpie-F*ck:)

    Congratulations to Peter, Valerio and Graham! And well done all!

    Thanks everybody and special thanks to Race Director who have educated us all to become proffesional f1 drivers.

    :cool:We'll meet again in the land of the rising sun.
  13. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    WOW its incredible Mate you did a great video of Monza and now the tables with all the race times.
  14. Ummm is it just me or are the start positions wrong? I'm pretty certain I started 3rd not 6th. My replay can't be wrong can it?
  15. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I started in 6th. I had you inf front.
  16. that goes for me as well. Let's simply add everyone to that list. :)

    Your post made me remember to add that I sent out several silent "thank you" and "no problem" messages during the course of the race. On track etiquette was supurb from my viewpoint.:cool:
  17. Congratulations Peter, great result m8 :):)
  18. Congratulations to the podium and all that finished.

    I was out at Lap 16 :-(
    I was hoping so much
    it will be repaired in the box,
    I havent heard, further announcement, the damage is to much............
    sorry at all, I have on the way into the box, disturbed !

    Cheers - and cu in Suzuka :)
  19. Congratulation Podium :))

    Q :1
    R : 5

    Start with Wet tiers which was very good first 4 laps then it become disaster, I wasn't ready for pit stop so there where start the mess - to much fuel wrong tires and 3 pit stops at the end . Needs bit mor on preperation to those kind of races Thanks to Admins for executing this fantastic Sim experience :)
    Cu all Suzukaaa ....
  20. You started 3rd Werner. The results are also availeble on prestogp.com :)