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season 5 race 2@ Monza- setup discussion

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I'm using Anthony's spa qual setup with the following modifications:
    100% brake pressure
    100 rear susp (metric)
    Brake balance 54/46

    But I am at the start of my training, but the setup feels good here as well :)
  2. I'm using the same setup, only added bit more brake pressure (96%) and made 7th gear longer.
    Works great again, thx again Anthony. :)
  3. I am very glad that we have decided to discuss options.

    Yesterday in race some circles successively Janek I and Anthony went with identical speed. For a second it is impossible will relax, it is necessary to watch for Janek, differently it will leave at once far, and constantly to look in a mirror, differently at once will overtake Anthony.

    I dreamed of such races always, I think that such races will be pleasant to all.

    Andy, I tried удлиннять 7 gear, IMHO dispersal on 7g becomes more slowly, time turns out too.

  4. Sorry,удллиннять =To do more long
  5. I did my PB using the same spa setup and in addition to the changes that Nicolai mentioned in his post you can try different wing settings, like 1/15- 1/10 and 1/7 and see what is best for you.

    we still in the team sending around our setups and finetune couple of things , and i am going to post it early next week.

    we had lots of fun yesterday testing at Monza, we were few cars on track doing 5 laps race stints, me , Janek, Mark, Grassmik, luts, Joe , David, Steve and some others ... it is really a tough track and it going to be really hard to overtake without proper prerace practice...
  6. we found that adding one more click to the 7th gear would slow you down a bit on the strait as Grassmik mentioned unless you are right in the tow of another car, but i think i found a way to keep the rev high and increasing the top speed a bit more without the need tp add another click to the 7th gear.. but I need to try that first ..:)
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I'm curious... :rolleyes:

    Within first tests and starting from our (Jere, Kimmo and I) setup, i managed to do a 1:19:3xx on the Presto-21laps-server. Think the setup isn't good at the moment, but i post it and i'm sure that improvements will follow. :tongue:

    I'll try Anthonys setup too...

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  8. I've done two stints now, and I thought I used soft tyres both times. However, after my first go a couple of days ago the tyre wear was ff59 fr73 rl45 rr56, but after my second try today my tyre wear was ff71 fr81 rl60 rr67. I've been using Anthony's Spa qual setup. What do you guys think? Does it look like I was on super soft the first time and soft the second? Or would you rather think soft and medium?
  9. I attached 3 setups for Monza, based on the Spa setup with slight adjustment. " the top speed should be great":D

    Please note the gear ratio is high a bit so lesmo 1 " 3rd or 4th gear" lesmo 2 " 3rd or second gear" up to you.
    would be great to post your feedback :)

    Nicolia, we have not done a full race stint to check the tire wear, Grassmik is still working on it.. i will post his feed back as soon he isdone :)

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  10. hmm, the one with turbo sounds nice, I might give that a try tonight :)

    I'll try yours as well, and I'll try to come back with feedback on how I experienced the difference between yours and Aqua Vista Racing setup :)
  11. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks for the setup-smorgasbord.
    I might join you Nicolai.
  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    thx mate! I hope to have time to test Anthonys setup this afternoon. Seems i'll be on the server from around 18:30 - 20:15 (My time in Germany). plz don't expect too much from my setup. I'm able to drive one quick lap if all goes well, but that's it. It has an ugly tendency to oversteer at the turn in of the second chicane... Have to try to remove this...
  13. And please do not expect too much from me :) I doubt I'll be able to do times as fast as you do with your setup :) (the oversteer in the second chicane is currently my biggest challenge with the setup I'm using now, so I am used with that :)
  14. Thanks for the setup. I did 1:20.3xx during my first test-session. And there is still some space for improvment. Waiting for the updates mate, it seems that your setups suit my driving style very well. Thanks again!

    P.S. I am very bad in setting up the car, so the only way to be competitive is to use others' setups....
  15. I think this goes of the majority of us :) Although I do regard me as semi-skilled f3000 setup-man -> different world :)

  16. I have in my inbox around 7 different setups done by the team members, with slightly different ideas but at the end we all are getting almost identical lap times with all of them...except for Mark ,he is a bit ahead :rolleyes:...and the 2 i posted is the combination of all.. the one named "Turbo" is actually Joe's nickname and is with another idea..

    I tried Reiks setup and it was really good and fast but i could not improve on my PB, i felt the car a bit tricky under acceleration for my driving, which could suit well other drivers, but then when i tried to adjust couple of things to suit my driving i ended up making another copy of my setup lol......:confused:

    man could see many great lap times on the presto lap time sheet and almost identical , so it would be great to see what other ideas those fast drivers have that is different than those of team AVR and team BRM :).. we could simply keep what we know inside the teams but i see this place as a good way of learning diferent things and ideas and everyone's input is a way of improving the overall standard of the league :)

    by the way , your Spa setup Jim is really good and did not look to me like a joke but needed a bit of finetuning " the toe-in part".., it would be great to see more from you on here m8 :):).
  17. Here my race setup (80l). I still have to check tire wear, but I think it's OK. It is based mostly on Reik's with some adjustments to suit my driving style. In comparison with the Spa setup, I've noticed that I need less wings.

    I managed a 1'22 dead with it, but I think I'll average 1'23 in race condition.

    After practice races, I can say that tire wear is OK. I did constant laps averaging 1'23 till the end (best lap was 1'22"333 on lap 13, made 1'22"881 on lap 19, etc.). Reached 358kph in slipstream :cool:

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  18. In the spirit of Nicolas' post above (and not to show of that my time is slightly quicker ;) )

    Here my race setup (80l). It is based mostly on Anthony's Spa Qual setup with some adjustments to suit my driving style. I expect to experiment more with wings and gears. tyre wear after 21 laps were 71-81-60-67

    My best lap was 1:21:794 while the rest of my laps were 1:22:xxx with the exception of a couple of spikes and the first 3 laps.

    This was done in my second stint, but I plan to do several more in order to try to bother some of the guys on the upper half of the table ;)

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  19. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I've tried out the AV sets "Turbo" and "Q2" both modded for a race stint, I have to say Joe's is most excellent for my style:thumbup:, with soft tyres and a reduced the rear wing to 7, I also upped diff coast to 45%, moved the BB forward 2 clicks and shortened 1st gear by 1 click

    I was able to run in the lows 22's and dipped into the 21's, with some more tweaking if I can make a difference (I'll prob go back-wards with it:rolleyes:) I'll post it back up here soon.

  20. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    In the differential gear there is Power,Coast,Preload and Pump. I can see that Lock=Pump in the MMG mod. I suspect that if you increase lock/pump you increase the hydraulic pressure, and that would mean that Power,Coast and Preload all are affected by the Pump setting. I'm not sure this is how it work, but I know a little bit about hydraulics and can make an informed guess. It would be interesting to read other interpretations.