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Season 5 - Race 1 - Division 2 - Spa

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. I survived! ANd got 8th :)

    All of that after I got punted off at Eau Rouge on lap 1 and later did a 360 through there as well :)

    Oh yes... where is my mind. Congratuklations to our winners. Alex you seem to be off to a very good start.
  2. Congrats Alex, you blitzed it. :)

    Though I elected not to use my Quick-Chat text options this race, please imagine that I always write “thank you” any time I pass/ lap someone. :)

    A more detailed race report a bit latter on but for now it was a pleasure to race with you all

  3. Congratulations Alex.

    I got caught up in the first lap Eau Rouge incident. I approached carefully but just as it looked like I was going to go clear, Werner bounced backwards off the wall directly in front of me and there was no avoiding him. Sorry Werner there was nothing I could do.

    Luckily no damage and I drove a fairly good race up to the pitstops closing on Joe Isaac who was 4th at the time. He pitted earlier and as I exited the pit he drove past. Unfortunately I got a stop and go which put me way behind Joe. It also left me vulnerable to Dinca Andrei who was charging up the field to make up lost ground after the first lap incident. He closed on me fast and even if I had wanted to I could not stop him passing me nicely at Les Combes, so I backed off and watched him disappear.

    I enjoyed the race, despite the start incident. I am sure it would have been even better without that.

    I was disappointed at my race pace which was nearly 2 secs. a lap slower than a consistent half race trial run with full fuel. I guess it is fear of overdoing it in the real race. At least my pace was enough to get me to the finish in 6th.
  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    really wrong set loaded for me, undrivable car and I put about 8 laps for understand how can I drive this "frog" not e race but an "Omero's Odyssey " :).When I have realizated that no chance for me this evening whenever I saw someone coming from behind let him go I could never defend.
    At the end of the story believe that maybe that if I had a right set still 10th place but with more fun,but attention next race maybe load the right set and do POLE and RACE :tongue:.Only right thing was pit and tires front medium-rear hard same consumption.

    Congratultion to podium and all finishers
  5. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Yes was a nice race and grats to podium and to all the finishers,but i have somethin on my shoulders and i have a race report to send....
    It was a nice race but i am totaly unhappy with my way of driving out there....Slamed "Mega" in first lap....and a light tuch later on Anthony, thats verry bad.I am sorry.
    Race report and mail tommorow.
  6. Congratultion to podium and all finishers :)

    I actually was not bad on the road, but I had problems in the eighth round with my steering wheel!
    In the la source I got dan a tiny bit too far out
    and already I've spun me
    Then I stalled the motor.
    I had no incidents with other participants and wanted to end
    remain in the box and watch, but suddenly I had a game freeze!
    I'm not even a replay!
    I'm really happy to see my old friends. e.g. Vale and Painstiller

    hope, its better in the next event!
  7. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury


  8. Please move this in a new DIV1 thread :)
  9. Thank you all guys for the race!

    My story is rather short, because I don't know what to tell about :)

    Qual: P1

    Race: P1
    I had good start and got excellent advantage, because guys behind me were battling with each other. All the drivers who were lapped by me were VERY correct, thank you friends :doublethumb:
    The only thing that made me worry was Peter's late pit-stop. I was afraid that his 1st stint was on hards (and that could explain why he was 30 secs behind me by lap 16), and the second short stint would be on softs or even SS (he could easily eat the gap). But fortunately for me we were on the same tactic scheme :cool:

    Thanks again for nice race. I am really happy to start my second F1 season with win at Spa :redface:
  10. No worries mate. I reviewed the replay and came to the same conclusion. Maybe if you didn't pick the other RedBull skin. YOu know those cars are like magnets to each other... :) I'm just glad we could all continue the race.
  11. Hi Guys
    I had very bad qualy 12th P but finished 4th P, very proud of my set up, I had high down force and that’s what kept me alive. Congratulations to all finishes & to the winners, especially my Aqua Vista Racing team mate peter Marshal to score the podium, and thank you again Werner for the lovely looking cars.
    It looks like we are going to enjoy this season; Drivers are more careful and better skilled from last season, thanks for the set up thread to make the race more competitive. Congratulation Alex, you are very fast mate, can you please turn off your turbo boost at Monza so we can catch up. (LOL)
  12. It all Ended for me at Lap 12 or 13 .After a good start got to Position 5 from10th on the Grid , planed to Pit at Lap 6 running full tank Did and came in too Fast not hitting Pit Limiter Angry at myself for messing up my Return to the league I lost consentration and result was Bad till I started Getting back in after missing Stop and Go at first attempt ,after hitting confirm button So 2 unintended Pit Stops and finale whole Area Lost Power for 6 Hours .

    Race Start few Cars Cars out front had bad Luck at Eau Rouge Opening a small whole and I gained Pos 4 but had to let Eli Pass seeing he was way faster and Bob right behind me, my nerves were strained. Vince also in the battle but if not for it i´d still have driven to the end no matter what was to come.

    Grats Alex and all that finished
  13. Hello
    Greats to Alex pod and finishers
    Q : 2
    R : stupid mistake at Eau Rouge finished my race at lap 8, lost control a bit but didn't lift off gas pedal :(
    To sad cause I felt pretty good on track with wonderful Antony setup, BIG THX TO U M8 :)

    Andrei I still think that wasn't your fault looks clean legal over take, I should know u take position there :)
    Cya on track guys :)
  14. Howdy all.

    My first race at Presto.
    Q = last spot 15th
    Made a good start, entering Eau Rouge as 11th but got hit from behind and spin in to wall.
    Lost all wings and suspention damaged.
    So had to come in. with 2 others who also got damage.
    Made a decent stint till lap 15 or so.
    Pitted for new rubbber but pushed Pitlimiter twice ( so no limit ) Stop and go.
    Next lap i made S&G but wrong, so next lap i have to pit again and this one was correct.

    Made some small errors in the race but finished 9th, what surpriced me, and was glad i made it till finish.
    Podium Congrats and all other that made it till finish.

    See ya all next time.

    The " Lucas di Grassi " of the 2nd division......... ;-)
  15. LOL
    My pole position time was just ~0.1 sec better, than the 2nd spot on the grid (Eliezer?). So I think we all are really close to each other.
    My good race pace was because of high downforce setup. Yes, I was not fast on straights, but could push hard on dangerous sector 2 and felt very stable. That's why I drove without offs and collisions, while rest of the field were fighting with their cars and the corners.
    I am sure in Monza there will be much more close racing.
  16. Spa Race Report:

    Q 4th.
    Qualifying went well and I set a time in the low 1'44”s. I may have run a quicker time during my final but the session timer ran out as I approached La Source.

    R 2nd.
    The start went well as did the run up through Eau Rouge. I managed to avoid both the Honda of Andrei's and Eliezer's Ferrari at Les Combes and inherited 2nd place with Valter close behind. :cool: A few laps latter I defended well against Eliezer for several laps before he won the apex at Rivage. Nice move :thumb:.

    The following lap I watched in dismay as the Ferrari lost control at the top of Raidillion and ended up buried in the Tyre barrier opposite.:ups: I was pleased to hear afterward that the driver escaped any serious injury keeping Presto's near perfect safety record intact.

    For the rest of the race it was a matter of managing the tyres and not making any mistakes. Alex had way too much pace today for me [or anyone most likely] to close the gap and I had already built up a healthy buffer to Valter behind me [Congratulations on placing 3rd sir! :trophy:]. The Pit Stop went flawlessly and traffic was very kind.

    I'm certain the competition between drivers will be much closer at Monza; where I predict that Alex will have to work hard to defend his early championship lead. Many drivers will be out to impress before the Tifosi. :)


    Edit: Well done all!
  17. On another note, the server replay is now availeble through the PrestoGP Updater, I only hope I guessed correctly which replay was div 1 and which was div 2 :)
  18. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks all for a well spent evening at Spa.

    Qualy: P5
    I'm very grateful for your setup Peter, I only adjusted some minor things to feel at home. It’s the best Q setup I ever had in F1.

    Race: P3
    My first race in div2 went better than expected. Alex was flying. And Peter left me in a thin blue mist from his exhaust. Cheers for the winners.
    I made a lot of small mistakes in the first couple of laps and was acting over-optimistic. I was lucky every time and received no damage. I had too much brake force (94%) and had a hard time braking without locking the rear wheels. In the end of my two 16 lap stints I had to adjust break balance more and more and ended up with ≈57.5% in front. I started with ≈55% in front on fresh rubber. I learn something new every race, or maybe I forgot it and only think it is new.
    At the end of the race I was a bit lonely. The dream scenario for me would be if we all were driving in a dense field all the way to the finish line. But I guess we would lose a lot of body fluid with that kind of intense racing. One would have to load the fridge full of beer.

    Thanks Nicolai and RD plus all involved.

    CU on track
  19. K Kjellin Race Report SPA

    5th season has finally started, it felt good to meet you and compete with you all again.:D

    It began well with a 7th place in qualifying, I do not think I can thank you guys enough to share your settings. I do not think I have had a better set-up ever.:doublethumb:

    R: The start was ok, but when we came to Eau Rouge, I saw Maxim P skid to the right before me, when I lifted my foot off the accelerator, I lost all the rear grip and skidded towards Bob and pushed him off. I'm very sorry about that I hope it is not ruined your race. I hope I have not ruined the race for any of you who were behind me. I'm sorry guys, there was nothing I could do about it.

    I went into the pit on the second lap, the car was bad to drive after the accident.
    Replaced tires, tanks full of gasoline and said a prayer that I would get along the rest of the race. When I came out I was at P13. It was pretty tough, and it was not as fast as it usually is, (tried to pull over when overtaking me ) but I managed to come all the way to the flag. P7 is quite ok for me.

    Thanks Nicolai and RD plus all involved.
    Well done all!

    See you @ Monza
  20. Replays

    i hope someone can help me :)

    I do not manage to get a replay with the updater ??