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Season 4 Race 8 Division 1 - Istanbul Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jim Hawley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Here's a thread for you guys

  2. Race Report.

    Better than expected, improved my PB with 0.9 Seconds. but only 13th position.

    Made a nice clean start, advanced 1 place, had good space into turn 1.
    I had Sean Greenlaw, in front on the outside of me.
    Then he turned sharply to the left in front of me, i had to brake to avoid collision with him.
    But that resulted in Daniel Hansson hit be from behind. My rear wing and suspension damaged.
    Tried to make my way to the pits, but it was almost impossible to drive.
    After the pitstop i was 2 laps behind allready.
    Race ruined really.
    Tried to run a couple of laps, but with bad car, bad track and bad motivation, it was not to be..

    Better luck next time.
  3. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race

    Q, 0.8 off my best:confused: P8 which became 7

    R, got away well enough, went to the right of and alongside the car in front, then saw sense and braked early/gently and coasted into t1:) someone had spun on the exit which I had to drive around, I had people close behind but I think it went ok

    Settled into a rhythm and picked up a few places as people spun etc, ran around most of the race in 5th till I got passed by Rune, which I thought was Sean on a two stopper so I kinda let him by easily, then I just tried to keep Rune honest for the rest of the race and brought it home 6th:)

    I'm well happy with that, and the fact that after my recent performances I got to the finish without hitting anything/one

    great racing guys, thoroughly enjoyed it

  4. Congratulations Chris, Janek and Tim.

    I struggled; 2nd last.

    The start went well. Passed a number of unfortunate drivers. There were a few spins at Turn 1 ahead of me early on so I kept making up places.

    Lap 4 saw me collide with Mark as he recovered from a spin at Turn 1. Lost the front wing and needed to pit for a new one.

    It ended up being a 3 stop strategy as I confirmed the wrong pit preset mid race. I had a quick chat to pit crew to tell them what I needed and around I went again as I waited for them to get it all ready to do my stop properly next lap.

    Finished 13th and 3 laps down. Thank you all. Never give up. :)

    Well done Chris for claiming the championship! :trophy:

  5. Qualifying : P1

    I managed to fluke a 22.1 early into the session. I could not better this so was over the moon.
    The disconnection of Anthony put a dampener on things and I hope you all appreciate my initial thoughts on the restart.

    Race : P1

    My set-up relied on a very long 1st gear and a low wing set 3/29. In testing I was running into the 24.3's and 24high well into lap 9 if I didn't screw up. I was very confident and had put a lot of time into testing.
    At the start I had an engine health of 50% I will come to this later :)
    The start went pretty badly and I got demoted to 3rd after t1. I managed to cling to the back of Mark and luckily he and Janek had issues into T9. I managed to slipstream Mark on the back straight and thought it was my lucky day when he spun into t1.
    I repeated the move on Janek coming into the last sector on lap2 at the end of the main straight.
    I then put my foot down and was very worried when the fastest I managed was a 24.9.
    I was puzzled at this and though maybe it was the different conditions when a few or more cars are present on the track. I started to pull away a good gap from Janek then I had one of those sinking feelings on lap 8 or 9. The car started to behave strangely, the engine dropped 15kph on the straights and the rear end just would not turn in. This lasted like 3-4 laps and I lost some 2-3 secs a lap with a poorly car. This was when engine dropped to 48%
    Janek closed up on my fender and I had to try and learn to brake a bit later and swing it into corners.
    Thankfully the problem ceased when engine ticked to 45% and I was then able to pull away again...
    I pitted on lap 21 as scheduled and then it happened again later in the race when the engine hit 44% health. I was bit more prepared this time but had a nice moment scaring a guy I was lapping when I entered t1 sideways as I locked the rears up :) sorry.
    I then coaxed it back across the line.
    I should be really really elated but I'm upset with the game and feel pretty bad for Q disconnection saga :redface:
    I have attached my motec for my last stint and the race. If anyone could have a look and see if there is something wrong with my pedals or something I have overlooked I would appreciated it.

    However I am now champion by my maths! I will go into my thanks for the guys who helped me a lot this season and in general like an Oscar winning female semi-celebrity. Maybe somebody will walk in and take my keyboard away from me when I burst into tears, who knows :)
    Firstly i would like to thank Jere Heikkinen for which my pace would not be anywhere near where it was. Thanks man your a legend :)
    I cannot forget WR guys, Arno, ventis and Tim, very patient people and I thank you for this and all the help you have given even if your set-ups are drivable, only if your skin is green and you have a spacecraft hidden in your shed.

  6. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Well done Chris, for winning the title, you join a famous group with Ventis,Arno and of course Andy as well. :)
  7. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :star:Grats "Frappe":star:
  8. congratz Chris!!!!!:trophy::trophy::trophy:
  9. Congratulations Chris! As Bruno sais, you enter the club of the famous 4 :):trophy::cake:
  10. For me it wasn't a very good race. I had no time to practice with race trim, something that is essential in order to do well in the race. I quickly found out I was not able to deal with t1 with a heavy car that understeared a lot.

    I think I spun my car around 5 times in t1, and twice (or 3 times) I just had to stay completely still facing the wrong way while my skilled co-racers were able to avoid hitting me in the exit of t1 :)

    After around 13 laps or so I spun my car and lost a wheel, so at that time it was over for me :(

    I'm not surprised with my poor effort as I know I need a good handfull of practice in order to become competitive in the race. i hope to do this in the future :)

    Grats to race winner and Champion Chris!
  11. Q: Managed to get a decent time (for me) in the end. 14:th place. Not good but not that bad. Pretty much where I expected to be.

    R: Kept my position down to T1 and took it easy through it. On the exit I could speed up as usuall, but suddenly Per was slowing down infront of me and I didn't react. It took me by suprise and I slammed into his rear, removing my front and his rear wing. Sorry Per! :frown: Have watched the replay and you are completely innocent for the incident. It happened things up front that caused a chain reaction.

    Anyway, made my way round to the pits including some off moments. Fixed damage and got out again waay back. Not much motivation and it showed for the rest of the race. I pushed much harder than I usually would, partly because I though it wouldn't make any difference. So this caused off course a lot of mistakes, but I made it home and got something out of the race.

    Didn't enjoy myself. The only part when I did was when I could keep up with the pace of Sean and Jim who was a lap infront in 5:th for a couple of laps in the initial stages of the race, untill my very unfocused and unmotivated driving and heavy overstear caused a mistake. But sorry if any of you think I held you up at some point. Also had a nice scrap with Dmitry before my pit stop.

    Really hope the next and last race for the season will be better. I really struggled with the bumps for this one.

    And congratulations to our new champion Chris! :D:trophy:
  12. Congratz Chris!!!!!:trophy::trophy::trophy: ​
  13. Grats Chris
  14. Well-done to Chris, Janek & Tim

    Q: I could not match my PB and settled for 6th.

    R: it seems like if I run out of luck at the end the season , this is the second time I got disconnected of the server, the guys were too generous & voted me in but unfortunately my joy did not last long, the server did not want me to be there today and dropped me of again just when we moved to the race session…

    It is really frustrated, to put lots of preparations for this race, to get up at 4:30 am and to be on track on time to see my race end at the warm-up session, but then your passion for racing and your commitment to the league give you the motivation to put everything behind and start looking forwards to the next event..

    I would like to thank Nicolai and all the guys for voting me back in, I am sure it was not an easy decision for you guys, risking your well deserved grid position to let me in, so I really appreciate what you have done today and you showed once again the true quality of the people we have in this league, and guys, I am really proud to be part of this community …:)

    Well-done Chris for the championship. :good:


  15. Especially Chris, who had an important pole and planned to seal his Championship, was very generous to jepoardise his perfect positions.

    And Anthony, I realy feel with you and your disappointment. But I am very much impressed by how you deal with your misfortune!
  16. very true Nicolai, i can immagine how Chris and Tim felt at that moment, i am sorry guys to put you in that situation < chapeau bas> with big respect :)
  17. Congratulations Chris, you did a superb job this season.
    Well done.


  18. Congratz Chris !

    Very bad race for me.
    My apologies to Tim and Valter. The Director must consider the race incidents.
  19. First of all - CONGRATS CHRIS! You are the champion! Now you are among the strongest! :thumbup:

    Now about the event.

    QUAL = 5th
    In my last attempt I managed to set my PB (1:22.5xx) which moved me up to 5th position on starting grid. It was the second time I start so high this season (1st one was in Melbourne I think).

    RACE = 4th
    Poor start for me. I simply missed the moment when the lights turned off :tongue: But soon I found myself in 3rd position (becuase of many offs ahead of me). Tim was very close behind and his pressure was awesome! :good: I knew that he is at least 1sec per lap faster than me, but this is racing and I did my best to save my possible podium position. The fight was lasting till Lap 16 when Tim finally passed me (my tyres gone dead by that moment). During these 16 laps we both changed our positions many times. Tim passed me few times because he was simply faster, and I passed Tim because of his mistakes :)
    I hope I did not ruin your battle for the championship, Tim! I really enjoyed those 16 laps.

    I had a planned pit stop (Lap 21) and after that I was concentraded on seeing the checkered flag in my 4th position (highest in this season!). Tim was raising the gap ~1 sec per lap trying to catch Chris and Janek ahead. The gap behind me was ~30 sec, so I simply was driving the car in my own tempo.

    Thank you all guys for the race!
    Thanks to RD and Nico for this league!

    See you all in Deutschland =)
  20. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats to Chris the Champ.

    Q: 16
    I was so proud.
    Started in P15 after Anthony LC.

    R: 11
    The first laps was most successful. I climbed from P15 to P7 in less then four laps. The fast boys that had spun off and let me bye was now in pursuit. In the end I could not keep the momentum and ended up in 11th place.

    And the traditional report clip.

    No hard feelings Jet:cool:

    Thanks all racing freaks:D
    By the way, do you know who I run in to yesterday?