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Season 2 Archive

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Alex Burton, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. With just 4 races left to run, I thought I'd bring about the announcement of our 2nd season based on Race Department, and the move onto the upcoming F1 2013 game.

    Now as some of you may know, F1 2013 includes classic content, and we as a league will be exploiting that content by adding to the already thrilling 19 race calendar. So lets have a detailed look at our race calendar:


    The Indian Grand Prix returns following its cancellation last season, in its regular slot near the end of the season. The German Grand Prix moves from Hockenheim to the Nurburgring, whilst the European Grand Prix switches from the street circuit in Valencia, to the classic track, Jerez, which will be the final race of the European season, and a 2nd race in Spain. We also visit Britain twice, with Brands Hatch being included on the calendar. Brands is one of the most challenging tracks in the world, with its notoriously tricky first corner, Paddock Hill Bend, and dramatic elevation changes.

    Unconfirmed at this stage, they are not the only changes. If circumstances allow, we will be returning to the mighty Imola Circuit for the San Marino Grand Prix, to open the European Season, as well as a trip to Estoril in Portugal as part of a classic Iberian back to back with Jerez. These two races will occur if all participants own the Classic edition which includes these tracks. I believe they may be available as DLC to those without, and our aim is to use all 23 tracks that will feature in the game.

    Sign Up and Car Selection Procedure will begin once the F1 2013 forum goes up, which will hopefully be very soon.
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  2. I've already pre-ordered the Classic Edition :D
  3. great idea. will we use/have to use classic cars on the classic tracks?? Already looking forward to it and i have already pre-ordered classic edition
  4. I don't think we'll be able to use classic cars, we could possibly use them in special spin-off races but for the actual championship it'll be the 2013 cars.
  5. the championship will be 2013 cars, on all the tracks listed including the classic ones. However those ones won't have DRS zones, so overtaking will be all about skill.
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  6. This is where true race craft will come to fruition in the game. Should be some exciting battles and overtakes for sure.
  7. Yeah I still don't see the classic edition available for pre-order in the USA. I don't mind buying a copy from amazon.co.uk but I question whether or not region lock will allow the game to be played on my PSN if there is any.

    Anyone know if there is any region locking on F1 2013?
  8. PS3 games aren't region locked
  9. There is no region locking. I don't think classic edition is available in the US, stupid I know, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get it as DLC the minute the game is launched.

  10. I'd rather order it from Amazon. I'm not too keen on the idea of using credit card info on the PSN network as it's been hacked before. I just want to be certain that it will work on my PSN before I order it from amazon.co.uk
  11. Could you not buy a PSN gift card if it comes to that?
  12. What date do you anticipate the new season will kick off?
  13. Don't buy off Amazon.... Try ShopTo.net

    They GAURANTEE your game will be with you on launch day. The added bonus is - 99% of the time it arrives the day before release ;) (every game i've ordered has come the day before release day, although one didn't - truth be told.. I messed up and missed the preorder as I cancelled one order and opened another!)
  14. roughly 2 weeks after the game is released. The first weekend we'll all just be getting used to the game and having some fun social races, then the 2nd weekend will be the pre-season race, making the 3rd weekend the Australian Grand Prix
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  15. Yeah I suppose I could. Didn't really consider that. I just don't understand the bias in not selling the classic edition here. Yeah F1 isn't as big here as it is in European countries and other parts of the world but there are those who follow it that live in the US. If anything, they should sell a limited number of copies of the classic edition and if the demand exceeds the initial supply, ship more. To not sell it all makes no sense. It was no different with the fixes on the bugs how the European PSN users received the patches quite a while before US users did although this was not codemaster's fault. I don't know how they expect the sport to gain traction here if they continue to alienate even the few that do follow F1 in the US.

    Anywho, rant done. Just to let you know, I'llbe out of town traveling this weekend since it is a holiday. I'll see you guys in India.
  16. ive preordered classic btw.
    count me in! ;)
  17. Im in but GCSE year next year for me :( so possibility of missing a few races. Hope not so i'll start as full time driver and see how it goes
  18. It was my as levels this year and I did fine! You'll be fine Chris!
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  19. Have you gone to any of the game stores?
  20. To any physical locations, no. I've checked online at those stores and only for the PC do they show a Classic Edition.
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