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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    SINGAPORE forgotten in the title:)

    few sign on barriers:D
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  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    not my evening a lot of incident
    race1 lap2 T3 a little spin on kurbs Tom was just back me and hit me now big spin across the track just when David come. I think incident race good that damage for no one believe.
    lap10 just before tunnel me and Johannes I hit the wall but think was for brake fail so lost car and hit Johannes
    sorry man but in true i dont understand what happen

    race2 lap 3 contact with Kyran in T14 I was glued on kurbs for avoid a contact with car at left but in exit I hit rear wheel of Kyran and I spin and just back 4 car pass me ( I was in the middle of track ) some hit here and there
    then I press esc.
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  3. Kyran Parkin

    Kyran Parkin
    The Pitlane King

    Lap 1, Turn 1 - Got a good start, Martin defended super aggressively and crowded me off the circuit. While he did this in one of the practice starts it was absolutely fair then, not so much this time. I would've let this one slide had he not done the same thing a few corners later.

    Lap 1, Turn 6/7 - Got a run on Martin and moved to the left. Was completely alongside but he just kept coming across. We bumped wheels multiples times while I was basically scraping the wall. Not super pleased nor impressed by that or the aggressive crowding at the start.

    Lap 1, Turn 5 - Went around the outside of Vlad in Turn 5, our lines sort of just crossed and we made contact. I just about collected it but he wasn't so lucky. :( There wasn't much more I could've done since I was right against the wall.

    Lap 1, Turn 11 - A car ahead took a bit too much kerb and bumped into someone spinning them out and blocking the track. Made contact with one of them trying to slow down and avoid.

    Lap 3, Turn 14 - As Valerio mentioned above, I went to the outside under braking and took a later turn in so I left him room. Looked like he took a bit too much kerb, similar to the incident on Lap 1 at T11. Small amount of contact but no damage. Just tyre smoke and sadness.

    That's about it, a few awkward attempts by traffic at letting people past but it's not the best track for it so I can let it slide this time. :p

    Oh, just in case anyone was curious of my opinion of this track: I hate it. :x3:
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  4. Race 1
    no incidents to report

    Race 2
    ts 80 (lap 1) : sandwiched between @Cosimo and @MOOOOOOOOOSCHT
    ts 126 (lap 1) : ran into Johannes Melichar in T9, and @MOOOOOOOOOSCHT ran into me as a consequence. My fault but he was very slow in that corner, as @Cosimo in front of him was also very slow.
    ts 2840 (lap 25) : brake failure in T2/T3, had to limp 3 laps to the finish line
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  5. jego


    Race 1
    Lap 1 T1 - I was sandwiched between Bulgin and David, David turned into the corner and I could not yet turn as Bulgin was still going straight. Not much on my behalf I could have done, maybe react super fast and brake.

    Lap 10 before the tunnel - Valerio was behind me, I left space as I figured he might attempt to try an overtake, when I did not see him attack I turned into the corner and suddenly he flew into me... as he said it was a brake failure so racing incident.

    And finally the last Lap before the finish line Cosimo who was really slow suddenly just turned into me making me crash real bad. I spun out and hit the barrier. I was lucky I had a big gap to the person behind me.

    Race 2

    Lap 1 T1 - Tom hit me from behind just when I was about to turn into the corner, at that point I had slowed down to about 100km and Tom was still going 150.... way too fast... again.

    Lap 1 Also a incident with Nicholas, he hit me slightly because I had to brake hard because Cosimo was going very slow into the corner.

    Lap 5 Long straight before T5 - I hit Rubez here, I thought there was enough space left on the right side. This was my mistake, luckily it only spun me out.

    Lap 7 long straight before T5 - I dont know what happend to Valle...I think he lost control as he took the corner to tight and crashed into me .... very big crash.

    Lap 10 T5 - Tom gets a bad exit from T4 I overtake him, he tries to get me back, brakes too late and crashes into me. I did not spin out tho, only he did.

    Those were some of the incidents... I also spun out twice because Cosimo was braking unexceptional early and once he divebombed past me and used me as his brake by pushing me into the barrier.

    Overall I was not very impressed with the general aggressiveness of some drivers. This is a very tight track, if you you are confident, sure try to overtake but don't force it. I for instant followed Cosimo many laps, even tho I could drive at least 3 seconds faster, but I did not feel confident enough to attempt an overtake and not put both our races in danger.
    So I waited and waited and eventually he got an exit really bad and I could go past and build a gap quickly. This is how it should be done and not with a dive bomb into a corner where there is no grip off the racing line and then slide into the other car.
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  6. I only have to say SORRY about this. I've tried to overtake you too close to the wall with open dsr and them i not sure what happend... But obviously my fault. Sorry again.
    My race 2 was a complete disaster. I'll post incidents once i watch the replay.
    Sorry all....
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  7. Sorry Kyran and Nicolas :whistling:
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  8. Blauweke


    That was my bad, i was checking behind and around me when i realized i had massively missed my braking point.
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  9. I only had a little incident with Anton in feature race on first lap in chicane before bridge. But lost tons of time there.
    It's a tricky chicane, Anton jumped and pushed me in those hard circumstances.
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  10. Sorry Artyom. I didnĀ“t expect you at my side there.
    I tried to let you space at the chicanne, even I brake from 1st gear, but my car jump and hit you.
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