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Season 14 Race 5 Montreal - Setup Thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolas Delamare, May 31, 2015.

  1. For Montreal I think that MDP might be used, here's the concerned setup I've just run with:

    Fuel estimation isn't yet done (I always made it by myself): it's about 42 laps * 2.5L per lap = 105L, but 110L seemed to be too much...but I haven't could finish my race: brakes were gone after 52 minutes.

    It's strange because duct is Open, brake engine is on 1, pedal on 82 and balance is 56.5 to the front.Don't know what to change before the real race...I'm not aggressive on brake pedal so maybe deactivate mechanical issue...:confused:

    Tires were good, it seems that we may have the choice between stop or don't stop ! With several spin I've been obliged to pit to avoid a critical wear on the rear tires (which provide already a poor grip !).

    I made a 1.25.5xx on quali conditions, and race laps are around a 1.27.8xx, not well better.

    That track is a nightmare to drive, I mean that wall at the last chicane is...I don't have word ! Sure nobody will miss the braking point with that.Oh, I've also made a HDP setup of course, it's very similar in term of quali time lap, but the higher aero doesn't really permit to gain mechanical grip.

    Hope it'll help.
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  2. Two very interersting things:

    1) HDP is good for the race: with it tire wear is lower than with MDP, I haven't pit for the whole 1 hour offline race ==> 3 squares left everywhere except 2.5 at rear-left.Pace is a bit better in fact (yesterday I didn't think that), my race PB is 1.27.031, quali lap is slower though.Aero is set as 25°-53°.

    2) Front-left brake went off...but in the very last lap (where Vettel made a mistake in 2011 !!), and also duct is Open and again with a very smooth pression on the pedal along the race ! I finished the last lap downshifting like a pig of course :laugh:

    So what to do with mechanical issue, on or off ? Very difficult to choose...

    Fuel estimation is made: started with 110L, finished with 17L.So start 105 will be very safe.

    I also think that driving with a bit more aero was easier than yesterday, car is simply more stable !
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  3. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Here's my setup atm been on for a couple practise runs at the weekend :thumbsup:

    hdp and think 22/55 wing but will have future tinkering I suspect :thumbsup: felt pretty stable.

    If you use and prefer it with some slight edits of your own, feel free to share as well :thumbsup:.
    Will add hotlap vid later.

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  4. I wonder if there's something we can do about this. What were you running your bias + pressure at?

    Generally brake failure in rF2 comes from slowly wearing down the brake discs during a race. There's things you can do to accelerate this, namely running the brakes too hot. I think 685°C is the maximum ideal temperature for the brakes (it was in the 2010 FR3.5, and the '14 car's files are encrypted so I've not been able to check). Beyond that, they get weaker and degrade quicker.

    It's a bit complicated when you're running 100% open ducts, of course. We could run less brake pressure. That way, the brake temps rise less °/sec during braking, hopefully enough so that the cooling can keep up and we can keep them below that critical 685°C.
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  5. Pressure was 82 kgf and bias was 56% on the front.You mean my brakes were too cold to work well ? Mmmh, it was like Bahrain when brakes went off after 40 minutes: the concerned brake, the front-left, suddenly cooled down from 500°C to...30°C.
    It's strange because in straights brakes temp' is effectively falling down, I've checked that during the race, and front-left got it at the same speed than front-right.
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  6. I think your brakes may have gotten too hot, and it may be the car simply can't cool the brakes enough for us to run them the way we normally do.

    Either way, it sounds like 45.92kgf (82kgf x 56%) on the fronts is too much, so you've no doubt already saved a bunch of us some miserable race ends. :) You've saved me I'm sure. As I've run 100kgf pressure at every race so far, and that was most likely to be my starting point!
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  7. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Keep a eye out for t4 powerslide :cool:
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  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    I did not do any laps so far here. But even without that I can already say that this will be a HDP track like 99% are with the way the HDP setups will go to the extreme; Monza should be the only exception left now, even there I predict no more LDP :roflmao:

    Also Canada is by far the hardest track for the brakes, because they go very hot on the hardest braking zones and they don't cool down much. In the F1 car you needed an open-duct and a bit of restraint on the braking. Should be the same thing here I suppose.
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  9. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Is there some plugin that shows wear on brakes? What temp interval is good to aim for?
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Not aware of any plugin that shows brake wear.
    Might be worth checking when you return to pits if it shows any change on disc thickness. I'll check in carstat what the failure thickness is.

    The FR 3.5 2014 optimum brake temp range is 350-600 deg. They will work ok-ish to 800 deg.
    Lower wing tracks such at Montreal are hard on brakes as the lack of aero means less drag (braking) so the brakes work harder to pull the car up from a higher top speed with less help from aero..

    Disc failure thickness is 16.2-17.2 mm .
    A new disc is 28 mm

    NB-above Nicolas had brake fail at 52 mins.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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  11. Mmmh..m.y aero was 25°-53° so it's rather high don't you think, I think mutliple braking zones have made their life hard !

    Not 52 minutes, 59 minutes, which is better for the incoming real race.Simply, I lost front-left brake with half a lap to the checkered flag.
    Surely I will be a little cool on the brakes to avoid that, or reduce brake pressure !
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  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Well if we are to be picky....
    Your aero settings may have been high Nicolas but I am not simply referring to your Canada experiences. IMO lower aero is harder on brakes. Yes so is multiple hard braking zones. But aero too.
    I have tested two aero packages back to back at Interlagos in the ASR 1992 V1.70 car and overlayed the Motec traces. Adding a little wing took from memory 20-30 deg or more off brake temps and prolonged their life.
    As to the 59 not 52, who wrote.....
  13. Ok, you talk about my first message, I was completely wrong ! It's too hot today, not good for me ! :cry:
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  14. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Here's a hotlap vid with my PB that some guy in Senna's Mclaren has already beaten :mad::p

    also here's the setup I've been using :thumbsup:

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  15. Your driving style is impressive David: powerful downshifting in straight line, launching the car with tons of speed on corner entry and I presume so much angle on the wheel !
    I've just done a 1.24.1 so I'm faster than before, setups of yours have helped me, my way to set my cars on that game is different than before, when I play with gamepad.

    And I've learned so much on how to play with a wheel: harder thing at the beginning was properly negotiate hairpin.I also learned to clearly lift the throttle when I brake and to be not shy on the throttle on corner exit.

    I'm waiting for you on Silverstone mate, I hope you will destroy your tires in 5-6 laps with that sort of driving :sneaky:
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  16. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Updated edited setup from my pb last night :thumbsup:

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  17. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Here's my alternative SETUP
  18. Sky

    Gobble Gobble Premium Member

    what aero package are you guys using?

    i just noticed my car was set on the low downforce one. i was wondering if thats why i've been struggling.
  19. If you was on low downforce so yes it was the reason for struggling, no doubt.
    Really low ? Not medium ? You mad man !
  20. Sky

    Gobble Gobble Premium Member

    i was trying some of these setups and thinking: 'wow those guys really like to under-gear their cars' hahaha