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Season 12 Race 8 MONACO - RACE REPORT

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, May 28, 2014.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    goal is see the end:D
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  2. Well, this time i was the first DNF.. Didn't feel brakes the whole evening, had zero trust if i could stop in time. And so i banged the wall in T1 but that was due to lack of grip with used tires, 2 laps before scheduled stop.. Somehow my front end was really understeering, i had real troubles going thru the hairpin, had to use all of the track width there was.. Sorry for the guys that had to drive behind me, only Nicolas managed to pass (Tito passed on my mistake..) with fresh tires. Tabac still wasn't really natural, i'm so used to going in to it with heavy understeer, i was almost at second gear there! Didn't really feel like it was my setup... Otherwise felt comfortable fitting inside walls, few touches here and there, the usual stuff. Only braking was unsure, could not match my stint practice braking points at all. Exits were fun with powersliding, that i could do :) 1st gear launches before the tunnel, after chicane and last two turns.. Takes of like a rocket and it's so short that i hit limiter before it had a chance to spin out completely..

    Qualy wasn't good.. Peter was a bit distracting in the mirrors on his outlap/my hotlap.. Can't complain, a lot of people had it much much worse, i had plenty of free air ahead. I was just expecting that he would make the room early and then warm his tires properly, i'm sure he was waiting for me to spin :) Lost about 7 tenths looking at mirrors, that's my own fault, i don't have to look at mirrors at all when i'm on my hotlap and usually i don't :( Lesson learned. I had free road on second hotlap but messed it on the first turn, then third attempt was a bit faster but i had 1l missing from the tank to finish the lap.. I hope i parked it without making David distracted.
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  3. q:6

    r: dnf (internet connection ...)

    quali quite good. 0,2 down from my target but still good with the position. after guus left i started from fifth.

    start was horrible. lost 2 or 3 positions in the big pile up in t1.

    2 laps later spin on my own in the last turn and find myself in position 11 behind kennett and tito. kennet makes mistake tito gets him which let to the fact that i trailed kennet for atleast 15 or 16 laps until his big mistake in t1.
    i just couldnt get past him. i knew i had the pace on him. i think i would have been atleast .5 seconds a lap faster then him but i just couldnt pull it off.

    after he made the mistake and i got in front of him i was catching tito for 2 laps until we both went for the pits.
    t1 after pits it turn in on him. i spin
    he waits
    i am in front
    we race some laps
    5mins to go
    my internet shuts down

    all in all a really shitty race.
    the fact that i didnt even get the points or could finish it makes it even worse.

    did i mention that i hate monaco ...

    gotta get a drink at least i dont have to work tomorrow. so my roommate and i are going to drink gin tonic ... a few or some more :)

    good night guys
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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q 10th
    R 8th
    I have finished the race and this is 50% of the work:D the other half is fun,
    at start a bit ahead me was Nicolai but in T1 I saw a room so I tried to put my heart:) and pass him and then until pit Nicolai have tried an overtake not so easy pass here so when I leave pit mess with Tim ( described in incident report) i lift feet for see in mirrors what happened at Tim,Nicolai was 8sec. ahead back me Julius at 12sec a mistake at Mirabeau and lost a bit of advantage but managed for finish the race.

    Congratulations Sean David Peter and All participants

    Thanks PrestoGP, RD and Daniel ;)
    I'll see you at the next

    PS cin cin Julius:D
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  5. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 2nd

    myself and sean had loads of discussion about the grid slots here, p2 was the clearly favoured grid slot, did i aim for p2? :devilish:well.... no but it was welcomed, i couldnt bring myself to aim for 2nd place, if it happened then it wasnt a bad thing, and it did, and... it wasnt a bad thing :D

    race - 1st

    got a good start as usual from the inside, i tried to stay as far right as i could but still leaving enough room to take the turn at some speed, sean stayed well over to the left so that part was great, the actual corner wasnt though, sean turned in slightly early i was there, contact was the result, it sent me off track into the bumpy stuff and sean over the kerbs, it was luck of the draw on landing who would get traction, sean got too much and around he went, i got lucky and could drive away unscathed.

    this was perfect for me, the first stint i was 85l fuel and going to lap 22-23, i thought sean was roughly the same so when i saw him pull back places and catch me by 1 sec a lap i had to contain the turtle from tryin to escape, sean stopped on lap 16 which was a welcome relief of pressure from me, i carried on with my strategy thinking that if sean was 1 stopping he would need around 30 laps in stint 2, my mind ran overtime working things out, dont think i ever managed to any great degree so i just drove as mistake free as possible.

    at the last stint, seans 3rd and my 2nd, he was 23 seconds behind and i knew all i had to do was keep it at 1 second per laps and id win, it was a nervey last stint watchin the times fall and having to tell myself it was fine, all part of the strategy.

    hung on for the win, i stuck to the 1 stop and it paid off, the championship gets tighter again, 2 races left, gonna be some great action i feel, hopefully bigger turn outs, grats rest of podium and thanks nico, daniel and rd :)

    cya at montreal ;)
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  6. Q 11
    R 9
    My first goal was finish the race with all my tyres!! very bad qualy . a decent start very nice first stint in battle with kennet and after with Julius.. I made only a pit and during the last part of stint my grip and my driving were very bad. I repeat i'm glad to finish the race. I love Monaco I remeber a f1 race in 1992 that i saw on real . Senna wins that race vs Mansell... tnx all the drivers, I hope we can full the grid for next events.
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  7. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: 1st dam lol

    R: 2nd 52 52 52 Only decide to try 2 stop when Gus had left which with him and Reik not in race I though would be aswell giving it a try as best I could get was 2nd any other way.

    Start I thought being the 30 litre lighter had worked and was ahead into t1 obviously not arg:mad: and road block happened sos again for that.

    After that Vincenzo let me passed really wanting to concentrate on his own race I think as well as Tim after my poor attempt to pass. I was able to catch David early on just before 1st stop making him think what is going on.

    2nd stint again made good pace able to push all though stints and again Vincenzo and Tim let me passed. End of 2nd stint I wasn't able to pull gap I needed to David resulting in the last stint finishing about 8 secs behind.

    Was all still quite exciting but I'm sure would have been better had Reik managed to make it and if Gus decided to race.

    Hopefully see numbers back for remaining races and add to the pressure.

    Grats David and Peter and everyone who finished unlucky for Julius :thumbsup:

    Cyas in Canada.
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  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I can tell you I would've gone for a 2-stopper. So if I had done a nice qualy (I guess P3 with a 1:22:4xx or so), it could've become a very nice race. Very sorry I had to pull out so late. :(
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  9. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    yo! I need help. Trying to make a "real" video-report with my own text-screens and race-scenes, music perhaps. During the Counter-strike1.3-era I used some program that every teen used back then. I found VideoMach. Could have been that one. Anyone knows how to do such a simple thing as putting in a .bmp between two racing-scenes?
  10. So far, the free video editing softwares i've tried have been:
    A: Crap/scam
    B: Lacking basic tools and video formats
    C: Super complex with almost undecipherable UI.
    Here's a list of the "best": http://www.techradar.com/news/softw...re-9-top-programs-you-should-download-1136264

    Lightworks is the most versatile but it is daunting and i didn't even get a simple 2 clips joined with it. Avidemux, some like, i don't but it works for simple stuff. VSDC, didn't get it work either. VirtualDub, have used for just joining clips or conversions, same as Free Video DUB. Kates video editor worked for a while but i had some troubles in the end, might've been that it didn't accept some formats. It was the only one that worked straight out of the box thou.

    Good luck, you might need to try them all.. Except Lightworks, it really is super duper hard to learn but it is the most professional, you can edit full movies with it and some even have (Departed, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart for ex.).. SO unless you are prepared to spend hours on it, better use something more simple. Also beware, free video edit softwares are often adware/spyware riddled so better to stay on those that are listed on the link i posted..
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  11. Sorry late report :
    Q 7th
    Fine with that.

    R 5th
    Strategy : 100l at the start, pit lap 15 for tires, then pit lap 30 for tires + 60l of fuel.
    Great race for me, I started without being involved in T1 incident, and Peter started to press me until lap 2 when he passed me at Massenet. Nothing much happened until I pitted in 6th place to exit in 11th position behind Julius and Kennett. I managed to pass them in lap 18. Then nothing else until my second pit stop : my crew managed to be fast enough so that I exited the pit lane in front of Tim. He almost got me at Massenet but I managed to stay in front somehow, and he never managed to overtake me before the chequered flag. Video report follows :

    Congratulations to podium and all finishers, it was an hard race!
    CU in Canada
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  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    So far I only used Windows Movie Maker, which is for free and handles easy in terms of placing clips and pictures in one film and also place text on it and so on... (But I'm not Guru in doing that)
  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i use the free version of fraps to record then just use youtube controls to edit, they turn out basic but i like keeping things simple.
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  14. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Kennett for all the advices! But you didnt mention the no.1?

    Im trying out Microsoft's way of thinking. This time it surprises me - they have surely looked at apple. Thanks Reik!

    And David, sure, the guy who makes thousands of qualy laps, thats what I call making it simple! ;)
  15. MS Movie Maker is not a real editor... Try to make a cut on frame by frame precision or transition/effect that you want to edit.. Or picture-in-picture.. or overlays.. Anything really that isn't just joining two clips together without editing them in anyway... Editor should have a real timeline that does not work with 2 second precision (honestly, movie maker is crap, it's like MS paint vs photoshop) ;) Simple joining pre-cut clips and conversions are the only things i've made with it.
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