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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)


Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    pay attention to the sand:)
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  2. My wheel is screwed. No control, no power at times then way to sensitive and snaps of power at others. So difficult to race, just glad I finished.
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  3. Awfully boring race. I though I had pace to have some fight, but a touch in lap 2 and a botched pit stop relegated me to an hour of hotlapping. And then just in case I locked the front and found myself enclosed in a runoff, lost like 15 seconds on that one.

    I need to review a couple of incidents.
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  4. Sheesh, this one I would like to forget about! I always seems to chicken out in quali and can not put down a good lap. Happened today and started 17th out of 20. In practice, I felt like I had a solid top ten car. I went for a one stopper as usual, but on the first lap I got turned around after making up four positions. Dropped all the way to the back and got stuck behind Alberto Casado. I spun him coming out of the T1 complex and I sincerely apologize for that. I was getting fed up with what happened in lap 1 and wanted to get moving up the field. Proceeded to get spun by Richie Hill twice and my tyres went off earlier than I expected in the last stint and finished 16th.
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  5. Edit: wrong thread :whistling:
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  6. I hit someone on t10 on first lap... may be he was Nelson? i'm sorry for that, i was sourronded and i choose your car because i like your skin colors car...:)
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  7. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Q- 10th
    R- 17th

    Quali was good car felt great
    The Race on the other hand was a different story.
    don't know what went wrong the car was on the verge of undrivable and very unpredictable. One lap the car was good the next lap at the same point seemed like no brakes or no power leading into too much power and wheel spin.
    Nelson sorry about the spins the first one was I simply couldn't seem to stop the damn thing.
    The second time I was just unsighted as you braked earlier than you had been for t8 - 9 (I think) and all I could see was smoke from your lock up.
    Both times I waited for you to resume before I got moving.

    All in all this race was crap for me.
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  8. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 2nd

    happy with that, had a feeling sean was going to blitz us with a lap but ended up reik who stuck it on pole, grats reik.

    race - 2nd

    im not going to say too much about the first few laps, the video when its ready will take care of that, what i will say though is its probably the best racing ive had the pleasure to be involved with in presto, grats to all who made the first few laps amazing.

    sorry the video is only the first few laps worth of highlights, but for me that was enough, great racing :thumbsup:

    now onto the rest, processional after those storming laps at the start, stayed sean, me and reik for the whole race even after the stops, gap at the lowest in front was 1.4 seconds, and behind reik was about 1.2 seconds mostly but a hell of a lot of laps between 0.6 and 0.8, really close stuff, at the end i lost out a good bit to sean with a lapping problem, not huge but cost me 1.2 seconds and made the last laps edgy, its in the vid anyhoo but theres no problems here but maybe a discussion point on what happens, it probably happened at the worst place too, these guys were having a fight, and the 3 leaders having a fight, what takes priority, anyhoo everyone was good for the positions they were in so it deserved to stay as it was, happy to take 2nd after race long pressure from reik, i get back what i gave to him at sepang :) amazing race in the beginning, slowed down a bit after but will live long in the memory.

    thanks to all, nico, rd, daniel, and especially presto members for the best league in sim racing bar none!


    EDIT: didnt bother adding the lapping part, it was just bad timing during the lap that i caught up there and i cant expect them to give up their fight totally so close to the end, no harm done.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
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  9. I think that may have been myself and Kurt, @David Turnbull. He was the only car ahead of me I had the possibility of passing before the race ended, especially as I was on fresher tires. So when you guys came up behind me, I was trying to do the bare minimum I could when letting you guys past, just to lose as little ground on Kurt. I thought I judged it pretty well, but... Maybe not? :p

    Key things I tried was to leave the ideal entry to the next corner free for you (didn't achieve every time, like in T11), and down the straights I was short shifting to help folks past. When that failed, a short coast before braking made up the necessary difference to make the pass stick. I had no ambitions to unlap myself or anything, it was purely the pursuit on Kurt that had me in a hurry. Though I appreciate it may have been a bit of a cliffhanger at times.
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  10. Yes, it was you. I checked the replay and it was you who had spun me. Now that I have had some time to settle down, I think I will say something in a respectful manner. ;)

    This incident greatly upset me when it first happened. I felt I had a top ten car with a top ten strategy and what I was hoping would be a top ten worthy drive. According to the replay, something was bound to go wrong At first, I thought it could have been my fault because I see I was pretty close to Richie Hill (who was on my outside) but it seemed like if I held steady we would survive. Then you fly up my butt and I spin. :(

    Now obviously, I can not preach about safety as it would be very hypocritical of me seeing as I ruined Alberto's race (I am still ashamed of my actions). And luckily, no damage was inflicted on either of our cars (or so I think anyways... did you sustain any damage?). Also, stuff like this happens and I have been guilty of my fair share of incidents too, so this is nothing personal. :)

    As upset as I was, I am over it. I forgive you, I want to forget this happened and want to move on. Seeing as I cannot make China, I look forward to some fun and clean racing with you in the European portion of the season :)
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  11. Nelson I'M really sorry for that ! It's my second race here, i made too much fast qualify for me... I was 12th but I made a bad start ... I was very scared about everything . I used brake but may be not enough for t10 on first lap... anyway I had no damage and I made 2 pitstops and many mistakes. I finish 18th... It was fun but also scared.... I really apology for the incident and also for my english!!:)
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  12. Q 11th
    R 9th

    72 + 60 + 60 strategy (lap 13 & 25)
    I started very well and was immediately caught in an intense fight with Nicolai, Vincenzo and Peter. Nicolai got away after 2 laps, but I had to fight 2-3 laps longer to pass Vincenzo, just after Peter passed him. I managed to pass Peter somehow in the pits, and kept my advance along the second stint. In the 3rd stint, I managed to pass Vale and Valt just before Peter could reach me, and then I could only pray that he couldn't catch me before the end since he was clearly faster on 1 lap. Fortunately for me he made a mistake a few lap before the end and I was safe with my 9th place.

    Congratulations to the podium, and to everyone since there was really good and fair fights. CU on track
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  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q. 3rd Very slight mistake's otherwise wd Reik, only .114 between top 3 really close :cool:
    R. 1st 61 62 62 lap 12, 24 I always tend to divide up stints as evenly as possible, I find it usually the best and fastest way to do the race having tried a lot of different ways in the past season's.

    I got a good start managing to just get by David and a hard fight then for the next few laps with David and Reik which was a real pleasure.(see Davids video):thumbsup: We all raced really well and I had to defend quite hard with David in his advances on the straight which had a couple times through these laps without breathing lol

    I think this was crucial and probably any of us had the lead after the first few laps may have ended that way as we were all very close on pace even the best race laps were only split by 0.020 :confused:. With David just out of my slipstream made it a little easier and was able to keep the gap steady pretty much through race always pushing though with also super concentrated on not making a mistake as it might prove crucial. I think David Reik running slight closer together helped me out to with them also haiving to concentrate on there own positions through the race.

    Stops were great to and think I only went deep into once into last turn braking zone my only slight mistake otherwise one of the nearly perfect races for me in terms on consistency they don't happen very often :laugh:.

    Lapping also pretty smooth and didn't affect my race so thanks guys.

    Grats to David, Reik and wd to all finishers !

    Thanks Nico RD and PrestoGp'ers!
    Cyas in the monsoon in China :rolleyes:
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  14. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    David's Video :)
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  15. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran


    Im happy for mine result this time good strategy and very few mistakes. Scary at start in T1 freeze I was quite behind Valter and I have braked with safety advance but when I rejoin from my dream I saw Bob Miley front me I thought I hit him arrggg so I recovered the track behind Bob last position and a lot of seconds lost but after 3 or 4 turns I see that Bob was on no damage and when i saw him pass the pits whitout stop I tried to push a bit so after Bob I engaged a long catch on April but she dont let a second on track so I managed the pass only when she gone in pits then I met Kurt we was on same strategy but I have done one more lap and when I leave pits I thought Kurt was here but think him had some problem because now I have 4 or 5 sec. of advantage, now front me Valter we managed 9th and 10th place and was a huge battle mate :thumbsup: until end of race along this battle I have a met with Nicolai and nice wheel to wheel with Nicolas and Peter in penultimate lap again freeze so when Im back on track Valter was front me but im lucky Im on right line and Valter is near behind us David blue flags in T10 Im all close on left Valter right two wheels front me and David in my baggage car:roflmao: David must pass and know both so I dont lift my feet,also Valter think, but stay all on left so I thought Valter is all at right and David can pass in middle before T11 a bit anticipated brake point David pass in safety me and Valter shoot the last bullets and a full of fun, Valter it was a great battle;)

    Congratulations to Sean David Reik and all participants well done

    Thanks PrestoGP RD and sure Daniel :thumbsup:

    PS sorry guys I am a bit more long than usual but Im so happy for the result but dont worry mates happen not so often :D
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
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  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    looks like it wasnt you and kurt, april.

    it was vale and valter :) vale just explained what happened and im all good with it, they were having a very close fight, i was having a very close fight, there should be no priority except let me through when safe, which they did, albiet in a funny way :p was like the eventual parting of the red sea after moses thought about it for 5 mins while running side to side in a bit of a panic :roflmao:
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  17. sorry, I'm very busy at the time

    I am very happy, that I have all races up to now completely finished:thumbsup:

    CYA, next event!
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  18. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Sean David Reik and all drivers, well done :thumbsup:

    One stop, 97/83L. The setup was the same as in Sepang. It's Sean's setup from Istanbul with some small changes. 2 cm rake. Txh Sean, I like it.

    Q: 13th

    R: 12th
    Start and the first lap went according to plan. In first lap, T10, my pursuers made sort of a pile-up-ish mess, and that let me off the hook for a while.
    L2, I'm in a swarm of cars following Peter, its immensely entertaining.
    L3, I change position two times with Richard. He overtakes an I reply in T10 :) Nice wheel to wheel.
    L7, Mr Laube overtakes me in T13, and I get a little help off. In the replay I can clearly see it was unintentional. I was outside and light contact is not a rare consequence of staying on the outside. Mr Hill in his brand new Merc, who was trailing us, seize the moment and follow Bob past.
    L8, I take my position back from Mercedes first driver Mr Hill. He got too deep there. Did you feel the pressure Richard? :D
    L12, Mr Hill and I exchange places again, He overtakes in T1 and I get my position back again in T4 :)
    "The Kurt" is now very close behind, making me nervous :)
    L15, Tim overtakes me in T1. He's got new tires. He cruises by like I was driving the school bus:whistling:
    "The Kurt" closes in again.
    L15, pitstop, my tires are gone. Out in P18. In front of Mr Miley.
    L20, Valerio shows up right behind me after five lonely laps. The fun starts:cool:
    L28, once again I'm in a tight group with Peter, Valerio and Nicolas behind and we all chase Mr Miley.
    L29, Nicolas finds his way past me.
    L30, Peter overtakes me.
    L33, T8, Valerio makes his way past. He followed really close for three laps until he finally committed.
    L35, Valerios car/sim freezes for about almost a second just before T1. I must pass him there, against my will.
    T-8-9-10-11, Sean laps me. David wants to pass in T10 and valerio goes to the left. I keep my line out of T10 and David goes past in the middle. I lost Valerio there. He was faster in the end. It is pleasant to be chased by someone so experienced and patient:thumbsup: almost like a sauna...:D

    All cars made it. It must be long since last time it happened:thumbsup:

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and all involved.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
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  19. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I'm very sorry for posting very unfrequently - new job is very time consuming atm, but it looks like it's going to become better from the middle of May. :thumbsup:

    Q (1st)

    Considering I only had one practice session for this event (also doing no stint test) I was very happy to put in a solid 1:43:3xx in the first atempt (only 0.2 away from PB). Same like Sepang my second try was worse but again the first one was good enough for pole.

    BTW: When will we introduce allocating points for pole and fastest race lap?!?!? ;) :mad: :p :roflmao:

    R (3rd)

    strategy: 13/12/12 laps (65/60/60 Liters)

    I had a good start so I was able to take T1 and following turns on my own. I enjoyed watching the battle behind between Sean and David in my mirror. Unfortunately my pace wasn't strong enough like it was at Sepang, so one lap later Sean already forced me to defend into T1.

    I was able to hold P1 but one lap later I was again forced to do so. This time I still could hold P1 through first section but side-by-side with Sean which made David attack both of us. We went 3-wide up the hill, me on the very inside. I decided not to overdo it, so I was the first to brake and found myself back in P3 now.

    Sean, followed by David and me, went on close, but entering final turn I outbraked myself a little bit, so Guus went through and I was P4 now. A while later Guus made a mistake and I was back in P3 then.

    Sean and David were only a few seconds away but drove perfectly all time so it was hard to come closer again. Our consistency proves by the close fastest race laps. BTW I did fastet lap by 0.001 seconds and I want to be rewarded with a Championship Point now! :mad: :whistling: :roflmao:

    From there on the whole race went like that. In a few moments I came a bit closer to David but not really to attack him. So we finished this way.

    The whole race was a big pleassure even without big battles after the opening laps. However it feels very satisfying to finish a race wich was racing at the edge all time without big mistakes, because each bigger mistake by one of the leading group would've meant a different result.

    So big congrats to Sean and David but also to all finishers. :thumbsup:

    thx Nico for support!!!!

    C U in dusty and polluted China ;)
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